August 2009

Thanks Bruce , Advice We Could All Use

August 02, 2009 - 04:50

I agree , in these times we all need to pay more attention to the conditions around us . From Echo Bay to LeCount Place to our school taxes , Avalon 911 calls , budget contractions , Board of Ed challenges , and on and on , there hasn't been this much focus on so many issues for as long as I can remember . Personally , I support this kind of participation by the citizens . I once wrote that things will get better and perhaps it will have more to do with what we do rather than the politicians , and believe me , the more we get involved , in anything/ everything , the better New Rochelle will be for all of us .

A Beautiful Day in So No New Ro!!!!!!

August 01, 2009 - 18:21

A beautiful day in So No New Ro today!  The sun is shining people are working and ready to shop…and fun is happening…Our breakfast places are open…

See Sven at Kaffeine on Division Street …great breakfast, coffee and more. Brickyard Bistro is open next door  for brunch, breakfast and delights that are delicious and an atmosphere to eat in and out…

Visit two Peruvian restaurants on Main street at 601 Main and another on the same block or Bella Bellas.. Then don’t forget to shop at the Curtain Shoppe, and amazing buys at Consignment on Main .. and at the Habitat Restores, you can see Rockwell Prints and more….

So come down to Main Street, revisit us and enjoy your Saturday!

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Jimmy's Hardware Open's Today!

August 01, 2009 - 18:12


Jim Tobin and his longtime family members open Jimmy’s Hardware at the old Hacker Bakery....go see Jim there and congratulate him and get that personal feeling of help for your home, with no extra costs of getting lost in the shuffle...or higher prices...located on Pelham road in the A&P shopping center..

see James and the best to him and his family -  914 3554343..the address is 368 Pelham Road...

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