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Devils blow 2-goal lead in loss to Wild

Sat, 02/24/2018 - 15:45

Forum 34 | Sara Ahmed | Complaint: Diversity Work, Feminism, and Institutions - YouTube

Fri, 02/23/2018 - 19:24
"This lecture will draw on interviews with students and staff who have made (or have considered making) complaints about abuses of power within universities. It will show how feminist complaint can be a form of diversity work: as the work you would have to do before some populations can be included within institutions. We learn about the institutional “as usual” from those who are trying to transform institutions. Finally, the lecture will discuss how identifying and challenging abuses of power teaches us about the mechanics of power."

Devils fall to Blue Jackets

Wed, 02/21/2018 - 23:35

Una mutación social acecha a la humanidad

Mon, 02/19/2018 - 06:13
"las transformaciones del trabajo y de la subjetividad provocadas por la globalización y la financiarización de la economía: la desterritorialización, la precarización del empleo, el declive de la burguesía y el proletariado y su paulatina reemplazo por el “cognitariado” y la clase ejecutiva financiera, el sometimiento de los trabajadores por dispositivos de automatización y control, cuyos efectos incluyen la dificultad para crear formas de solidaridad y de relación cuerpo a cuerpo." … "Me interesa en particular la separación entre el ingeniero y el poeta, entre el conocimiento científico y la imaginación artística, que es una consecuencia de la reducción de la formación, la educación y el sistema escolar y universitario a meras herramientas para la acumulación financiera. El declive de la enseñanza humanística, la introducción de criterios puramente económicos en el pensamiento científico y en la innovación tecnológica son los efectos más evidentes y peligrosos de la sumisión del conocimiento al provecho económico. En este contexto, la figura del economista domina abusivamente el panorama cognitivo. ¿Qué es la economía? ¿Una ciencia? No me parece. La ciencia se define ante todo por su objeto, por la capacidad de formular leyes universales que nos permiten prever los acontecimientos futuros. La economía no tiene un objeto independiente de su actuación, y por ende me parece una técnica, no una ciencia. El problema es que esta técnica pretende reglar las otras formas de conocimiento según un principio que no pertenece a la ciencia, sino al interés de una minoría. La reducción de la dinámica social al provecho económico devino el dogma central del pensamiento contemporáneo: no se puede decir, pensar ni investigar nada si no sirve a la acumulación de capital."

Iona Prep Scholar-Athletes Commit to Play College Football as part of “National Signing Day”

Sun, 02/18/2018 - 07:24

Iona Prep National Signing Day.jpg

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NEW ROCHELLE, NY -- Ten Iona Preparatory scholar-athletes have announced their commitments to play college football for the upcoming 2018-19 season, including five Division I programs. This puts Iona Prep at the top of Westchester County schools both in terms of Division I and overall commitments.  

Coming together as part of a “National Signing Day” event at the Upper School on February 8, these Gaels included: 


New RochelleSports - College

New SAT, but Same Old Problems | radical eyes for equity

Sun, 02/11/2018 - 20:37
"New SAT, but Same Old Problems (The Greenville News) [ ] P.L. Thomas, professor of Education, Furman University While South Carolina has joined several states in rejecting Common Core for public school standards and testing, one powerful legacy remains, the revised SAT. An original architect of the Common Core, David Coleman, now heads the College Board and has championed the new SAT, partly as more aligned with the Common Core. Paul Hyde’s recent coverage of Greenville high schools’ scores on the revised test as well as a piece on charter schools and the SC Governor’s School for the Arts and Humanities offers a prime opportunity to address a new test but the same old problems. Many advocating the new SAT have suggested that changing the test could address the large and persistent score gaps along race, social class, and gender lines. However, reporting in Education Week, Catherine Gewertz reveals: “The 2017 SAT scores show inequities similar to those of earlier years. Asian (1181), white (1118), and multiracial (1103) students score far above the average composite score of 1060, while Hispanic (990) and African-American (941) students score significantly below it.” For Greenville county as we consider the newest data and our urge to rank high schools by average SAT scores, we must once again confront some important facts that simple ranking tends to mask: •SAT average scores should never be used to rank schools, districts, or states in terms of academic quality; this caution, in fact, comes from the College Board itself. • SAT scores remain most strongly correlated with parental income, parental levels of education, gender (average male scores are higher than female scores), race, and access to courses. • SAT scores are designed solely to be predictive for college success (not to measure academic quality of any school or state); however, high school GPA has long been a better predictor than the test."

