May 2009

Downtown New Rochelle's Habitat ReStores covered on Channel 2 News

May 14, 2009 - 02:56

On Wednesday (May 6th), Tony Aiello, Channel 2's Westchester reporter, did an article where he highlighted, that nationwide, over 63 percent of resale shops nationwide have reported an increase in business. While economic times were cited as a factor, store owners have cited the desire to go green as also boosting business. Locally, the Habitat ReStores were highlighted in the newscast. On your next walk through SoNo, stop by out resale and consignment businesses Consign it on Main and the Habitat ReStores.

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Outdoor dining comes to SoNo

May 13, 2009 - 22:16

Its time, people are walking up and down Main Street…

New café tables will be out shortly at Bella Bellas, City Market and Rangoli…


Also more things are in store, lots of walkable fun and food, and friends in SoNo NewRo…..

See Bella Bella’s

       City Market and


JOIN sono~

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Wagner Withdrawal Shows Depths to Which School Board Will Go to Maintain Control

May 13, 2009 - 21:43

Jack Wagner told Talk of the Sound he formally withdrew his name as a candidate for New Rochelle School Board earlier today following our exclusive report yesterday on his decision to step aside in the wake of a whisper campaign organized by supporters of his opponents for school board.

Wagner left the race after deciding there was no time this close to the election on May 19th to sufficiently explain the context for the consent decree and that his continued presence in the race would draw votes away from Vincent Malfetano the only remaining candidate with the support and name recognition with a good shot to defeat long-time candidate Deidre Polow.

A consensus has developed among many New Rochelle political observers that Ms. Polow created an opening for a challenger to take her seat following a disastrous, hostility-laced performance at the League of Women Voters forum at the New Rochelle Public Library on Monday. Many expect Vincent Malfetano will pick up much of Dr. Wagner's support based on Malfetano's call for an embrace of good government principles. He has called for greater transparency and fiscal responsibility.

When It Comes to "Free" Full-Day Kindergarten, School District Flunks Basic Math

May 13, 2009 - 16:33

The actual increased cost of full-day Kindergarten program for the 2009-2010 school is year is about $5,000,000 not "free" as the District has repeatedly claimed. The TOTAL cost of Full-Day Kindergarten which includes ALL the students who will be enrolled in Full-Day, including those who would have been any way at Barnard and through other program is about, and accounts for those who would have been in half-day K is about $17.5mm.

Math students are taught to use estimation to spot check their answers on exams so they have a rough idea of what the correct answer should be before they attempt to solve the problem. This is a test-taking technique long taught in SAT prep courses. Since the District does not know how many kids will enroll for the fall and they are obscuring money in their opaque budget document we will have to make some educated guesses, all of which can be adjusted if the district decided to give exact figures. Let's see what happens when we apply this estimation math skill to the District's supposedly "free" Full-Day Kindergarten that is budgeted to begin next fall.

1) There are roughly 11,500 students enrolled in K-12 so each class has about 11,500 divided by 13 which comes out to be about 880 students per class year.

2) The proposed school budget is $229 mm so divide that by 11,500 and you get a cost per pupil of $19,913.

EXCLUSIVE: New Rochelle School Board Candidate to Withdraw after Professional Medical Misconduct Charges Surface

May 13, 2009 - 03:17


Dr. Jack Wagner, candidate for New Rochelle School Board, has told Talk of the Sound exclusively that he intends to withdraw from the campaign in the wake of the disclosure that in 2000 he entered into a consent decree with the New York State Board for Professional Misconduct admitting to professional misconduct in performing surgery on a patient with advanced cancer who had a directive prohibiting aggressive treatment in the event of a terminal condition.

"I started this for the purpose of doing something good for the people of New Rochelle", Wagner told Talk of the Sound before announcing his intent to withdraw from the race which ends on May 19th when New Rochelle vote for 2 School Board seats as well as the School Budget and 2 Library Board seats.

The four remaining candidates are Deirdre Polow, Jeffrey Hastie, Kenneth Chorzewski, and Vincent Malfetano.

Under the terms of the consent decree Wagner agreed that his license to practice medicine would be limited to preclude patient contact and any practice of medicine. He agreed to his license status being made "inactive" although it was not revoked has been claimed by operatives working for other campaigns. Wagner is still a medical doctor.

