April 2009

Jazz @ Habitats First Friday Series - May1st

April 13, 2009 - 20:01

On May 1st, Jim Malloy and the Music Masters will be performing at Habitat’s First Friday Series, following up their great performance on April 3rd.

Jim Malloy’s extensive signing experience has taken him to many places both in the US and internationally.

Join us at the New Rochelle Habitat ‘Norman Rockwell’ ReStore at 591 Main St @ 7pm – for more information call Jim @ 914-403-4821.

Thanks again to Key Bank for their sponsorship of the First Friday series.

Learn more @ SoNo NewRo Online.

Closing of Don Coqui-MacMenamin's Grill Leaves Trail of Wreckage

April 13, 2009 - 14:06

MacMenaminsGrillCookingSchool4.jpgPeter Zisser, an attorney who represents Robert Gelzter, the bankruptcy trustee overseeing the bankruptcy filing of MacMenamin's Grill, was in court recently to explain why Geltzer shut down the restaurant.

Trustee says Don Coqui restaurant was losing money

The trustee appointed to oversee the bankruptcy of Don Coqui Restaurant in New Rochelle closed the restaurant March 19 because it was losing money, the trustee’s lawyer told a judge today. Peter Zisser said that for each $1 in sales, the restaurant, formerly known as MacMenamin’s Grill, was spending $1.10 to $1.15.

Court records show the restaurant bouncing over 50 checks, mostly to employees but also a $10,000 retainer check for their own lawyer while leaving a trail of debts to a long list of restaurant supply companies.

Mayor Looks "Foolish" in his Remarks on Downtown Business Plan

April 12, 2009 - 17:55

Mayor Noam Bramson at the last City Council meeting claimed a Councilman, who presented a plan to help downtown businesses, looked "foolish." Lack of downtown parking was also discussed. Mayor Bramson previously voted for one space per apartment so was he "foolish" when he asked and was told the downtown apartment parking lots are full?

Further will Mayor Bramson look "foolish" when he answers questions about his state of the city address? Why did the Mayor say he felt one strategy to gain 7% in tax revenue in the budget would be increasing the utility tax to 3%? This is regressive because it shifts more of the burden to people in apartments? It is not tax deductible. Bramson wants "increased density" in downtown. Why is "increased density" desirable? Aren't the businesses in downtown being hurt by congestion, traffic and parking problems? "Smart Growth" in Bramson's view includes the proposed largest project in downtown, Le Count Square. How much more traffic and congestion can this already overburdened area sustain?

In Bramson's state of the city address he advocates "risk takers deserve our support now more than ever," and then asks residents to support our artists, restaurants and retail businesses. But the real risk takers are the taxpayers of New Rochelle because developers in downtown have been given large tax breaks.

Walkable Communities! April 10th 2009

April 10, 2009 - 23:33

That’s our goal in SoNo…slowing traffic down, or getting rid of it all together, pedestrian and bike friendly, cleaning out pollution and helping to make it fun safe and secure..that is our goal here, In the Journal article on a study is done and comments made about how we have to change it.. we can slow it up…Join us in the Walkable SoNo movement…part of our Green effort…more to follow!

Did you know that you can find used cook books, great clothes, furniture and Rockwell prints and more all over SoNo, including the Habitat well as Consign it on Main..every little small business here is a life full of energy by a family owner, a volunteer, a storekeeper who makes up the colorful quilt of quality here in SoNo (south of North Avenue) new Rochelle….so join us.

The Easter Bunny is coming the Easter bunny, and Easter dinner….three great churches align the Main street, Bible Way, the Baptist Church, and also New Covenant Church and a block away you have Trinity Episcopal and Blessed Sacrament, one on Hugenot and the other on Center….all part of the great faith of our area…and you also have Anse Shalom Synagogue on North…with a great Rabbi….

New Rochelle BID Announces Downtown Dining Stimulus Package

April 09, 2009 - 17:40

5B4D53CB-D1FB-4FF9-9523-A04BF6C4B216.jpgThe New Rochelle Business Improvement District (BID) announced its “Dine Downtown 2009” campaign. In introducing the campaign, Marc Jerome, Chairman of the BID stated: “The BID, the City and the business community have worked together to create a downtown environment inviting to restaurants. Now that we are seeing a rise in the number and type of delicious downtown dining opportunities, we created “Dine Downtown 2009” to invite the public to discover this quickly emerging restaurant district”.


The campaign’s first program “Discover, Dine and Save with BID Sawbucks” will run through May 31, 2009. The BID is issuing BID Sawbucks, humorously designed “$10 bills” that can be redeemed at dinner on Monday through Thursday evenings at ten participating restaurants. BID Executive Director Ralph DiBart noted, “We have learned from the great minds in Washington.

Free Rabies Vaccinations Available at Stamen Animal Hospital in New Rochelle

April 09, 2009 - 09:00

C8BD2DBE-06B2-4D91-BD4C-95AC1FEAD21B.jpgThe Westchester County Department of Health, in conjunction with Stamen Animal Hospital, is sponsoring a free rabies vaccination clinic for the cats, dogs and ferrets of Westchester residents on Sunday, April 26.

The clinic will run from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. at Stamen Animal Hospital, 61 Quaker Ridge Road in New Rochelle. Appointments are necessary. To make an appointment, or for more information, please call the hospital directly at (914) 632-1269.

All county residents are eligible to bring their dogs, cats and ferrets in for rabies vaccinations, which will be free of charge if no examination is given. Examinations and other types of vaccinations may also be available at low cost during the clinic. Cats and ferrets must be brought in carriers and dogs must be on leashes. Aggressive dogs must be muzzled.

Mom Brings Down Drug Ring at Albert Leonard Middle School

April 08, 2009 - 18:32

4599C6EB-5C82-4DCF-8DE9-5A76E5C4BF8A.jpgReaders first notified Talk of the Sound that six middle students had been "busted" for marijuana possession and dealing. Now comes word from NRPD that the mother of one of the students involved turned in her own son and implicated two other students who later admitted bringing marijuana to the middle school.

Police were called to Albert Leonard Middle School by Principal Bill Evans on the morning of March 17th. Evans told police that a parent of a student at Albert Leonard Middle School came to school to school with a small bag of marijuana that she had confiscated from her son. The mother told Evans of two other students that might also be in possession of marijuana. Evans called the students into his office and both admitted to possessing a small amount of marijuana which was turned over to Evans.

Talk of the Sound was informed over the weekend that the investigation had identified a total of six students -- 4 from New Rochelle and 2 from Scarsdale.