Iona Prep Wins Special Olympics Polar Plunge Statewide Challenge for 2nd Consecutive Year

Sun, 02/11/2018 - 05:44

Iona Prep Wins Special Olympics Polar Plunge Statewide Challenge for 2nd Consecutive Year

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NEW ROCHELLE, NY --  For the second year in a row, the Iona Prep “Plungers” have been named the top team in all of New York State for their fundraising efforts as part of the Special Olympics Polar Plunge. The Gaels raised $35,705 at the 9th annual Westchester Polar Plunge, with more than 100 students jumping into frigid waters at Glen Island Park on November 18.

New RochelleSports - College

Reason ML toolchain | Hacker News

Wed, 02/07/2018 - 22:12
anthonybullard 1 hour ago [-] I get what you're saying - as someone who is very concerned about bundle sizes currently - but if you are using something like Elm door a help world, you are already losing. Elm is for complex, highly dynamic user interfaces that need a high level of durability and maintainability. Toy projects like the one you describe are useful for learning the language and it's patterns, but for practical purposes it's like bringing in a concrete truck to patch a hole in your driveway. Also, that bundle size is still smaller than react + react Dom. And you get the features of redux and immutable for free plus a solid, statically checked type system. reply ch4s3 1 hour ago [-] Yeah, bundle size isn't a real deal breaker, but it does make it a bit harder to roll into an existing project in small chunks. My main issue is the interop portion. reply anthonybullard 1 hour ago [-] I'd like to hear about your pain points with interop. I'll more than likely be talking to Evan soon and I can discuss with him. Also, he's pretty responsive in general. The community is pretty eager to help with these sorts of pain points - join the Slack. reply ch4s3 20 minutes ago [-] I think my biggest issue was the lack of any escape hatch for the development process. When you're trying to interop with JS and have to reason through the types that should be associated with the return value it can be a real slog if the JS returns a deeply nested object. I like that BuckleScript/ReasonML allows you to experiment with raw JS while figuring out the types. reply ... kbenson 3 hours ago [-] I'm not sure you understood what my point was. I was looking at reason as a replacement solution for my current stack, and the entire stack. That includes optimized multiprocessing code, processing daemons, ORM DB access (mostly a good query builder and normalized operations), a web framework, and HTML/JS page rendering/serving (I don't really care if it's rendered at the client or server level). Right now it's 90%+ Perl, which I'm for the most part happy with, and the rest is JS, which I'm not exactly thrilled to deal with (Perl and JS are similar enough in some respects to make the parts of JS they flubbed really annoying). The main draw of ReasonML for me was the ability to have a stack of a single language that reached all the way up to the client browser and all the way down to the multi-process data retrieval and processing system. What the current status quo looks like, from an outsider, is that ReasonML is used well by people familiar with the Ocaml ecosystem to supplement and write Ocaml through a different syntax. It's also used by people familiar with Javascript to write Javascript to supplement and write Javascript through a different syntax. It works well in each of these domains, and is able to use the ecosystem of tools in each domains, but where they meet gets a little fuzzy, the packages are sparse for both domains, and there's less people already working in that space (and I'm not interested in solving problems because I'm the first in this instance). This sort of comes to a head around the webserver and/or framework. There are choices in both Javascript and Ocaml. Some of the Ocaml suggestions seemed like a good bet because I could compile the server side to mostly binaries, but how well tested are they? How well built out with features? The ones I saw seemed a bit more bare bones than I was hoping, which might be expected from an ecosystem that has been mostly compiled and focused on application and systems code. So, do I choose Node and some Javascript routing framework and helper libraries? How does that complicate any code sharing I want to do, if there's different HTTP subsystems depending on whether I'm using a JS back-end or Ocaml libraries? I also looked at doing more JS for the back-end, and just using Node to run everything. Unfortunately, Javascript libraries targeted at the system leave a lot to be desired in my opinion, and I wasn't finding much in the way of a good ORM or query builder that I thought sufficient, and a good database abstraction layer. Again, I'm finding this middle-ground to be weakly supported. I'm seeing now from replies that there are Ocaml to JS transpilers that would possibly solve some of these problems for me by pushing more of the Ocaml stack to Javascript, but I'm also not sure how I feel about committing to what might be a fragile or error prone process, or how well that interacts with other parts of the system. In summary, it really felt like there are two strong sub-communities in ReasonML, the Ocaml systems people and the Javascript/React/Web people. They both have a growing ecosystem of packages around them, but they don't necessarily play as well with each other as they could, and getting to that point will allow ReasonML to fulfill a lot of its promise. Edit: As an aside, from a sysadmin perspective, it's somewhat troubling that the bucklescript toolchain fails to install through NPM as root. Leaving aside whether it's a good idea to have it installed as root (or for that matter whether NPM should ever be run as root), it bothers me that it would fail in some unknown way on a recent RHEL/CentOS system. Failing specifically because it doesn't want to be installed as root with a notice saying as much would have been acceptable, but having a bug like that exist makes me feel like there's not enough people using the system yet to shake out the bugs. It did damage my confidence in the toolchain somewhat.

