January 2010

Talk of the Sound - It's Good for What Ails Ya

January 05, 2010 - 05:41

Earlier in the year while taking my daily tour of the TOS site, the counter that tracked visitors was sitting at 99,999 visitors to date. Thoughts of being some sort of a grand prize winner ran through my head as I logged on and watched as the counter rolled over to proclaim a total of 100,000 visitors. There were no pop up pages of balloons or banners claiming "congratulations to our 100,000th customer", or anything else that might underscore the significance of reaching this milestone.

New Rochelle Resident Brutally Assaulted by Two Men Hiding in Bushes -- UPDATED

January 05, 2010 - 03:04

A New Rochelle resident was viscously assaulted and robbed earlier tonight outside his home in Sutton Manor. The man was just completing the walk from the New Rochelle train station to his home when two men who sprang from the bushes in front of his house, struck him in the head with a blunt instrument and then made off in a car parked nearby. The victim is currently at Sound Shore Hospital in serious but stable condition.

Police responded quickly to a 911 call. Neighbors reported a noticeable police presence and canine unit combing the neighborhood. The assailants were described as two young black men. The man's briefcase was stolen.

UPDATE: The Journal News and Channel 12 News have now picked up the story. The Journal News has a rather inaccurate report, describing the incident as a "home invasion".

Two suspects wearing dark clothing entered a home and struck someone inside with a metal rod. The suspects then fled in a dark-colored sedan. The victim was taken to the hospital. Police would not reveal if that person was the homeowner, what was taken or how the suspects entered the home.

NRPD Data Shows "Serious Violent Incident Index" at New Rochelle High School Double Amount Reported to New York State

January 04, 2010 - 18:53

Police records obtained by Talk of the Sound show that New Rochelle school officials have significantly under-reported the level of serious violent incidents at New Rochelle High School. For the 2007-2008 school year, the most recent year on record, the district reported a School Violence Index of 0.07 to the New York State Department of Education when police records indicate a School Violence Index more than double that figure. The actual figure is likely far higher because many crimes often go unreported to the police for a variety of reasons ranging from not realizing a crime has occurred at school (e.g. theft from a backpack not discovered until later), fear of retaliation, embarrassment at being a victim and so forth.

Based on police incident reports, the district in 2007-2008 failed to report more than a half-dozen "serious" violent incidents to New York State as required under the No Child Left Behind Act including a reported sex offense, a robbery and numerous assaults which resulted in physical injury. Less serious offenses such as Burglary, Larceny and Criminal Mischief were also not reported. There were three hit-and-run incidents at the high school reported to police that year which may or may not have been required to be counted in the VADIR report depending on the nature of the incidents.

Firefighters Vote to Defer Raises, DPW Union Votes Against Deferred Raises, 3 CSOs Lose Jobs

January 02, 2010 - 18:52

Local 273 voted Thursday to defer contractual raises.

The Journal News is reporting the story which is nice to see; maybe there New Year's Resolution is to start reporting more actively on these sorts of things.

The city's fire union has voted to push back raises for a year to spare the jobs of six colleagues, while the public works union voted to keep raises and will lose three people.

What they do not mention is that the deferral money will be paid upon retirement with the caveat that if a firefighter is laid off anytime in 2010 the deal is off and the contractual pay rise would be retroactive. The official vote was 102 - 30.