October 2008

During Turbulent Times, Relationship Expert Debbie Pincus Offers Help in Strengthening What's Important

October 20, 2008 - 20:41

October 20, 2008--Debbie Pincus, noted psychotherapist and founder of The Relationship Center, announces two new classes on dealing with relationships in troubled times: "Parenting our Adult Children" and "Strengthening Your Relationships." With the current economic crisis, the timing is right for these classes. "It's an anxious time," asserts Ms. Pincus. "With the loss of a job, or the fear of losing a job, people are dealing with depression, anxiety, and an overall sense of loss. This often puts tremendous strain on all relationships."

Ms. Pincus founded The Relationship Center, with locations in Larchmont, Greenwich, and Manhattan. The Center offers couples therapy, parenting groups, individual therapy, and group work. One of Ms. Pincus's many strengths is helping couples and parents cope with anxiety. We've gone to therapists before," states one of Ms. Pincus's clients, "But you saved our mariage." One of Ms. Pincus's parents

City of New Rochelle Fails to Announce Hiring Freeze

October 20, 2008 - 19:53

About two weeks ago City Officials put into play a Hiring Freeze. Not that it is illegal to do so but at the same time, there are people who have taken tests for a city position and whose names are on a list.

One would think that the logical and ethical thing to do is to extend the list expiration the same amount of time that the hiring freeze is in effect. But then again, we are talking about New Rochelle City Officials.

I would like for everyone out there whose name is currently on a list to call up Beverly Silverman @ (914) 654-2172, and leave her a message is she doesn’t pick-up. Inform her how unfair it is to let lists continue to count-down to expiration while a hiring freeze is in play.

Our Neighbors talk about the real world impact of the Ward Acres ordinance

October 15, 2008 - 15:24

Our video "Born to Run", aired on many local stations in 2007. It shows the very disturbing real world impact of Mayor Bramson's Ward Acres ordinance. Click on the video link below to view the opening segment of "Born to Run".

The ordinance needlessly eliminated the wonderful, grass-roots community that enjoyed and cared for Ward Acres (at no expense to the city). View more segments of "Born to Run" and other videos at our We Love Ward Acres website.

South End Schools Shortchanged Again - Kaleidoscope Program

October 15, 2008 - 11:01

It has come to the attention of New Rochelle Community Pulse that within the City School District of New Rochelle, 47 children qualified for this year’s Full-day talented and gifted program at the elementary level (commonly known as Kaleidoscope). This particular program resides at Davis Elementary School. The breakdown of eligible participants by school is as follows:

North End Schools

Ward = 18 students
Davis = 14 students
Webster = 6 students

South End Schools

Trinity = 5 students
Columbus = 3 students
Jefferson = 1 student

Dog Owners Win Appeal as Judge Sends "Dog Tax" Case Back to Trial Court

October 14, 2008 - 16:51

Last week the Appellate Division Second Judicial Department reversed Judge Donovan's dismissal of the case dog owners brought gainst New Rochelle's Ward Acres ordinance (Local City Ordinance 21-2007) and granted their request for production of certain documents by the city. The decision was based on oral arguments which took place on September 15th at the end of which the presiding judge urged the city settle the matter.

You can read the full press release on our "We Love Ward Acres" web site.

For those new to this issue, the case was brought by two New Rochelle residents, a non-resident and the Dog Federation of New York who joined the case as amicus curiae or "a friend of the court". They argued that the the city ordinance was unprecedented because it imposes a special license and per dog fee on dog owners to simply walk a dog in a public park. The ordinance illegally discriminates against dog owners and non-residents, imposes an illegal dog tax and an impermissible public park admission fee, and usurps the uniformity of state dog licensing.

Sample Letter Requesting a Referral to the CSE in New Rochelle

October 13, 2008 - 14:20

NOTE: Copy and paste the text below into a word processor and fill in the details about your child. When you fill in the blanks remove the dotted lines and the terms in brackets to create a "clean" copy of the letter.

My child, _______________________ [full legal name] is having difficulty in school. I suspect the difficulties are the result of an educational disability.

My child was born on __________ [date of birth]. He/She is in the ________ [grade] at ____________________ [name of school].

The reason for my referral is... [complete this sentence by using any of the terms on the list below which describe specific difficulties your child is experiencing in school].

low academic performance
poor attention span
behavioral difficulties
does not complete assignments
fine motor problems
gross motor problems
health concerns
visual concerns
hearing difficulties
speech problems
language problems
social interaction
any other

NRHS Lunch Schedules

October 09, 2008 - 23:25

Lunch continues to be a very important topic for our readers.

Submitted by purplepride on Thu, 10/09/2008 - 15:46 about Second Graders at Trinity Have a Long Wait Until Lunch

About three years ago NRHS implemented a schedule in which students were given 25 minutes to eat lunch. With four lunch periods (the earliest at 11 and the latest at 2) and 3,500 students that's about 800 students per lunch period waiting on long lines to get their food and find a table in the largely overcrowded cafeterias.

On nice days, students enjoyed eating lunch outside, however purchased food was not allowed to be brought out - only bagged lunches. Which seems completely arbitrary and illogical.

After graffitti was found outside the building where students eat lunch, there was a new rule implemented in which student were no longer allowed to eat outside at all, therefore stuffing the cafeterias even more.