July 2009

Wonder Why the Government Likes BMI as a Measurement of Obesity?

July 17, 2009 - 00:48


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We're broke here in the Empire State so you don't know whether to laugh or cry as Albany starts to role out a program to require school districts across the state to collect height and weight measurements for every school-age child in New York so government bureaucrats can produce entirely meaningless BMI pronouncements about childhood obesity. And among the first to "benefit" from this munificent new program is our own beloved New Rochelle, former home of Lou Gehrig, Rob Petrie (aka Carl Reiner) and Norman Rockwell. The school district proclaims itself to be "honored" and "thrilled" to have been "selected" as a guinea pig beta-tester for this "vital" program.

Of course, we told you last week all the ways in which the BMI or the Body Mass Index is a complete fraud. So, you will read news reports like this one from the AP with a new sense of wonderment.

Dueling Meat Cleaver Attack Trials: New Rochelle, USA v. Dublin, Ireland

July 16, 2009 - 23:34



For the United States of America: Prosecutor says Debt led to cleaver attack

Calise and Mann are accused of tracking down the victim, Vincent Zarcone, at the Sound Shore Fishing Club on June 7. When Zarcone couldn't pay his debt, Assistant District Attorney Livia Rodriguez said, Calise started swinging the meat cleaver at the victim's head, yelling: "Gimme your arm! I want to cut it off!"

For the Republic of Ireland: Meat cleaver assault trial opens

Witnesses told the jury how "a Chinese man" needed two hands to "yank the cleaver" from the victim's head, such was the force of the blow and that after the attack there was blood "pouring from his head".

List of July 4th Spark the Sound Sponsors and Sponsor Offer Sheet

July 16, 2009 - 17:26

spark firework.jpgTalk of the Sound readers have been raising questions about the party held at Five Islands Park for sponsors of the July 4th Spark the Sound. Some readers have questioned why a public park would have a "private" area during a very public event -- the Fourth of July fireworks display in New Rochelle - or otherwise attributed bad motives to the City for having an exclusive event on a public occasion.

I asked the City for more information about this and they provided the following:

Spark the Sound Sponsorship Offer Sheet

spark admiral.tiff

[click image to view entire sponsorship offer sheet]

Interactive Map of Level 3 Sex Offenders in New Rochelle

July 15, 2009 - 22:22

level 3 sex offender map.jpg

[click image to enlarge and make interactive]

A few weeks ago, NRPD sent home a "Community Public Safety Notification" to every New Rochelle resident in what Police Commissioner Patrick J. Carroll described as an "unprecedented step" for a municipality the size of New Rochelle, notifying every resident of the Level II and Level III sex offenders who reside within the City of New Rochelle.

NRPD List of Level II and Level III Sex Offenders residing in New Rochelle.

For each Level III sex offender, the NRPD provides a street address which gave me the idea of using this list to demonstrate a related concept I wrote about a few weeks ago, "Crime Mapping".

Open Letter to City Hall: How About Crime Mapping Software for the New Rochelle Police Department?

New Rochelle Sanitation Department Cancels July 5th and October 30th

July 15, 2009 - 19:58

If you checked the Collection Calendar in the City of New Rochelle Department of Public Works 2009 Residential Waste & Recycling Information booklet recently you might have found yourself a bit confused. July 5th was omitted from the calendar so that the first Sunday in July is shown as July 6th and all the other days for the rest of the month are incorrect after that.

trash pick up sched 2009 nr small.jpg

[click image to enlarge]

They fixed the July 5th error on the PDF version of the trash collection schedule on the City web site so you can download a "corrected version". Note, however, that the City left the October error.

New Rochelle Now Projecting Multi-million Dollar Tax Revenue Shortfall

July 15, 2009 - 14:51

rattner.jpgAs we had reported would happen previously, New Rochelle Finance Chief Howard Rattner came before the City Council last night and painted a bleak picture of the City's finances. Rattner is now projecting a $2.2 million decline in tax revenue this year -- $500,000 more than previous estimates -- primarily due to further erosion in sales tax revenue. The full impact of declining property values -- likely to drive revenue even lower going out into next year -- will not be known until the fall but Rattner has previously acknowledged his office was flooded this spring with property tax appeals.

City Council to Receive Mid-Year Budget Report from Howard Ratner Tonight

July 14, 2009 - 19:14

The main highlight today will be the Mid-Year Budget Report presented by Howard Ratner, the Commissioner of Finance, which we reported yesterday will reveal an even large decline in revenues from previous estimates.

  • Committee of the Whole
  • HLRB Meeting Room B-2
  • City Council Meeting
  • Public to be Heard

Early in the day will be two presentations:

3:45 P. M. - 4:15 P. M. Bennett Kielson Storch DeSantis, City Auditors
Re: FY 2008 Annual Financial Report

4:15 P. M. - 4:45 P. M. Graham Trelstad Re: North Avenue Draft Generic Environmental Impact Statement (DGEIS)

7:00 P.M. - 8:00 P.M. City Council Meeting

8:00 P.M. - ? Public to be Heard

During the regular meeting at 7:00 PM the City Council will approve changes to Parking Codes on certain streets, settlement of a lawsuit, approval of the use of Five Islands Park for the City's First "Annual Oyster Festival" otherwise to be known as The Oyster Festival at Five Islands Park.

New Rochelle Board of Education Celebrates "Body-Mass Index Scam"

July 14, 2009 - 18:07

B3CCEA48-8F3C-48FC-B112-10E09C3F2DBD.jpgIn 2006 the geniuses in Albany passed legislation requiring every school child in the state of New York to have their BMI (body mass index) calculated and reported to the state. The purpose of this data collection is unstated. The eventual use of this data is unknown.

At its June 2nd meeting Dr. Adrienne Weiss announced with great pride that New Rochelle had been “selected” to participate in this study. What an honor! It would be nice to think that before they popped the champagne corks over at City Hall they might actually understand what BMI does and does not measure and then perhaps even realize that BMI is an utterly pointless statistic when applied to individuals.

6698497F-8951-454B-842E-E956000247C5.jpgTo get a better understanding of just how stupid the BMI is as a measure of the fitness of a particular individual consider the following:

Why Anonymous Comments Do Not Appear Immediately on Talk of the Sound

July 14, 2009 - 16:39

I get this question regularly and it came up again today -- why is my comment not on the site. As I have explained many times, if you want your comments to appear immediately (i.e., without moderation) simply register for the site, login and comment. Your comment will appear within a second or two of your pressing the "submit" button. There is one caveat to this; regardless of whether or not you register we have some minimal standards as to what we will permit on the site -- bad language, the use of all caps, hate speech and troll comments are all prohibited and will be deleted if published or simply not approved if posted anonymously.

This still does not, however, explain WHY we do not allow legitimate, anonymous comments to appear on the site without moderation. They say a picture is worth a 1000 words so maybe providing readers with a glimpse of the admin section of Talk of the Sound will make things more clear. Below is a list of comments from this morning. As you can see there are about a dozen comments that appear to be from real people (unchecked, not highlighted). There are another couple dozen that are clearly not from a real person because the subject is a random series of letters (checked, highlighted).