July 2009

In Wake of Tornado Warnings, Residents Ask How to Register for New Rochelle Reverse 911 or "Connect CTY" Service

July 09, 2009 - 19:25

F0D6B173-84AC-4625-9E40-F786303BAD3C.jpgAfter Tuesday night's window-rattling storm which dumped 5 inches of hail in Yonkers, blasted New Rochelle with high winds and send bolts of lightening flashing across the midnight sky many residents were giving new thought to "Connect CTY", the City of New Rochelle's emergency notification system.

If your number is listed in the phone book chance are your number is already in the New Rochelle Connect CTY Reverse 911 system but that is going to leave out residents who rely on cell phones, VoIP services like Cablevision's Optimum Voice service or otherwise have unlisted telephone numbers. Connect CTY also offers notifications via email and SMS text messaging.

Save Fifty Bucks on a Brand New 8 GB iPod Touch

July 09, 2009 - 17:11


I bought a laptop yesterday and they "gave" me a brand new 8 GB iPod Touch (I paid for it yesterday and they send me a full rebate in 6-8 weeks). I do not actually need an iPod Touch since I also bought a brand new iPhone 3 GS. I am going to sell this on Craiglist over the weekend but figured I would try offering it here to Talk of the Sound readers for $200. If you buy this at the Apple Store in White Plains it is about $250 all-in.

As I said, this was purchased yesterday and is still in the un-opened original packaging so if you were thinking of getting an iPod Touch you are not going to get a better deal that this.

Email me at newrochelletalk AT me DOT com.

Bruce Negrin Radio Show - New Ro News & Views Tonight 8 pm WVOX

July 09, 2009 - 15:44

Bruce Negrin is taking your calls tonight on New Rochelle News & Views on WVOX 1460 AM or

Tonight's Lineup:
• We have a Guest! Greg Maker, lead writer for the
New Rochelle Sound Report

• It’s in the hole! New Rochelle’s Budget

• Is the rift on the City Council real?

• Pedestrian Bridge at the Transit Center, Tell me this is part of a Master Plan.

• Phone lines will be open so let’s talk.

Take this opportunity to get your voice heard as we opine about the issues that emanate from the Queen City of the Sound. Call the studio line at 914-636-0110.

Charter School in New Rochelle-A way to reform our school system and LOWER PROPERTY TAXES?

July 08, 2009 - 23:28

I am beginning to explore the possibility of opening a public charter school in New Rochelle. I'm currently a NYC school leader and former charter school director (also of a school in NYC) who resides in New Rochelle. The idea of a charter school in New Rochelle intrigues me, especially in light of the changing demographics of New Rochelle and the apparent unrest amongst our community with the direction of the New Rochelle School District. A well run charter school could bring innovation to education in this city, as well as provide competition to the established schools, thus improving the overall quality or our schools.

In the long run, lower property taxes could result as well if charter schools prove to operate more efficiently. From what I read in these blogs, some of the positions/expenses that this city is incurring are outrageous. Is it true that we employ a full time locksmith AND a carpenter (obviously, these are functions that can be outsourced rather easily)? If this is true, is waste also occurring within the schools themselves and the administrative offices?

New Rochelle's Joan Crowe at the Metropolitan Room Thursday for CD Release Show

July 08, 2009 - 17:45

"In The Key Of Comedy" CD Release Show on Thursday July 9th @ 9:45pm
Tedd Firth on piano, Jay Leonhart on bass & Rosa Avila on drums!
Music by humorous writers such as Fats Waller, Louis Jordan, Cab Calloway, Dave Frishberg, Bob Dourough, and others.


Like my new CD, "In the Key Of Comedy", is a series showcasing humorous jazz with a different show each week. Featuring music by Fats Waller, Louis Jordan, Cab Calloway, Oscar Brown Jr., Dave Frishberg, Bob Dourough, and contemporary writers, too. You will hear a unique repertoire emphasizing funny jazz from every era.

