February 2010

Steal Millions, Go to Jail, Retire on a $14,000 Month Tax-Payer Funded Pension

February 01, 2010 - 16:04

7E11084D-2695-4AD8-AFEB-22CC552C29C3.jpgWhat's wrong with this picture?

Newsday is reporting ($) that Frank Tassone, the former Superintendent of the Roslyn, NY school system, will be granted early release from prison Tuesday. Tassone was convicted for his role in an $11-million embezzlement scheme. He used money stolen from the District for Botox treatments, mortgage payments and first-class trips to Europe at taxpayers expense. Six people pleased guilty in the scheme, including four district employees. Among those who plead guilty was former Assistant Superintendent for Business Pamela Gluckin who stole $4.3 million from the district. She is still in jail.

Happily for these crooks, everyone of the district employees convicted of looting the public treasury continue to receive their lucrative pensions.

Unwilling to "Man Up" and Fire Procopio Himself, New Rochelle Mayor and Coward-in-Chief Noam Bramson Seeks to Amend City Charter

February 01, 2010 - 08:00

City Council Resolution on Procopio-small.jpg

Mayor.gifWhat to make up of this? The Agenda for the City Council meeting on Tuesday, February 2, 2010 includes a proposed Amendment to the Code of the City of New Rochelle regarding Appointing Authority. You won't find Bramson's name on this Agenda item but clearly his fingers are all over it. Supposedly, Omar Small of all people has recommended to Chuck Strome that "the City Manager be given authority to appointed and/or remove the Civil Service Administrator" (emphasis added). And so with this Charter change begins (hopefully) the final days of tax cheat and phony patriot Domenic Procopio as a public official...not with a bang but with an agenda item at a Committee of the Whole Meeting.