September 2008

One of Our Readers Establishes Connection Between New Rochelle and Chicago Schools

September 03, 2008 - 21:57

One of our readers sent us the following e-mail:

If you haven't already heard... Below is a link to an article published from the Asso. Press regarding a protest organized by public school teachers and students over unequal funding of schools in the Chicago. Thought this would be of interest to you given some rumblings I heard about some blog that talks about some issues in the NewRo school district.

As the conversation continues, we find more and more people connecting our blog.

Teachers Union Chief Gets Tepid Response to "One District" Speech, Criticism of This Blog

September 02, 2008 - 22:06

F.U.S.E. President Marty Daly got a cool reception Tuesday when addressing a gathering of teachers and administrators at the annual Superintendent's Conference at New Rochelle High School. Each year the District officials, School Board members, teachers and other district personnel are required to meet at the New Rochelle High School auditorium for what is officially the first day back at school. Daly was participating in a panel presentation which included Superintendent Richard Organisciak, School Board President Cindy Babcock Deutsch, and ALMS Principals Williams Evans, speaking in his capacity as the President of the Administrators and Supervisors Union.

Editor: Municipal Code Wiki

September 01, 2008 - 16:20

The municipal code is online on the City web site but is a format that make it hard to access. It is not clear the code is updated in a timely manner. This would not be like Wikipedia where anyone could edit it, Only a select group, run by the editor of this part of Talk of the Sound, would have access to edit the site.

The first part of this job is to copy and paste the online version of the code into the Wiki software which is probably a day long effort.

Once that is done, the editor would make edits to the Code based on a resolution passed by the City Council. This means reading the minutes after each board meeting and making edits as needed. In my review of past minutes there are sometimes NO changes, sometimes one or two or three. It is unusual to see much more than that.

Editor Wanted - Tag Sales

September 01, 2008 - 16:11

Tag Sale Editor would initially collect announcement of tag sales from various sources - direct solicitation, taking down information from posted signs, readers reporting sales information, craigslist and other sources. The information would be put into a list to be published every Thursday night. There is a way to make a Google map based on this information and the editor would be taught how to do this - it is not that hard once a person has been taught how. The idea is that readers could come to the site each weekend and get a list of all the tag sales in New Rochelle along with a map displaying the location of each sale so they could plan their trip to visit sales of interest to them. Over time, hopefully, the list would become popular and more and more people would contact the editor directly via email with information about their tag sale so that the job would evolve over time into simply collecting emails and putting into the list/google map.

Education - school budget per child by school

September 01, 2008 - 16:08

Expenditure per child is measured by dividing total budget number by number of students. Is there a way to look at budget BY SCHOOL? Come up with a budget per pupil by school? What about gifts to the school (parents, PTA, community?). Do the schools report out gifts to the school? If you take the average per pupil and the gifts per pupil by school you would get variance. What about the actual value of the school itself - property, facilities, etc. Is there an "insured value"?

Hypothesis - kids at Davis get more money than kids at Columbus when you factor in gifts

Should direct gifts to a specific school be prohibited? Set up a common fund for such gifts?

Education - what does "highly qualified" teacher actually mean?

September 01, 2008 - 16:05

teachers are either highly qualified (bachelors degree + teaching certificate in the area they teach) or have no teaching certificate at all; How many teachers have a bachelors degree but no teaching certificate, or bachelors degree but teaching certifi cate in some other area. Also, how many teachers have master's degrees? How many teachers are currently enrolled in a program to earn a master's degree? What is length of time between getting bachelors degree and getting masters for those who are either getting it or working towards it?