May 2010

How Green is Rancid?

May 02, 2010 - 12:03

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While working on the Future Green/NR is there any room in the concept of dealing with the present New Rochelle, you know the New Rochelle that needs a bit of a spruce up a bit of care. This is another view of North off Lockwood, same place different garbage. May 1, 2010- Is this the Green future compost pile plan. I get it every home owner and business has a compost pile right in front of the entrance. Right out in the open for everyone to enjoy?
I am having trouble understanding why so much time is spent on the future of New Rochelle and why so little time is spent on the present New Rochelle. Who actually wants to live here? Develop here Green or no Green when the place is so neglected.
You would think you guys up @ City Hall would just get away from your computers and your Sustainable plans and put a bit of energy into what the City looks like down on the ground, before you are dealing with what might be or what should be in our future.