March 2010

Downtown New Rochelle Parking Task Force Recommendations Memo

March 21, 2010 - 13:46

bid.jpgThe recommendations of the Downtown New Rochelle Parking Task Force were presented to the City Council several weeks ago. The proposed changes have generated a good deal of heated discussion among New Rochelle residents, especially those who live downtown and in the adjoining neighborhoods. Not everyone has seen the recommendations so, in the interest of an informed discussion, we offer them here courtesy of Ralph DiBart of the BID.

Click the link below to view/print the memo from Ralph DiBart and Chuck Strome to the Mayor and City Council.

Parking Task Force Recommendations 1/25/10

Ralph DiBart provided some background on the work of the Task Force.

New Rochelle Police Arrest Four in front of Convenience Store at Horton Avenue and Brook Street

March 20, 2010 - 22:58

Hartley House Arrest1.jpg
A melee broke out at the corner Horton Avenue and Brook Street in New Rochelle shortly after 5 PM Saturday, just took blocks from City Hall. When an officer at the scene put of a call for "officer needs assistance", police dispatchers took the highly unusual step of ordering all units to respond. Police, including the Harbor Patrol Unit responded. Four arrests were made. The police entered the area in force and then withdrew to avoid escalating the situation further. In the aftermath, broken glass littered the intersection and residents were gathered in groups throughout the area discussing the incident.

More info here(Channel 12 News Has Cellphone Video of Hartley House Arrest)


New York Comptroller DiNapoli Calls for Constitutional Amendment to End State's "Dangerous and Unsustainable Addiction to Debt"

March 20, 2010 - 10:45

Thomas DiNapoli New York State Comptroller.jpgIn a new report out this week, New York State Comptroller Thomas DiNapoli paints a grim picture of New York State's profligate and irresponsible borrowing, much of it to fund operating expenses in direct violation of a debt cap law passed in 2000. DiNapoli reports that the State government routinely circumvents voter approval with so-called “Backdoor borrowing” gimmicks, a practice that has become so commonplace that authority debt accounts for 94 percent of the State’s current debt burden. The state's ratio of debt service to total revenue is surpassed only by California and Illinois among populous states.

New Rochelle Review Publishes Its' Monthly Roundup of Press Releases for March 2010

March 20, 2010 - 09:52

New Rochelle Review for March 2010

City Launches New Web Redesign

“Seeds of the Revolution” Plantings Planned for Paine Cottage

Railroad Station Placed on National Register of Historic Places

Food Bank for Westchester to Delivers More than 7,000 Pounds of Food to Westchester’s Hungry

New Mixed-Use Structure to be Constructed at 500 Main Street

Free Small Business Counseling Now Available at The Chamber of Commerce

Monroe College Brings Home the Silver in “Culinary Olympics”

Iona in Mission Visits Ecuador

Davis School Springtime Tradition...Authors

Pro Bowl Running Back to Receive Community Spirit Award

New Rochelle Council on the Arts Plans “Sound Shore Shakespeare Festival”

Michele Bell Joins McClellan Sotheby’s International Realty

Coromandel Serves Vibrant Indian Cuisine!

New President Named at The Executive Women’s Golf Association

NEW FEATURE: The Tag Sale Lady's List of Garage Sales in New Rochelle Weekend of March 19-21

March 20, 2010 - 01:55

NewRo Tag Sale Lady.jpgDo you like your bargains as much as I do? Always seeking for that great find? Spring has sprung and whether you call it a "garage sale," "lawn sale," "yard sale," "attic sale," "porch sale," "room sale," "backyard sale," "tag sale," "patio sale," "flea market" or "rummage sale" or even a Fancy, highfalutin "estate sale", the season for bargain hunting has begun here in New Rochelle. From now until the fall, yours truly, the "Tag Sale Lady" is going to help you plan your strategy by providing a weekly roundup of every sale I can find advertised in New Rochelle and geolocating them on a printable Google map for your convenience. Don't ask me what "geolocating" is but you will love the handy-dandy map!

I will start each week by gathering information from the Pennysaver, the Journal News classified ads and Craigslist but I am going to need help from y'all. If you have any other good sources of listings be sure and let me know. If you see a sale advertised on a utility pole let me know. And if YOU are having a garage sale then definitely let me know. Who knows you may even see me there!

DPW Pot Hole Brigade Takes Advantage of Nice Weather to Fill Them Holes

March 19, 2010 - 19:50

The New Rochelle DPW Crew that fills and repairs potholes in New Rochelle was hard at work today bringing relief to front and rear axels all over town. The crew was making its way down North Avenue this afternoon, fixing road surfaces that have taken quite a beating over the winter. Good news? The first day of spring is tomorrow!

DPW Pot Holes March 2010 - 3.jpg

DPW Pot Holes March 2010 - 1.jpg

DPW Pot Holes March 2010 - 4.jpg

DPW Pot Holes March 2010 - 5.jpg

Highlights from March 16, 2010 City Council Meeting

March 19, 2010 - 16:55

City Council Meeting March 16 2010.jpgThe New Rochelle City Council met on March 16, 2010. To view a copy of the meeting agenda click here.


  • Discussion of proposed change to the City Charter to take away hiring authority from the Civil Service Commissioner (Domenic Procopio) and give the City Manager the authority to hire/fire the Director of Civil Service for the City of New Rochelle.
  • Discussion of proposed change in downtown metered parking to 24/7 in downtown parking lots and until ll p.m. on the streets.
  • Discussion of storage of the Armory murals.
  • Discussion of IDA (Industrial Development Agency) procedures.

An archived video of the March 16, 2010 New Rochelle City Council can be viewed here.

Library Trustee Still Unable to Admit the Obvious -- Surveillance Cameras Installed to Deal with Disturbances

March 19, 2010 - 16:40

n1630954720_7777.jpgFor reasons which remain obscure, Gregory T. Varian, Vice President of the Board of Trustees of the New Rochelle Public Library, continues to challenge a report in the Journal News which accurately reported that the library board approved the installation of security cameras to deal with behavior and security issues at the library.

Varian submitted to the New Rochelle Review a modified version of his Letter to the Editor which was published in the Journal News In February:

An article headlined “Rowdiness forces libraries to react” recently published in another Westchester County newspaper may have been misleading to who read it. The article correctly noted that the New Rochelle Public Library has installed surveillance cameras, but wrongly assumed that this action was in response to an unsubstantiated increase in disruptive behavior. The paper cited police reports for 2009, but failed to investigate year-over-year statistics, thus providing no evidence for the basis of its story.

It is difficult to understand why Mr.

New Rochelle Republicans Begin Planing for 2010-11 Campaign Cycle

March 19, 2010 - 14:45

IMG_0712.JPGParty Chairman Douglas Colety convened a meeting of the New Rochelle Republicans last night at the City Hall Annex. New Rochelle's three Republican Councilmen, Louis Trangucci, Albert Tarantino and Richard St. Paul and James Maisano, Minority Leader of the Westchester County Legislature address party members.

A discussion of term limits for local elected officials, led by Councilman Tarantino, showed widespread agreement that the term limit issue would be pressed by Republicans over the coming year at City Council meetings. The GOP would like to limit City Council seats to two 4 year terms with one exception for a Council member who is elected as Mayor after two terms on Council at which point the councilperson-turned-Mayor would be allowed to serve another four year term.

Richard St. Paul began a discussion on the downtown parking issue which Republican members of the City Council have supported. Both St. Paul and Tarantino said the motive for extending 2-hour metered parking in the downtown area was not about "revenue generation" but an attempt to maintain a "flow" of cars coming in and out of the area to shop and dine.