July 2009

New Rochelle City Hall Officials & Employers will be Liable…

July 31, 2009 - 13:38

The City of New Rochelle is plagued with illegal immigrants. One of the main reasons why these illegal immigrants come to New Rochelle is for the work that is available to them in many private sectors. The main area is landscaping & contracting business that employs them. These businesses pay these illegal immigrants cash so that they can cheat the government out of payroll taxes and unemployment taxes. These illegal immigrants also cheat the government. Their salaries are not taxed because they are not recorded by there so called employer. BUT, theses illegal immigrants sure know how to take advantage of our health and welfare system. They are main contributors as to why our nation’s health and welfare system is in the red. You see, when you have more people pulling out then putting in, what do people expect? To bad our government officials can’t see the logic in this. But this is another topic.

The Armory Series - Lamenting Our Loss or How Did THAT Happen?

July 31, 2009 - 03:58

There will be no room for remorse . That about sums it up when speaking of the consequences of misguided demolition . The fact is , there has been no actual review of the possibilities of an adaptive re-use of the Armory , by this or any other administration . The only consideration given was the City asking the most recent developer , Forest City- Ratner , what they want to do with the property . Hardly in-depth thinking . Granted the city doesn't have much experience in this area , but that only reinforces the need to stop and take a closer look at just what might happen and what we will loose forever . There is no going back .

Bruce Negrin Radio Show - New Ro News & Views Tonight at 8pm on WVOX 1460 AM or

July 30, 2009 - 14:16

The Bruce Negrin Radio Show - New Ro News & Views
Tonight at 8pm on WVOX 1460 AM or

The direct studio number is 914 636-0110.
Email: [email protected]

Tonight's Lineup:
The West End of New Rochelle, What happened?

New Rochelle retrospective written by Barbara Davis on Sale now

LeCount Square: Open for Business?

Pick Up of New Ro Council of the Arts Cultural Plan –does this spell doom for the Armory?

Pedestrian Bridge at the Transit Center, Tell me this is part of a Master Plan.


Norman Rockwell: An Artist and Social Activist

July 30, 2009 - 02:47

Norman Rockwell, famous as an artist who drew covers for the Saturday Evening Post, had strong roots in Westchester. He lived in New Rochelle for many years and a lot of the models he used in this paintings were local residents. Jim Killoran, Executive Director of Habitat for Humanity in Westchester, talked about the importance of history in our lives, then introduced Tom Daly, Curator of the Norman Rockwell Museum in Stockbridge, Massachusetts.

The talk by Daly, "A Look at Rockwell's Life as an Artist and a Social Activist," illuminated much about the way Rockwell viewed his drawings. Daly said Rockwell's "bread and butter" was boys and puppies. Audiences wanted to see young people and pets. The artist wanted to tell a simple story. However, Daly said one l960 cover on the Saturday Evening Post showing a black child entering a school was not received well. 92 of Rockwell's paintings concerned civil activism. Rockwell wanted people to know not only about this back child, Ruby Bridges, but also that all other parents had taken their children out of this school at that time. Ruby Bridges, now a Trustee of the Mu\seum, had to go to school all by herself.

Lo-Hud Reporter Ali Denounces Revaluation

July 28, 2009 - 23:06

In case you still haven't had your fill of the deception and mismanagement practices of our BoE , all you need to do is read the latest piece from the always informative NR objectivist called "Your Taxes are Going Way Up" ( ).
Let's not forget , that in the months preceding the school budget , numerous people were questioning the rationale of the board's reluctance to face reality in judging the decline in assessables during this sinking economy . Completely ignoring ALL indicators , including New Rochelle's finance commissioner , the board held the position that declines would be comparable to last years . With complete arrogance they continually lied to the taxpayers knowing full well their manipulated and voodoo economics budget would not play out as they claimed . The cries for relief were summarily dismissed with the "suck it up" comment by the Queen of Twits Emory Schweig . Well , I say they lied because NOBODY could be that IGNORANT of the indicators . So , which is it Mr O and Co? Ignorance or Deceit? In my opinion , they're no better than that sc&mbag Bernie Madoff , lying to serve their own agenda without regard for the devastation left in it's wake .

Three Documents the Board of Education Does Not Want You to See

July 28, 2009 - 22:39

We may do a story on these documents later but we have them and figure we may as well as provide them to the community. These are important documents that kept well hidden from the prying eyes of New Rochelle residents.

The By-Laws for the Board of Education

This document is well-worth reading if only because if you do read it you will be far ahead of the members of the Board of Education and the administration of the school district who have apparently never read the by-laws for the BoE. For example, board members routinely interrupt speakers if they do not like what they have to say -- as Julia Robinson found out at the last meeting when Chrisanne Petrone interrupted here.

New Rochelle Celebrates Parents in First Ever "Excellence in Parenting Award"

July 28, 2009 - 21:32


New Rochelle honored parents from around the city Monday as part of a new initiative to promote and uplift good parenting as a central vocation for the realization of healthy families and communities. On hand were many New Rochelle dignitaries including New Rochelle Police Commissioner Patrick Carroll, Mr. Alan Inman of the American Family Coalition, Rev. Compton of the Westrock Family Church, Ms. Beuenia M. Brown of the President F. Willia Davis Women's Organization, Rabbi Ameil Wohl of Temple Israel and the Coalition for Mutual Respect. The event was organized with the assistance of the Hudson Valley Parents' Day Committee.

New Rochelle Talks: Videos from Around Town

July 28, 2009 - 16:37

A few weeks ago I purchased a new iPhone 3GS with video recording capability which has a very cool feature which allows me to publish short video clips to YouTube. Links to these videos will then automatically show up in the New Ro Buzz. I can also copy/paste the embed code into a blog post which I am doing here. If you like these videos you can subscribe to the Talk of the Sound YouTube Channel and you will get notified when we have new videos:

The videos are meant to be brief snippets of what I find as I go around town.

Why Aren't Audio Recordings of New Rochelle Board of Education Meetings Online?

July 28, 2009 - 16:23


The Board of Education makes audio recordings of their meetings yet resists efforts for the public to listen to those recordings and makes no effort to broadcast those recordings on their web site. Why?

The district has already spent millions upon millions of dollars to give every man, woman, child, dog and cat in the district a computer. The district has already developed a web site, bought the servers and installed the broadband network. They already record the meetings. It takes all of 2 minutes to upload a 90 minute mp3 audio recording to the web. So why are these recordings not available on the web immediately following every meeting?

The Clerk records the meetings using a professional recording system from Marantz which is widely regarded as one of the leaders in the field for these sorts of recording systems. Despite the fact that digital record systems have been in use in court rooms, legislative bodies, city councils and, yes, school boards, for two decades, New Rochelle continues to rely on an antiquated analog recording system. That's right.

The Curious Cases of the McKnight Kids: New Rochelle Police Punt on McKnight II, Tosses Case to DA

July 28, 2009 - 15:53

Demetrius Hazelton.jpgThe New Rochelle Police Department has repeatedly deviated from standard operating procedure in the handling of a weekend incident involving the "daughter" of a New Rochelle Police Detective whose "son" recently filed a lawsuit against the New Rochelle Police Department based on a claim that NRPD violated his civil rights in arresting him for disorderly conduct. After an internal review, NRPD has taken the highly unusual step of referring the entire matter to the District Attorney's office. A decision on whether to file charges in the matter is expected as soon as today.