When Does the Taxpayer Abuse End in New Rochelle ?or How I learned to "sext" in school

May 13, 2009 - 03:10

Here goes another "isolated incident" in the New Rochelle School system. In the 3 or 4 months I've been visiting this website, there have been an awful lot of these "isolated incidents". I don't think any of them have been reported in the Journal News thanks to Aman-asleep at the wheel -Ali. I did see a news 12 reporter interviewing parents about the sexting incident, so, I guess as soon as Talk of the Sound uncovers a story, the local news will pick it up. It seems as if WE have become the only local news for New Rochelle these days. If the sexting incident is true as reported, where are the mandated reporters? SOMEBODY transferred this person, so they violated the mandated reporting laws. Virtually any person working in a school or in administration IS, by law, a mandated reporter. If any part of this story is true, it's not just the security guard who's guilty of a crime. This is how the school board protects our children, by classifying every incident as "isolated". By moving people around to get them out of the limelight until the heat dies down. Didn't the Catholic church do that with the child molesters? There are SO many good people in the schools it just isn't fair that they get painted with the same brush. That is solely the fault of higher ups.

Youth Sports and Politics in New Rochelle

May 13, 2009 - 00:22

Can anyone speak to why there is sooooooo much politics in New Rochelle's Little League Baseball. First to those so called COACHES who use a rig system so the best players are on their respective teams, do you actually think you are winning or accomplishing something of any significance. You're not. The whole system of who is on what team and which coach gets which players are a joke. The stupid part is everyone knows its rigged, the parents, the umps, the politicians, The coaches and unfortunately the kids. It is hard to describe or understand how these so called adults think what they are doing is some how good, fair or noble. There's ONE bogus tryouts just to see if there is a new kid the riggers didn't know about, then there's the practices, which, by the way, have some sort of "shit runs down hill" hierarchy, where certain coaches have the right to use certain fields when ever they want, if one is not high enough on the food chain then tough. There's no structured or formal training or instructions, especially on the written and unwritten rules of the game to the kids. The rules are loosely interpreted on the field, many times in front of the kids, in heated exchanges. The kids see, hear and understand all of this. By the way this is not exclusive to Youth Baseball.

"Cheat Sheet" For Parents Seeking Special Education Services in New Rochelle

May 12, 2009 - 13:46

Dear Blabby here to remind you that "spring has sprung" which means its time for the school district to spring its traps on gullible parents who still believe they can trust the District when it comes to providing services and accommodations to special needs students. We encourage all parents dealing with the Special Education department to carefully read:

Dear Blabby's Cheat Sheet for parents seeking special education services in New Rochelle.

Be aware, that School District has been crowing all year in school board meetings about its "success" in declassifying students, taking away services and removing kids in private, full-time special education schools and forcing them back into "mainstreamed" public classrooms. While we all want to see the need to spend money on special education services go down and thereby reduce the expenditures, the District's approach is often one of throwing the baby out with the bath water. Too often trusting, unsuspecting parents are bamboozled into signing documents waiving their rights -- things like their right to ALL documents used in a CSE meeting before the day of the meeting, the right to have certain people at the meeting, the right to bring a tape recorder to the meeting, and so on.

New Rochelle Security Guard Implicated in "Sexting" at Albert Leonard, Took Teen's Phone, Distributed Images

May 11, 2009 - 20:02

60EC9EDC-0713-4448-AA81-FA08CB9B1618.jpgTalk of the Sound has learned that parents of a middle school student in New Rochelle, NY have pulled their child out of the school district and relocated in the wake of a "sexting" incident at Albert Leonard Middle School. "Sexting involved students taking nude or semi-nude photos of themselves and sharing them with their friends.

What makes this case unusual is the large number of adults involved in the case. The incident focuses on a security guard with a past history of disciplinary problems. Also implicated are other district employees at Albert Leonard Middle School and Isaac E. Young Middle School. The New Rochelle School Board and Office of the Superintendent have known of the issue for months yet the guard is still employed by the District. Talk of the Sound has also learned that the New Rochelle Police Department was notified of the incident. TOS has filed a public records request seeking all documents related to the case.

"It's The Economy Stupid"

May 11, 2009 - 05:36

This was a popular catch phrase for a while and perhaps Ms Schweig should take it to heart. By her very own reasoning, the school board SHOULD be mindful of the taxpayer, realize the severity of the economic climate (even though it's temporary Ms Schweig, it's still devestating for many) , exhibit some fiduciary responsibility and suck it up themselves. You can tout the budget as the lowest in years percentage wise but the very size of the budget makes every percentage point translate into money than many can't afford. Ask yourself, if it is temporary, why can't the district keep the increase down to the 1.5% to 2.5% that so many districts have been able to do? Why? Because they don't care. We are voting on the budget for one year, not all future budgets. When times are better they will get a larger increase, but in times that see homes in foreclosure at historically high rates, job losses not seen in 20 years, the loss of the STAR tax rebates (did you know about that?), a sewer tax increase of $700.00 per year, corruption that now has the District Attorney looking into the district. Not to mention the assessables. Everyone, from commentary on this site, to the finance commissioner of the city has reckognized the truth about the numbers. Now, suddenly, Mr O sees the light?