Sunday July 19th - Norman Rockwell Museum Curator to speak in SoNo

July 08, 2009 - 10:56

JULY 19TH 1PM...NORMAN ROCKWELL CURATOR TOM DALY, WITH GUEST SPEAKS at the Norman Rockwell ReStore (591 Main Street, New Rochelle).

In light of celebrating our great history here in So No, come here Tom Daly speak with his guest July19th at the Norman Rockwell Restore at 591 Main.....This great opportunity will bring great tidbits of history of Rockwell as he walked Main Street and throughout So No..his paintings being shared, his great use of New Rochelle residents as models of Americana....RSVP , its free.. but filling up fast..

email [email protected] come to where Main Street started, revisit So No New Ro, New Rochelle !

Learn more at SoNo NewRo Online

BREAKING NEWS: School Board Coup as First-Term Board Members Richmond and Petrone Depose Quay Watkins

July 08, 2009 - 04:27

Liveblogging the School Board Meeting (with later edits)

Wow! Quay Watkins Declines School Board Presidency. I am in shock!


Sara Richmond Surprise Choice for President


More shockers!

Watkins offered to continue as VP.


Lacher appears red-faced...he "apologizes" for "what is about to happen here".


Lacher shocks the room by nominating Chrisanne Petrone for School Board Vice President. Everyone knows Lacher is not making a quixotic nomination; he has the votes to defeat Watkins. Whoa!

Jerome Smith half-heartedly nominates Quay Watkins for VP anyway.


Bedlam!!! Revolt!!!

Board votes unanimously for Sara Richmond as School Board President.

14% of Trump Tower Residents Descend on Division Street Restaurant

July 07, 2009 - 22:49

E24DD62D-2E5B-4650-95D0-9C8DF7532A0C.jpgDoes anyone other than me actually read the New Rochelle BID web site? Well, in case you don't they have a 10%-off coupon for Coromondel next to a restaurant review by two of the lonely pioneers who have staked out a claim over at the Capelli Trump Tower.

Baltimore, MD native Jon Rodriguez and New Rochellean Meghan Rock met while living and working in New York City as media executives in the television industry. Now residents of Trump Plaza for a little more than a year, they regularly enjoy walking in the Downtown- especially en route to dinner at one of the BID’s fabulous restaurants. Read what they love about one of their favorites, Coromondel, here.

Short version - they liked it! Full disclosure? So do I!!!

They have not figured out how to use permalinks over at the BID so you may need to scroll down to find the review.

Reader Query: Why was there a Private Party at Five Islands Park on July 4th?

July 07, 2009 - 22:38

A Talk of the Sound reader asks:

...the beach in front of the Indoor Pavilion at Five Islands was blocked off to the public during the Fourth of July fireworks display? Police were stopping the public from entering the area by saying it was a 'private' party. The bathrooms were off-limits also. Why would there be a 'private' party allowed at a 'public' park on a 'national' holiday?

Talk of the Sound contacted Parks & Rec Honco Bill Zimmerman and got the following answer:

Our July 4th – Spark the Sound Fireworks program event is supported annually by sponsors and community partners since the inception of this required fundraising effort in 2002. The event sponsors and their guests enjoy a bar-b-que dinner event at the Five Islands Oakwood Pavilion in recognition of their contribution to the Firework display. The park remains open all day, but restricted to the general public to insure we can safely produce this display and control capacity; additional port-a-san rest rooms are installed for this large community event combined with free, donated product distributions as well.

You asked, we get the answer!

Educators at National Educational Computing Conference Take Web 2.0 to School

July 07, 2009 - 19:41

016D6355-AFF1-4CFE-95A2-498D7137C04D.jpgNew Rochelle Schools IT Director Christine Coleman seems to spend a great deal of her time figuring out ways to block popular web sites -- so much so that the "web" as it exists within the public schools in New Rochelle is virtually useless as an education tool. Coleman will tell you every bad thing that can happen on the Internet as a justification for blocking just about every good thing on the Internet.

One can only hope she managed to make her way to down to Washington D.C., for last week's annual National Educational Computing Conference.