June 2009

Local Media Jumping on Board the Twitter Bandwagon

June 26, 2009 - 17:54

A27C8C38-C898-4AD3-842B-8FBCB29E21AC.jpgTwo week ago, The Sound Report jumped on the Twitter bandwagon joining News12 Westchester and The Journal News in sending out tweeted links to their latest stories. For anyone who has not tried it, The Sound Report Twitter set up is particularly nice because it is an easy way to get links to their stories about New Rochelle without having to navigate their cumbersome web site. News12 is nice but their site's best services are a walled garden for all but Cablevision customers. The Journal News is good but gives out too much information that is not specific to New Rochelle residents.

Of course, they are playing catch up. We have been on Twitter since the day we launched in 2008. You can follow Talk of the Sound on Twitter here. We mostly provide links to stories appearing on Talk of the Sound's web site but add in other information as well.

Open Letter to City Hall: How About Crime Mapping Software for the New Rochelle Police Department?

June 26, 2009 - 17:11

99DF02EB-2CAF-40EF-A723-8B5BC25F2AE5.jpgIn its recently released Annual Report for 2008, the New Rochelle Police Department announced it had completed its transition to a new police management software system which includes a database for tracking calls for service, incidents and crime reports. With such a system in place, the NRPD is now set up to begin sharing near real-time crime data with residents.

"Remembering La Rochelle" Sister Initiative Brings Up and Coming French Jazz Musicians to New Rochelle in July

June 26, 2009 - 16:38

269B850A-F785-4BE0-9912-4E1A69EDE19B.jpg"Remembering La Rochelle" weeks is a celebration arranged by the Sister City Initiative of the City of New Rochelle. Two musical guests, Yvon Momboisse (pictured right), pianist, and Malo Mazurié Desgarennes, trumpeter, are coming to New Rochelle cuortesy of the Rotary Clubs of La Rochelle. They are young, but top-notch jazz musicians and have played in both Europe and Asia.

Remembering La Rochelle Program Guide (PDF)

All I could find online for Malo Mazurié Desgarennes was his Facebook page but there was plenty online about About Yvon Momboisse including some video so you can watch and hear him play boogie piano.

The Healthy Life in SoNo NewRo

June 26, 2009 - 12:43

JO JO’S VEGETARIAN  is now on North Avenue....near the bridge...a great place to taste different delights, healthy and more.....did you know there is also another health store in SONO, next to Granite Tile and Marble and the Habitat Restore at 591 Main Street...

Stay healthy, eat healthy, live healthy in SoNo...stop by and sample the healthy cuisines here!!!!!

Learn more at SoNo NewRo Online

A weekend of fun in SoNoNewRo

June 26, 2009 - 12:22

We dedicate this to Michael Jackson, a King of Pop, who played in many places like places like the Loews theatre on Main Street....
Amazing musicians , artists, poets, and people walked through this facility, both to entertain and be entertained in this 24,000 square foot theater, the likes of which MJ would have had filled with fans show after show.

Time to bring back the music to SoNo....just turn a corner, and soon it will be there…come and see the area’s history with a walking tour...and listen to music in different places..cant you hear it..

the Excitement is Building....Learn More at SoNo NewRo Online

You Can Lie, Assault, Steal, and Cheat, but You Can't Disagree

June 26, 2009 - 05:33

What in the world is going on in this city ? Corporation council fired for "insubordination" ? It seems a bit disturbing when the person responsible for your legal behavior disagrees so strongly with you that you have to fire her. Who fired her and what was it they wanted that even a lawyer wouldn't do ? Knowing Bernis as I do , I can't imagine a scenario where she refused to go the extra mile to perform her duty , ethically and within the law , but I wonder if she was pressured to file or execute something to suit someone's agenda , and refused . Afterall , she's been there over 10 years , you would think any personality issues between parties would have surfaced long before today . Good luck Bernis , and if you feel like telling your side of the story , I'm sure Mr Cox would gladly let you speak here .

So, smack the kids around , steal some vans , double dip at the trough , send child porn around , but please , don't disagree because THAT would be wrong. Right ?

UPDATE: New Rochelle Corporation Counsel Bernis Shapiro Fired for Insubordination

June 26, 2009 - 03:21

FEA6DF35-28C9-4A83-851D-471E89BF573C.jpgTalk of the Sound is reporting exclusively that New Rochelle Corporation Counsel Bernis Shapiro was fired earlier today. Sources have told Talk of the Sound she was terminated and then escorted from City Hall by a New Rochelle Police officer.

An official statement is expected tomorrow.

Bernis Shapiro served as Corporation Counsel of the City of New Rochelle since February 1997. Her responsibilities included management of the City's Law Department; oversight of outside law firms which represent the City; research and preparation of City legislation; negotiation and drafting of City agreements and instruments; and general counsel to City officials, boards, and commissions.

Her undergraduate degree is from Barnard College of Columbia University with a law degree from New York Law School. She has served in the field of municipal law for over twenty years.

Funny Story

June 25, 2009 - 22:38

Let me share a quick funny story that happened to me this week. I was waiting for the elevator in city hall and coming down the hall were two women (who shall remain nameless) I couldn't hear exactly what they were talking about, but just as they stopped to wait for the same elevator I was waiting for, the blonde turned to the brunette and said " yeah well, I told her to be careful, you never know if this deepthroat ass works here"
Needless to say I laughed so hard i almost spit my coffee out and I took the stairs!

U.S. Department of Justice: New Rochelle 4th Safest City in 2007

June 25, 2009 - 22:12

In its recently released 2008 Annual Report (PDF file), the New Rochelle Police Department is reporting that according to U.S. Department of Justice crime data, the City of New Rochelle was one of the safest cities in the United States. For the first time in several years there were no murders in the Queen City.

NRPD cites the following highlights on the cover of their report:

  • New Rochelle was the 4th safest city its size nationwide in 2007. Marks the eighth consecutive year as one of the five safest. (source-USDOJ “Crime in the United States”)
  • Responded to almost 50,000 calls for service
  • Reaccredited for the third time by the New York State Law Enforcement
  • Accreditation Council. Marks fifteen years of continuous accreditation.
  • Received Automobile Club of America Community Traffic Safety Award for 14th consecutive year
  • Lowest crime rate among similar municipalities in Westchester County as well as similar municipalities throughout the state
  • Completed transition to new police management software system

NRPD Crime Stats Chart 2008.jpg