November 2008

New Rochelle Talk Discussion Forums Now Open

November 12, 2008 - 18:24

Forums are NOW OPEN!

This will be our first time enabling the forums feature in the software we use to run Talk of the Sound so bear with us if we have some growing pains.

Each blog post already has commenting enabled but some readers prefer threaded discussions like the old-fashioned usenet groups so we are going to offer both - whatever folks want to bring more voices into the dialog about our City.

To get things rolling we've created an Education section with a forum on inequality issues such as the collective punishment topic, the 15 minute lunch topic.

New Rochelle "Wellness Program" Junked?

November 12, 2008 - 18:22

your_mommy_kills_animals.jpgI was at the board meeting last year when a small band of animal-rights-activists-cum-vegans foisted their extremists views on a captive audience of more than ten thousand schoolchildren as apathetic and uninvolved parents slept.

The Wellness Committee of the City School District of New Rochelle worked diligently to develop a Student Wellness Policy for recommendation to the Board of Education last spring. This policy was adopted by the Board of Education in July and implementation took place in September. At this time, many of the students have embraced the new, healthier menu items.

Students "embraced" the new menu?

**NEW** Comment on Talk of the Sound without Registering

November 12, 2008 - 03:30

It is always a risk due to spammers but we are going to open up the commenting a bit and see what happens.

As of right now non-registered visitors to this site can add comments to a post. The catch, the comments go into a queue and have to be approved so they could take anywhere from a minute to a day to appear the site.

The perk of being a REGISTERED member of the site is that your comments are published directly to the site without the need for moderator approval.

Collective Punishment at Trinity

Submitted by MrTalk on Mon, 11/10/2008 - 13:28

The Journal News featured a front page story on allegations of inequality in the New Rochelle public schools, the so-called "North-South" divided. Schools officials and the Mayor say it does not exist; some parents believe otherwise.

New Rochelle school inequity untrue, officials say

Insider Tip on Illegal Cigar Lounge at Isaac Young Middle School Provokes Armed Response from School District

November 06, 2008 - 23:34

Earlier this week, I received my first "insider tip" from a source at the Isaac E. Young Middle School. My effort to follow up on that tip was rewarded by a knock at the door from two New Rochelle Police detectives carrying 9 mm.40 caliber handguns on their hips.

Future Member of Mr. Bongo's Cigar Club?

My tipster had informed me that school principal Anthony Bongo routinely violates both the School District's Code of Conduct and New York State's anti-smoking law by smoking cigars on school grounds. According to my source, he has a daily routine, weather permitting, where at the end of the school day he goes around to the back of the school and smokes cigars. This source also informs me that this is well-known at the school, that some Isaac employees have complained about it to him and to Superintendent Richard Organisciak. This has apparently been going on for years.

District Responds to FOIL Request; Fails to Deliver Documents

November 06, 2008 - 00:01

The City School District of New Rochelle formally responded to my FOIL requests from last week.

Dear Mr. Cox,

This letter will acknowledge receipt of your (8) eight separate Freedom of Information Law requests, all dated October 28, 2008, which were received in my office on October 29, 2008.

Except to the extent that any request has been denied below, we expect to be able to furnish all of the requested records within twenty business days of the date of this letter. When they are available for delivery, I will advise you of any copying or other preparation charges in advance.

Win a $1000 For Your School's PTA with

November 05, 2008 - 15:23

Our partners at have announced an exciting new contest where the PTA for a New Rochelle school can win $1,000 by collecting the most school reviews by December 20th.

To get started click on the widget on our Education Page and find your child's school.

New Rochelle schools may have a particularly good chance to win the prize (three U.S. schools will win) because is a brand new start-up company so the number of applicants will not be extremely high and the New Rochelle schools have relatively large populations. It might not hurt that the founder of actually has family here in New Rochelle with kids who attend school in New Rochelle.

City Announces Nov. 10 Hearing on Cappelli LeCount Place Project

November 04, 2008 - 16:07

The Journal News is reporting that Louis Cappelli submitted its final environmental impact statement to the city for its LeCount Place Project, a development of stores, offices, a hotel and luxury residences that will be located between Huguenot Street, Anderson Street, LeCount Place and North Avenue.


There will be a public hearing on Nov. 10th.

"Parking and traffic are the main concerns we have at this point," City Manager Charles Strome III said. "We're evaluating their plans and having our consultants take a look at them. Right now we want to see what the public has to say."

Cappelli plans to begin construction on LeCount Place in the spring of 2009 and complete work in 2011.