April 2009

King County (Seattle, WA) to Pay Blogger $225K for Withholding Records

April 28, 2009 - 14:53

The AP is reporting that a county government in Seattle, Washington has been ordered to pay a blogger $225,000 for failing to turn over records. Another court has thrown an unrelated $124,000 penalty because it was too low.

King County has agreed to pay conservative blogger Stefan Sharkansky $225,000 to settle a public-records lawsuit he brought over the county’s delay in releasing documents about the 2004 governor’s election...In January, the state Supreme Court struck down a $124,000 penalty assessed to King County in another case. The justices said the amount was not nearly enough to punish the county for refusing to give businessman Armen Yousoufian records involving economic studies of Qwest Field.

Mr. Organisciak is Not a Dolt

April 27, 2009 - 06:29

No, my friends, I actually have to respectfully disagree with Mr Cox on this one. Although it does have a certain ring to it, King Dolt (c'mon- it IS funny)would lead you to believe there was a complete lack of intelligence. Why yes, he has made some mistakes along the way, but, the more I look into the quagmire that is the Board of Ed, I realize Mr O is a just a lying, cheating, manipulative, Conniving (look up the definition) corruptor of the very system he has been entrusted with. Why, this would require some level of intelligence, right? How else could you hoodwink so many people. It's infuriating to think we, as a citizenry, stand back idly watching our kids sold down the river while they approve their own raises. Think about this- After holding the party line about how it is in "our" best interest to not discuss union negotiations, he goes on record in the newspaper saying there will be no layoffs and raises for all. If I was in the union and I heard that from the other side of my contract, I'd be smiling about now. I'll get what I want now. He is cheating the citizens of New Rochelle by not disclosing the number of kids from outside the district going to our schools. Mount Vernon had about 800 of them and were able to reduce the teacher staff by 50 or so. Don't worry, they'll get jobs where the 800 wind up. He either knows about this or he doesn't.

A "Fiscally Prudent" New Rochelle Library Budget

April 27, 2009 - 03:27

     The New Rochelle Public Library will increase its budget by $95,000 and this is caused by decreases in the tax rolls according to Greg Varian, Library Trustee.  He told the New Rochelle Citizens Reform Club on April 20 that the tax increase will be 2.49% and the average taxpayer will pay only $8.38 more.  Cuts in the present library budget included restructuring and reducing the staff.

     The Library Director, Tom Geoffino, felt the budget was "fiscally prudent."  The Trustees had spent many hours finding ways to cut. He acknowledged New Rochelle's "pretty heavy tax burden," and felt the library board had been fairly conservative.  A high level  administrative position and a clerical position were cut. The library will stay open on Sundays from September to mid-June and hours will not be cut.  Computers will remain.  Grants and our state elected officials are both being used to obtain more computers. 

     Marino Michelotti spoke about disturbances by "kids in the young adult section." 

There are NO Gangs in New Rochelle (Part 2)

April 25, 2009 - 20:10
Last Wednesday night, nearly every panel on the south side of the highway overpass on Division Street was decorated by local youths who like to wear color-coordinated clothing to express their affinity as part of a later night volunteer effort to beautify local construction projects. By the end of the day clean up crews and inexplicably removed the "art":


But later that day the local artists returned to mark their territory beautify the neighborhood:






Father of American Idol Judge Fires Up New Rochelle Tea Party

April 25, 2009 - 19:46

On April 15th, dozens of New Rochelle residents turned out to restore some Common Sense to government for the first ever "Teaparty" in the adopted hometown of American Patriot Thomas Paine. Held at the On The Waterfront restaurant near the marina on Long Island Sound, local citizens gathered to protest out of control taxes and runaway spending by all levels of government. Over a dozen speakers took to the open microphone to express concerns about a wide range of tax and spending related topics. Most speakers addressed concerns over school taxes and the school budget, property assessments, country taxes, plans to abolish Westchester County government. Little was said about state or federal taxes showing that once again all politics is local.

Capelli Admits Kohl's and Target Pushed Back to at least 2011

April 25, 2009 - 19:15

The Journal News is reporting that Mayor Noam Bramson told the Westchester County Board of Realtors that LeCount Place, Echo Bay and New Roc are all on track to be realized at some undefined point in the future.

Reached for comment, Joseph Apicella, executive vice president of Cappelli Enterprises, admitted that construction at New Roc for Kohl's and Target would not begin any sooner that late 2009 and would not be completed until early 2011.

If you are interested in the most optimistic possible spin on this story be sure to click on the story by "ace" stenorgrapher reporter Aman Ali.

Visit SoNoNewRo this weekend...!

April 24, 2009 - 13:24

Come visit our downtown neighborhood association and have the time of your life...

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