May 2010

JN reports that New Rochelle will receive $9.8M county grant to renovate City Park

May 25, 2010 - 16:29

The Journal News is reporting that New Rochelle will receive $9.8M in a county grant to renovate City Park.

Here is the link to the article:

The article says -

The total City Park project will cost $12.8 million and include the replacement of the five fields with artificial turf and a new baseball stadium with lights and grandstands. The plan also calls for a new playground with water sprays, parking improvements and a nature walk, and restroom and concession improvements.

In return, New Rochelle will

In the contract, the county will agree to fund a 15-year bond for the project, which will cost taxpayers an estimated $785,286 each year while the bond is active. In turn, New Rochelle will agree to take over county roads in the city and to develop 185 affordable housing units over 15 years.

I emailed the following question to County Leg. Jim Maisano

In a message dated 1/7/2010 12:45:39 P.M. Eastern Daylight Time,


Do you happen to know where they are considering putting the 185 units of affordable housing in New Rochelle?


And on 5/19 I got back this response --

MESSAGE FROM THE EDITOR: Dear Contributors, Sources and PR People from Talk of the Sound: A Little Help Please!

May 25, 2010 - 15:11

IMG_0529-400x600_name.jpgDear Contributors, Tipsters and PR People (you know who you are),

Each week I get from you dozens of emails with link to news stories, story suggestions or tips, press releases and event announcements. Just a few of those items every get published to the web site. This is not for lack of interest but for lack of time. It would take a full day or more each week to prep and publish every single item -- more when there is research required. So, it should be no surprise that there is no way I can get to all of them or even most of them.

Quite frankly, I am at about my limit. As the site as grown I am getting inundated with requests and I need your help to redistribute the workload. I will do the bulk of it but I need contributors to carry their end.

Talk of the Sound is by far and away the most largest, most successful hyper-local community web site in New Rochelle and one of the biggest in all of Westchester County. We have had more than 250,000 visitors since we launched in September 2008 and get 20,000 to 25,000 readers a month serving up 50,000 page views per month.

Talk of the sound is a community web site; we are not a newspaper. We are certainly not a business.

Collge of New Rochelle Hosts Special Olympics

May 25, 2010 - 14:53

Special Olympics web.jpg

Earlier this month, College of New Rochelle hosted the Hudson Valley Special Olympics.

The group sent out a press release, which reads as follows:

The College of New Rochelle hosted members of the Special Olympics from Hudson Valley, Public School Sports League (PSSL) on May 4, 2010. Student and faculty volunteers from CNR’s athletic department, School of Arts & Sciences, Graduate School, and the School of Nursing held basketball and soccer skill contests, and introduced the young athletes to new games and activities in the College’s state-of-art Wellness Center.

PSSL students, 18 from the New Rochelle High School as well as students from Lakeland School District, some of whom are in wheelchairs, participated in the afternoon of sports and games. CNR’s student-athletes also provided sports giveaways from ESPN/Disney “Play Your Way” program for the Special Olympics athletes. This event was organized by The College of New Rochelle’s Director of The Wellness Center, Harold Crocker, and Beth Walsh, Coach for the Special Olympics teams in lower Westchester and Special Education Teacher at Fox Lane High School in Bedford, New York.

New Rochelle Development Commissioner Calls for Fresh Look at Comprehensive Plan of 1996

May 25, 2010 - 13:24

Mike Freimuth.jpgThe City of New Rochelle's new Development Commissioner, Michael Freimuth, while admitting to being a "novice on New Rochelle," also stated that he does not see the present development projects in the same way "as residents do." Most recently he was employed in high-level planning and development positions in Stamford and Bridgeport, Connecticut. He has a "host of things" on his agenda, including reorganizing his office and restructuring his staff's duties. In his view, the Comprehensive Plan of 1996 needs to be readdressed in 2010. Since every time City Council meets a zoning change is presented, he felt the "zoning code needs to be rewritten." He cited new proposals for Church-Division lots and the future use of Davids Island. For example, a plan should "do the job" without having the public "fight everything in the plan." Developers, he said, want long-term commitments.

The train station is New Rochelle's link to places from Newark to New Haven, and the city is in a strategic location.

