September 2009

Does New Rochelle Need a Landmarks Review Board by Peggy Godfrey, from the Westchester Herald, August 31, 2009

September 02, 2009 - 21:20

Davids Island in New Rochelle dates back to 1861 and the Civil War when it was used by the War Department as DeCamp General hospital. In the years that followed it was used by the Army. By l948 it was transferred to the Air Force for housing and logistical support. The deed was conveyed to the City of New Rochelle in l967.
In 2005 The Historical Architectural Survey and National Register Evaluation and further surveys and studies in 2006 had designated 19 buildings for "on-site preservation measures." Five meetings were held in 2007 with "interested parties" to discuss alternatives for preservation. But in the end of 2007 the New Rochelle City Council voted to demolish all the buildings. This was less than a month before three new council members were to be installed.
New Rochelle, unlike Yonkers, has no Landmarks Preservation Board. If any structure 75 years or older is slated for demolition, the Landmarks Board must review the building using mandated criteria. This Preservation Board (appointed by the Mayor of Yonkers with the approval of Council) was in the news lately because the Mayor favored a charter revision to give the Planning Board power to approve the Preservation Board's designations before they went to City Council. Presently their designations go directly to City Council for approval.

How the Game is Played: New Rochelle BoE Quietly Reinstates Locksmith Position

September 02, 2009 - 15:25

F90AF7CC-ED40-4035-A7B9-155D048EA3EF.jpgLike vampires, obsolete Buildings & Grounds positions have a nasty habit of coming back from the dead. Case in point -- the previously eliminated position of locksmith has now be reinstated by the New Rochelle school board because, get this, Schools Superintendent Richard Organisciak says that John Gallagher says the position of locksmith is "definitely needed". Readers will recall this is the same Organisciak who has been got caught red-handed in lie after lie telling the school board to take his word that the same Gallagher who allowed school vans, trucks and even HVAC engineers to go missing on his watch has given him his word that the district definitely needs a locksmith.

The Two Locksmiths Resolutions

  • Resolution 10-82 Reinstates Locksmith position
  • Resolution 10-81 Accepts the Resignation of Master Locksmith Edward Graefe

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Sexting School Guard Donna Henry Reassigned?

September 02, 2009 - 02:32

Resolution 10-85-B sets Probationary Appointments and includes one for a new General School Aide.

Karen Long General School Aide Grade 8 - Step 1 $33,949 per annum (Eff. 09/01/09)
(repl. Donna Henry, reassigned)

Sources tell Talk of the Sound Donna Henry is working up at the high school despite the fact that the resolution brought forward in June to effect the reassignment was tabled. For those not familiar with it, we offer a full rundown of the Donna Henry sexting incident, a story broken by Talk of the Sound that was eventually picked up the Associated Press, New York Post and many other media outlets around the United States.

New Rochelle & Mt Vernon Should be exempt from County Affordable Housing Settlement

September 01, 2009 - 16:24

As written below and as brought up by a caller to my radio show New Rochelle and other specific communities in Westchester County should be exempt from any taxes brought about from the Affordable housing settlement. If Andy Spano cannot see the logic in that how about the WHOLE county share the tax burden for the Sewer Treatment Upgrades that New Rochelle Residents will be hit with in the near future.

This is a serious issue in terms of tax implications for New Rochelle residents and it is NOW IS THE TIME for our elected officials to step up and say something about it. Do not let New Ro get steamrolled again. You are our voice go out there and protect your constituents, maybe with a little more gusto than that what you did for us in terms of fighting the sewer tax.

From Todays Journal News

County board challenger favors fighting Westchester housing deal

Gerald McKinstry
[email protected]

Candidates for Mount Vernon's county legislator seat are squaring off over the looming federal affordable-housing settlement with Westchester County - even though the city likely won't be targeted for such housing.

New Rochelle School Board Sorts Decision to Publish Board Resolutions to the Web

September 01, 2009 - 14:01

98BB8DA7-0188-4456-A212-CA13DDCBB8A0.jpgIn a major victory for proponents of good government, the New Rochelle school board has agreed to move forward with their recent decision to publish school board resolutions to the District web site in advance of school board meeting. Residents will now have the opportunity to see for themselves what the board intends to vote on at upcoming board meetings.