May 2009

District Attorney's Office Looking into 'Talk of the Sound' Allegations Against New Rochelle School District

May 07, 2009 - 16:31

D2C98C6A-2F32-4196-AD55-192A08B17CBE.jpgInformation we have obtained as part of our investigation of Frank Demasi, the carpenter with the school district van parked in front of his house on evenings and weekends, has been turned over to the Public Integrity Section of the District Attorney's office which has authorized Talk of the Sound to report that they have received our complaints and are now investigating. The DA's office has spoken to the City School District of New Rochelle. If readers have any further information please post it in the comments below or send me a confidential email and I will provide the information to the District Attorney's office.

Who is the Troll Defending Frank Demasi?

May 07, 2009 - 15:52

888BA7C3-C3D2-4D9A-9FA7-612735A64C97.jpgToday we see if readers can answer the question: Who is the Troll?

After our investigations team turned up evidence that Frank Demasi, a carpenter working for the New Rochelle School District, was taking home a van at night and on weekends without authorization, an "anonymous commenter" began defending Demasi and attacking this site. In Internet parlance this person is known as a "troll". This person was leaving so much information about their identity that we decided to offer a reader challenge to see if we could identify the troll based on the breadcrumbs they have been leaving on the site.

What has our troll revealed about himself in the content of his comments and in the log files of this site which track the IP addresses of visitors and commenters on this site?

1. They have spoken with Mr. Demasi.

2. They know how many years he has worked for the district.

3. They know when his work day ends and whether or not he is required to punch a time card.

4. They had access to surveillance video at Isaac Young Middle School.

5. They know who's name the three 'personal' vehicles are registered.

Federal Litigation in New Rochelle Over Past 20 Years

May 07, 2009 - 13:09

I was researching the noose case and pulled up a list of all federal lawsuits using the keyword "New Rochelle" that were in the court systems electronic database. Since I paid the 24 cents it costs to get three pages of records I figure I may as well publish it here. If anyone finds an interesting case that warrants greater scrutiny let me know and I can pull up the actual complaint.

Bankruptcy Cases
Bankruptcy Name Search Results
129 Total Case matches for selection NEW ROCHELLE for ALL COURTS
Thu May 7 07:47:25 2009

Name Court Case No. Filed Chapter

NEW ROCHELLE FORD, INC. A NEW YORK CORPORATION nysbke 00-20235 04/05/2000 7
NEW ROCHELLE GULF nysbke 02-05222 02/25/2002
NEW ROCHELLE HYUNDAI nysbke 00-20174 03/09/2000 7
NEW ROCHELLE MANOR nyebke 92-84095 04/06/1992 7
NEW ROCHELLE RESTAURANT SUPPLY, INC. nysbke 00-41065 05/04/2000 11
NEW ROCHELLE SHOE-INN CORP. njbke 94-25015 07/20/1994 11

New Rochelle Sewer Tax: We must speak out against unfair tax levy

May 06, 2009 - 19:27

This letter to the Editor appeared in the Journal News on May 1st. It speaks to the impending swer tax New Rochelle will be hit with.

In response to the April 22 article, "New Rochelle sewage work to hit taxpayers," I appreciate the importance of a clean Long Island Sound and understand that upgrading sewer treatment facilities is vital to this goal. What I don't comprehend is why residents of the New Rochelle sewer district alone could be footing the bill at approximately $1,000 per household.

It also escapes me as to how two elected officials representing our city can have such a differing viewpoint regarding this burdensome, let alone unfair, tax levy. While county Legislator Jim Maisano expresses his outrage over these developments, Mayor Noam Bramson, through the issuance of another innocuous quote, is willing to let the residents of this city take another one on the chin.

Two Habitat for Humanity Restores on Channel 2 News Tonight at 5 PM

May 06, 2009 - 19:09

Tonite at 5pm on Ch 2 CBS News Tony Aiello interviewed Habitats Restore owners and customers...

“This is a great story for us” stated Jim Killoran, Exec. Director of Habitat and SoNo vol. director...

Come to where Main Street Started, Where Norman Rockwell used New Rochelle as his canvas.....The story covers Habitat Restores, which are Green, recycle and reuse..while helping people get great tonite, and shop on Main, support the local economy, help out, increase sales tax, and have fun, every day is a Treasure Hunt!  For more info hit or call jim at 914 403 4821

Learn more at and

Carpet One in SoNo NewRo

May 06, 2009 - 19:05

Today go visit Carpet One on 607 Main Street, see the greatest decor in town, home, furniture and lighting and carpet that is known to be seen in the finest homes and hotels in all of Westchester and to Boston Ma.

Go say hi to the Faheys the family who owns it, or Tucker who ran half back at New Rochelle High School ands is part of the fabric there, a great crew..they have designed homes for years, helping many to have the latest all happens at Carpet One on Main Street......listen in on wvox today from 9-10am and hear more about their great store...discounts offered as well...j

New Rochelle Residents Must Pass School Budget to Pay for Costly Lawsuits that Could/Should have Been Avoided- Part 1

May 06, 2009 - 16:55

The Journal News reported today: Custodian suing New Rochelle schools in noose-complaint case (click here)

The school district today was served with a federal discrimination lawsuit from a middle school custodian who says school officials responded inadequately to his complaints about his former supervisor's hanging nooses in management offices...

In a deer caught in headlights response:

Superintendent Richard Organisciak said he had not seen the lawsuit but said complaints about the district's response about the incidents were "surprising."

Does this sound familiar?

Kelly (Plaintiff's Attorney) said the district's response to the matter was inadequate - taking months before disciplining Carino and implementing diversity training. Johnson said the district was trying to hide the matter from the public.

Several parents last year said the district was trying to cover up the matter, only learning about the incident when it was reported in the media - months after the incidents occurred.

NRHS PTA President Emery Schweig Says Economic Crisis "Temporary", Demands Voters "Suck It Up" and Approve Budget

May 06, 2009 - 16:40

BBFD58A8-B745-4F09-8495-560354D5CA6C.jpgIn a contentions school board meeting, residents, parents, school board candidates and PTA officials appeared for the New Rochelle School Board to comment on the district's proposed $230mm budget, the largest in the history of New Rochelle and one of the largest ever in Westchester County.

The most impassioned plea came from Ms. Emery Schweig, current president of the New Rochelle High School PTA and candidate for Member, Library Board of Trustees; New Rochelle City School District. In her remarks last night, Schweig referenced concerns expressed by New Rochelle residents over the past several school board meetings - people who have spoken of their fears of losing their jobs and their homes in what President Obama has called the worst financial crisis of the Great Depression. She proceeded to ridicule those concerns by calling the current economic situation "temporary" then emphatically demanding that voters to "suck it up" and approve a budget loaded with wasteful spending, expanded teacher pay and benefits, and millions of dollars in new programs.