September 2009

Would Avalon agree to voluntarily give the city more taxes?

September 07, 2009 - 01:21

Avalon's Tax Abatement Comes Under Scrutiny by Peggy Godfrey (In Westchester Herald, September 7, 2009)

New Rochelle Councilman Lou Trangucci is planning to ask the City Council members at their September 8 meeting to sign a letter requesting that the downtown Avalon apartment buildings voluntarily make tax contributions to the city. He is suggesting a contribution of one million dollars per year for the next four or five years to help the city through the present financial crisis.
Among the items Trangucci enumerated is the $12 million Avalon would pay if full taxes were required. Presently their payment to the city is $650,000, based on their "profit" as projected in the pilot agreement which lasts 30 years with the city.
Layoffs in city service personnel have been threatened for next year and Trangucci's proposed request to Avalon is a way of averting layoffs. Avalon, it should be remembered, will be adversely effected by any layoffs because presently 15-17% of the police, fire and emergency medical services are needed for downtown.

Upcoming art show in SoNo featuring Patrick Bancel

September 04, 2009 - 22:33

BILLBOARD NEW YORK 001On September 23rd, from a 6-9pm,

there will be a showing by Patrick Bancel.

His solo show “Billboards”  is a new collection of Billboards Painting, Photos and Videos.

Avalon on the Sound East, top floor, New Rochelle NY


Learn more about Patrick and see his works at:

Learn more at SoNo NewRo Online

Bruce Negrin Radio Show Tonight 8pm WVOX 1460 am or

September 03, 2009 - 18:38

New Rochelle News and Views hosted by Bruce Negrin

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City of New Rochelle Threatens Firefighter Layoffs in 2010

September 03, 2009 - 13:08

Attention all New Rochelle Residents

Despite what city management is telling its residents, the City of New Rochelle has once again threatened to eliminate firefighter positions. This threat puts in danger the vital services we provide to you, the citizens of New Rochelle

Today, the city is in the process of preparing its 2010 budget. The City has made it clear that layoffs are a distinct possibility. In fact, it has been brought to the Firefighters’ attention that The City of New Rochelle is seriously contemplating eliminating 16 firefighter positions. That amount is equal to 10% of our current work force.

Presently, the NRFD has 8 positions that remain unfilled due to a hiring freeze unilaterally imposed by the City of New Rochelle. This hiring freeze forces us to operate BELOW recommended staffing levels. Apparently, that sacrifice is not enough for the City of New Rochelle. Instead, the City has threatened to lay-off and eliminate 8 more firefighter positions, on top of the 8 already unfilled.

Our Department

Over the last thirty (30) years, The New Rochelle Fire Department, made up solely of professional firefighters, has evolved into a full-service emergency response department. The services that we provide far exceed the services of other surrounding departments. In addition to firefighting, we also provide

-Emergency Medical Services

Has the Pool at New Rochelle High School Been Shut Down by Health Officials?

September 03, 2009 - 01:39

Sources tell NRCP that the pool at New Rochelle High School was not given a "clean bill of health" by the Health Department. This is what we have so far:

• Since the beginning of last week, the New Rochelle High School swimming program has been renting the pool facilities at the College of New Rochelle.

• The cost of this rental is costing New Rochelle taxpayers somewhere in the neighborhood of $350.00 dollars per day for the use of the pool facilities at the College of New Rochelle, plus the cost of transporting the members of the swim program via bus.

This does not seem to be an efficient way to spend taxpayer money. If anyone has more information on the subject, we urge you to "sound off" right here and allow the people to be aware where the resources set aside for the education of the children of New Rochelle are being wasted.

Tonight (9/2) on WVOX

September 02, 2009 - 23:30

New Spanish language radio show on WVOX with Jim Killoran. Premiering tonight, September 2nd from 7-8pm.  Call in number is 914-636-0110.

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Neuvo radio show en español en WVOX con Jim Killoran de 7-8PM …Premier es esta noche, Septiembre 2, 2009. Telephone 914-636-0110

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North Avenue Rezoning Proposal and Density

September 02, 2009 - 21:36

High Density Buildings on North Avenue in New Rochelle Possible by Peggy Godfrey in Westchester Herald, August l0, 2009

Ten story buildings are still under consideration by the New Rochelle City Council for North Avenue under a rezoning proposal. In February 2008 a study by AKRF had originally proposed the need for building a deck on the City Hall parking lot and re-timing all the traffic lights on North Avenue to accommodate this rezoning At that time two twelve story towers were proposed with a middle section of eight stories
A revised new proposal on high density zoning will be presented to New Rochelle City Council on August 10. Because mixed use (e.g. business and residential combined) will be in the plan, a floating overlay zoning will be used to give "density bonuses." The proposed height of buildings is 4 floors and the maximum floor area ratio (FAR) is 3.0. But this FAR sharply contrasts to the neighborhood business zoning which allows a FAR of 0.5.
What does FAR mean? According to Wikipedia, FAR is the "ratio of the total floor area of building on a certain location to the size of that location, or the limit imposed on such a ratio." In other words it is the total square feet of the building divided by the area of the plot.

City Council August highlights

September 02, 2009 - 21:26

City Council's August Highlights; New Rochelle's North Avenue Rezoning Revisited by Peggy Godfrey Westchester Herald, August 17, 2009

The late Rabbi Jacob and Debbie Rubenstein who died tragically in a house fire were honored by naming the pathway at Carpenter's Pond for them. A hearing was set on the Hotel Occupancy tax for September 8 at 8 p.m. Governor Patterson signed this bill into law on July ll. This law, if approved, would tax any hotel with more than four rooms. Anyone who was not a permanent resident in a hotel would be taxed, but certain exemptions for religious, educational and charitable nonprofits would apply.
The surprise of the City Council special meeting on August l0 was that the proposed North Avenue rezoning was not discussed or scheduled for a public hearing. Rather it will be re-introduced in September. Two council members were not present and it was announced by Mayor Noam Bramson that both Councilman Albert Tarantino and Councilman Richard St. Paul had asked that this item be held over for September.