April 2010

Is the City Council "inflicting another amateurish spectacle on the New Rochelle public" with Downtown Parking Plan?

April 25, 2010 - 15:02

City Council - BID Parking.jpgIntroducing the legislation to change the downtown parking lots in New Rochelle to charge for 24 hours of metered parking, Councilman Albert Tarantino, sponsor of the resolution, said this "attempt to avert some problems there took almost as much time as the tattoo parlor legislation." Councilman Louis Trangucci, however, was still concerned about these changes and felt the Council should soon reconsider this issue after George Rainone, Public Properties and Parking Manager, evaluated the new parking patterns. His most serious concern was whether the cars now parking free in the lots would park in the adjacent neighborhoods instead of buying parking permits. Charles Strome, City Manager and member of the BID (Business Improvement District) which had proposed the change, said evaluation would be an on-going process. Mayor Noam Bramson then suggested a date of July l for further discussion.

Councilman James Stowe wanted to know how this evaluation would be accomplished. Questions about how many permits might be issued and the city's ability to accommodate them were brought up as well as the potential "hot spots" in downtown where more tickets might be written.

New Rochelle Little League Says "Play Ball" After Honoring Fallen Hero and Former NRLL Player, Marine Corporal John L. Olsen

April 24, 2010 - 18:53

New Rochelle Little League held it's Opening Day Ceremony at Tocci Field in New Rochelle this morning starting with a ceremony to honor Marine Cpl. John Louis Olsen, a former New Rochelle Little Leaguer who was Killed in Action in 1967. A Marine Color Guard, led by New Rochelle resident Peter Parente, took the field. A Flag Raising Ceremony in honor of Marine Cpl. Olsen followed. Pauline DeMayo, Olsen's mother-in-law, was on hand to represent the family.







Mayor Bramson threw out the ceremonial first pitch and presented last year's champions with their trophy.

Great Performance of "Big River" at New Rochelle High School

April 24, 2010 - 12:03

Big River Logo.jpgAt New Rochelle High School last night we enjoyed a rollicking musical performance of Big River - The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn. A very strong cast of performers confidently and deftly sang song after song in this show based on the 1860 American classic by Mark Twain. The strongest performer was Huck Finn played by Isaac Assor who was utterly convincing as the vagabond boy. The entire group captured the audience with their first large cast number of the night "Do You Wanna Go to Heaven" with a strong music number choreographed with dozens of wooden spoons.

Even the overture was enjoyable with harmonica music and a wonderful violinist (student Sarah Kenner) playing Bluegrass riffs. The alcoholic dad was portrayed convincingly by Matt Moliterno, who takes his son away from two relatives who were raising him to live in a shack in the woods, all in an effort to take his sons money. Here is the boy in a difficult situation, forced to run away to protect his own welfare. Soon he hooks up with Jim, an escaped slave, played perfectly by Freedom Weekes, spot on. Jim and Huck Finn perform a duet "Muddy Waters" that captivated the audience. It was a perfect balance of song.

Tag Sale Lady Finds Tag Sales Mostly in New Rochelle's South End This Weekend

April 24, 2010 - 11:26

NewRo Tag Sale Lady.jpgLooks like most of the tag sales this weekend are in the South End of New Rochelle. Maybe all them burglars scared folks off. Hopefully they'll catch them bad guys and we can get back to the business of more tag sales up North. In the meantime, looks like we have a few good sales going on including over by Larchmont and one down by Salesian. Happy bargain hunting!

If you hear of any more tag sales be sure and send me an email at tagsalelady AT newrochelletalk DOT com. If you see a sign posted on a telephone pole just shoot a picture with your little phone gadget and send it along.

Click here to view a printable version of the map.


  • The City of New Rochelle requires a permit from the City Clerk to hold garage sale.

Metro-North v. Amtrak in New Rochelle

April 24, 2010 - 01:34

Metro North Logo.jpgI ran across this interesting discussion about rail service along the NorthEast corridor and thought some New Rochelle residents might find it interesting:

What most riders don't understand is that the New Rochelle to New Haven segment of the NE Corridor is owned and controlled by Metro-North Commuter Railroad, not Amtrak. And it is hardly a secret that, since its inception in 1983, Metro-North dispatchers have basically treated Amtrak like second-class trains. Similar to the relationship that MBCR and CSX have on the Worcester Line, but far worse. And, IIRC, only ONE of the three tracks between New Rochelle and New Haven is rated for Acela speeds, further complicating the issue.

Having ridden Amtrak between Washington, New York and Boston numerous times over the past 20+ years, I can assure one and all that it is highly likely that an Amtrak train entering MNCR track at New Rochelle could be subject to at least a 30 minute delay, depending upon the time of day.