Introducing Gutenberg Boilerplate For Third Party Custom Blocks!

Sat, 01/27/2018 - 02:21
I have built a Gutenberg boilerplate to help WordPress theme and plugin developers kick-start their development with the new editor in town. It's heavily inline documented. This post also contains my thoughts and concerns about the Gutenberg project.

SORE LOSERS: New Rochelle High School Cheerleading Team Banned From New York State Championships After Students Stole Winner’s Prizes

Fri, 01/26/2018 - 23:34
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NEW ROCHELLE, NY -- The 2018 New York State Public High School Athletic Association Cheerleading Championship will take place at the SRC Arena & Events Center in Syracuse, NY on Saturday, March 3. The New Rochelle High School Girls Cheerleading team will not be there.

The squad was banned from competition for one year following an incident at last years's NYSPHSAA event. New Rochelle Athletic Director Steve Young confirmed the one year ban to Talk of the Sound in an email.

New RochelleSports - Youth & High SchoolBoard of Education

Men's Basketball Drops Close Game at the Barclays Center

Sun, 01/14/2018 - 11:40

Men's Basketball Drops Close Game at the Barclays Center

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NEW ROCHELLE, NY -- For the second time in their brief history, The College of New Rochelle's men's basketball team had the great honor of playing at the Barclays Center, home of the National Basketball Association's Brooklyn Nets. This year's game turned out to be a wild one as the Blue Angels lost to the College of St. Elizabeth Eagles by the score of 98 - 96.

New RochelleSports - College

Much Leads Iona MBB In 84-65 Win Versus Fairfield

Sun, 01/14/2018 - 11:33

Much Leads Iona MBB In 84-65 Win Versus Fairfield

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NEW ROCHELLE, NY --  Deyshonee Much recorded a career-high 32 points to help lead the Iona College men's basketball team to a 84-65 victory against visiting Fairfield this afternoon inside the Hynes Center. The contest was the second of three MAAC games for the Gaels (9-7, 3-1 MAAC). 

New RochelleSports - College

Monroe College Mourns the Loss of Dazzmen Johnson

Sun, 01/14/2018 - 10:22

Monroe College Mourns the Loss of Dazzmen Johnson

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NEW ROCHELLE, NY -- The Monroe College community mourns the loss of Dazzmen Johnson, the inaugural captain and beloved member of our Men's Rugby program who passed away last Friday.

Dazzmen was an exceptional, determined young man with a bright future ahead of him. He joined our rugby program at the start of its debut season in 2016, and quickly established himself as an energetic leader. He was named team captain and later, its first MVP (Most Valuable Player).

New RochelleSports - College

Toronto Raptors 114-113 Brooklyn Nets

Tue, 01/09/2018 - 15:15

Devils lose to Islanders

Mon, 01/08/2018 - 17:31