May 2009

Open Letter to Mr Demasi's Defender

May 03, 2009 - 17:57

You just don't get it, do you? I posted that somewhere a village is being deprived( as in village idiot), and you continue to feed the fire by subatantiating all of the claims against Mr D. Does HE know who you are? The more you try to defend him, the closer people are going to look at this. You provide nothing that could explain or defend him. You " proved" he doesn't drive after 3:30. Let's look at this. Home at 3:30, that's about a half hour per day he's not at his job. Through the year, that's about 4,327.00 in salary he's collecting while not on the job. (based on an average salary of $75,000.00) Gas @10 miles per day @ 10 miles per gallon would be about $720.00 (assuming he ONLY drives to and from work, and you suggest he does more). Insurance- the van is in his possession more than half of the year so let's call it $1,000.00. This doesn't take into consideration the lawsuits against the district if he's involved in an accident while not on school business (could be millions).So far, that's over $6,000.00 per year (conservatively). So now, because you've become so impotent in "defending" Mr D the only path left is to half-assed try to distract people from the issue with the inappropriate use of confidential info. That in itself is probably a felony. Mr Cox is not now, or ever has been the issue.

Joint Poetry Reading at the Poets Corner in New Rochelle on May 6th

May 01, 2009 - 12:44

Join Iona College Students on Wednesday, May 6th @ 8pm for an Off-Campus Poetry Reading Event at The Poet’s Corner:


The Poet’s Corner

570 Main Street
New Rochelle, NY 10801

Transportation will be provided.

Meet @ 7:30pm in the LaPenta Lot

Email [email protected] to reserve a space on the van



Sponsored by:  Off-Campus Housing, Kaleidoscope, Office of Student Development,  and the S.E.L.F-Help Foundation of New Rochelle