Conviction of "Pendelton 8" Marine Overturned, Lawyer is Grandson of Longtime New Rochelle Residents

April 24, 2010 - 01:23

Hutchins.jpgThe U.S. Navy-Marine Corps Court of Appeals overturned the murder conviction of Sgt. Larry Hutchins, the only member of the "Pendelton 8" sentenced to a long prison term after most of his codefendants accepted plea deals.

Hutchins, 26, was told of the court decision during a telephone call from his attorney, Marine Capt. S. Babu Kaza. "He is pretty happy," Kaza said. "He was surprised to get good news because it's really the first time it's happened since he got put in confinement."

Captain Kaza who served in Iraq, is my nephew and the grandson-by-marriage of Mario and Raquel Suarez, two long-time Sutton Manor residents. He is a regular visitor to New Rochelle.

Hutchins was a squad leader in the 3rd Battalion, 5th Marine Regiment in Iraq. Prosecutors alleged that Hutchins led six other Marines and a Navy medical corpsman on an unauthorized mission in Hamdania to capture and kill a suspected Iraqi insurgent.

City of New Rochelle Estimates 10% of New Rochelle Residents Do Not Speak English

April 23, 2010 - 23:22

According to the 2000 census, 27% of New Rochelle residents are foreign-born and 33% speak a language other than English in the home, primarily Spanish. Hispanics are the fastest-growing demographic group within New Rochelle, comprising 20% of the population in 2000, with significant further growth anticipated with the release of the 2010 census. While many of these residents are bilingual, many others, particularly those who have immigrated as adults or as older teens, could benefit from English language instruction.

In total, 10% of New Rochelle’s population, or 7,500 residents, are estimated to be non-English proficient.

New Rochelle Discloses Web Traffic Data -- 1,100 Visitors a Day?

April 23, 2010 - 22:49

From the GreeNR Action Plan:

The City website received approximately 26,000 page hits per day, including 1,100 hits to the home page, a statistic which may better represent the number of daily visitors to the site. Less than one thousand individuals subscribe to municipal email bulletins. The City does not currently maintain funding for newsletter production and distribution.

Whoever wrote this does not know much about this because no one talking about "hits". It is a metric that went out of fashion about 10 years ago. People talk about page views and unique visitors. I think what they mean is they are getting 26,000 page views and when they say 1,100 "hits" to their home page and that better representing the number of daily visitors to the site that probably means they are getting 1,100 unique visitors to the site. Until they just say how many page views and unique visitors they get to their site I can't be sure. Talk of the Sound publicly discloses our traffic data (we are getting about 850 unique visitors a day on average).

More Spam Emails from Honda of New Rochelle

April 23, 2010 - 21:07

Honda of New Rochelle.jpgIn March I wrote Honda of New Rochelle Takes Sure Road to Alienating Customers, an article about how my car dealer keeps sending me spam emails.

Last spring my wife and I purchased a new Honda from New Rochelle Honda. We've been very happy with the car and had no problems with the dealership except their emails. They are sending emails to both my wife and myself. I have no recollection of opting for a list to get sales promotions. I am on a list to get information related to service of the vehicle.

Attempting to have my removed from the list proved a challenge. The "unsubscribe" links in the email did not work and the phone number on the email routed me to another dealer in Huntington, Long Island. I finally got through to a woman in New Rochelle who assured me she was removing me from the mailing list.

On April 6th I got an email from J.R. Buchbinder, the General Manager of Honda New Rochelle claiming that the purpose of my article was to disrupt his business and had no merit. Also, that my use of the Honda of New Rochelle logo in my article was illegal. None of which is true.

I advised Mr.

Reaction to LoHud Story on New Rochelle's Changes to Downtown Parking

April 23, 2010 - 17:49

Reader reaction to New Rochelle to require 24-hour payment for downtown parking lots is running heavily against the change.

imburg1 wrote:
Six comments and not one of them positive. I hope the city takes notice. For years we have complained about the lack of parking AND the lack of quality businesses in the downtown area. Instead, we got Capelli and Avalon. Two places that only the rich can afford. How about addressing our concerns? Why is it so difficult for our city to have a Mall again? It is the only major city in Westchester that lacks any decent shopping. After 25 years of complaining about this, you would think that something would have changed for the better.

willyrand wrote:
Take your business elsewhere. Instead of anger, just sit back and watch a bunch of clueless people run the city to the ground. There is actually some amusement in it. Just sad that hard working people have to pay for it. Funny how liberals only see more intrusion, taxes, and more fees as the answer to everything. And yes, they are liberals. I would encourage business owners to close up show and find a friendlier place to open. Interesting that Ayn Rand wrote about this kind of stuff over 50 years ago, and people can't see it now.