St. John's Restoration Project Seeks Funds

May 25, 2010 - 03:03

St. John Episcopal.jpg

St. John's Episcopal Church on Wilmot Ave. is currently seeking donations to restore and preserve New Rochelle's "Oldest House of Worship."

The group sent out a press release, which reads as follows:

At 152 years of age, showing your age is to be expected. But even after a “face lift”?  The parishioners of St. John’s Episcopal Church, on Wilmot Road in New Rochelle, hope to remedy this with their “Bucks for Buckets” fundraising campaign.

“We need to raise enough ‘bucks’ to purchase at least 100 ‘buckets’ of paint to restore and preserve, for future generations, the original clapboard siding of the church,” said Joanne Bartoli, chairperson of the church’s fundraising committee.  “In 2009 we gave our church a virtual facelift by removing the aluminum siding which we were told by the judges for the New Rochelle Heritage Plaque Award ‘compromised the architectural significance and historical integrity’ of the church structure.  We had no argument with that!”

Senator Oppenheimer Announces Cancer Mapping System for New York State

May 24, 2010 - 16:06

Senator Suzi Oppenheimer (D-Mamaroneck) is pleased to announce that a new state website has been launched to map incidences and types of cancer alongside nearby environmental facilities. The website is the outgrowth of legislation championed by Senator Oppenheimer, which requires the NY State Department of Health and the NY State Department of Environmental Conservation to gather, monitor and map data for incidents of cancer throughout the state and to analyze whether there are environmental trends that should be investigated further by the medical community.

“The cancer mapping system will help to guide research in the State,” said Senator Oppenheimer, “by detecting cancer clusters that may or may not have an environmental connection. The Department of Health’s analysis of cancer anomalies should help to ease public fears, while identifying areas that are worthy of additional investigation.”

Another New Rochelle Buildings and Ground Employee Arrested -- Rasool Hassan Williams Fatally Shot Ohio Man Five Times

May 21, 2010 - 20:53

Rasool Hassan Williams.jpgThe Journal News is reporting that a recent employee of the school district has been arrested in Ohio, charged with shooting a man five times in Steubenville, Ohio, on April 20. The victim, Charles King Jr., died later at Pittsburgh hospital. According to the JN, Rasool Hassan Williams worked as a a motor equipment operator for the New Rochelle school system from July 2008 until just a few weeks ago. The district declined to comment other than to confirm his last day of work was March 23rd.

According to local TV in Ohio:

Steubenville police are searching for the person responsible for a fatal shooting early Tuesday. Charles King Jr., 29, was killed Tuesday outside a home along North Eighth Street, police said. Witnesses said they saw a person running from the scene at about 7:20 a.m. The victim was first taken to Trinity Medical Center West. About an hour later, he was airlifted by medical helicopter to a Pittsburgh hospital where he died.

Announcing the Talk of the Sound Goodreads BookClub

May 21, 2010 - 12:41

Goodreads.jpgTalk of the Sound announces the creation of the Talk of the Sound Goodreads BookClub

Look in the right rail for the "widget" for the Goodreads Book Club or click the Goodreads image/link above.

Goodreads is the largest social network for readers in the world with more than 3,200,000 members who have added more than 95,000,000 books to their shelves. A place for casual readers and bona-fide bookworms alike, Goodreads members recommend books, compare what they are reading, keep track of what they've read and would like to read, form book clubs and much more. Goodreads was launched in December 2006 with its mission to get people excited about reading. Along the way, we plan to improve the process of reading and learning throughout the world.

Uncle Sam Wants YOU to Come to the Parade. Here's Why !

May 20, 2010 - 04:50

Copy of unclesam parade2

Considering the success of the last two parades, you won't want to miss this one.

Here's a list of just a few of the day's events.

0800hrs - Servicemen and women in for fleet week, along with local veterans will enjoy an Appreciation Breakfast at the American Legion Hall, 112 North Ave.

1030hrs - Memorial Day Ceremony on Memorial Plaza (Memorial Highway and Main St )

1100hrs The Parade begins it's 1.25 mile route along North Ave, down to Hudson Park. Just one of New Rochelle's waterfront treasures.

1200hrs - The Lost at Sea Ceremony will begin at the end of the parade