June 2010

Receptionist at New Rochelle Medical Practice on Quaker Ridge Road Charged with Credit Card Fraud

June 17, 2010 - 21:53

Jeanette Gomez.jpg(NEW ROCHELLE) Westchester County police arrested a receptionist at a New Rochelle medical practice on Wednesday night and charged her with using patients’ credit card numbers to go on an online shopping spree.

Jeanette Gomez, 24, of Soundview Avenue, Bronx, was charged in connection with two recent thefts of credit card information, which she then allegedly used to buy baby clothes online from Neiman Marcus and Old Navy. She then had the items delivered to her place of employment.

Gomez is charged with two counts of Identity Theft, two counts of Petit Larceny and two counts of Unlawful Possession of Personal Identification Information, misdemeanors.

The investigation began when a patient of the medical practice contacted county police recently after noticing an unauthorized purchase made on his credit card. County police determined that the items that were purchased were to be delivered to a medical office on Quaker Ridge Road.

BREAKING NEWS: Faisal Shazad Indicted for Attempted Car Bomb in Times Square

June 17, 2010 - 21:31

Faisal Shazad.jpgDOJ just dropped the following press release:

WASHINGTON – A federal grand jury in the Southern District of New York has returned a 10-count indictment charging Faisal Shahzad for allegedly driving a car bomb into Times Square on the evening of May 1, 201, the Justice Department announced today.

Shahzad, 30, a naturalized U.S. citizen born in Pakistan, was taken into custody at John F. Kennedy International Airport (JFK Airport) on May 3, 2010, after he was identified by the Department of Homeland Security’s U.S. Customs and Border Protection while attempting to leave the United States on a commercial flight to Dubai. Shahzad was then charged in a five-count criminal complaint. On May 18, 2010, he was presented in Manhattan federal court before U.S. Magistrate Judge James C. Francis IV.

The case has been assigned to U.S. District Judge Miriam Goldman Cedarbaum of the Southern District of New York. Shahzad is expected to be arraigned by Judge Cedarbaum on June 21, 2010, at noon.

M-O-U Gotta Be Kidding Me, LeCount Square Chapter 14 Tonight On The Bruce Negrin Radio Show

June 17, 2010 - 18:54

This issue and others will be discussed tonight on the Bruce Negrin Radio Show "New Rochelle News and Views" at 8 PM on WVOX or

The Studio Call-in Line is 914-636-0110.

Other topics on my mind this week:

#Recap County Legislature Race
#Youth Empowerment Rally - NAACP of New Ro
#Playgrounds for kids. Where do they rate?
My GreeNR Plan: Synchronize the Traffic Lights!!!!

Varian Campaign Plans Get-out-the-Vote Effort This Weekend

June 16, 2010 - 20:08

Greg Varian.jpgGreg Varian sent out a campaign email today:

This weekend will be a massive lit drop to Democratic voters in the whole district. Volunteers will be asked to go in pairs to a neighborhood and leave a piece of campaign literature at the door of each targeted voter.

We'll start Saturday at 10:30 from my house at 35 Sidney Street. Sunday we'll begin again at 10:30 to mop up whatever we didn't finish on Saturday. If you can spare 2 hours or more anytime between 10:30 and 6pm on those two days, we could use your help.

Monday evening we'll be making campaign phone calls from several designated locations around the district, 5:30 to 8pm, reminding people to vote.

Tuesday — Election Day — we'll be making calls again starting at 3pm to get people out to the polls (which stay open, as usual, until 9pm).

Please reply to this email with your availability for our get out the vote efforts: Saturday lit drop; Sunday lit drop; Monday phones; Tuesday phones.

And after that's taken care of, I'll let you know where our party will be Tuesday night!

If you wish to help go here.

Lack of Code Enforcement by New Rochelle Turns Home Depot into Illegal Truck Stop & Limo Holding Pen

June 16, 2010 - 19:20

Limos parked at Home Depot 001.jpg

Limos parked at Home Depot 003.jpg

Limos parked at Home Depot 005.jpg

As Mayor Bramson last night presented to the City Council, a "sustainability" plan encompassing his vision for new laws and building codes designed to lower vehicle emissions in New Rochelle, a fleet of 18-wheelers, flat-bed trucks, vans and ultra-large limousines took up their usual position in the Home Depot parking lot. Vehicles sat, idling throughout the night, spewing their black diesel exhaust into the air, rattling the doors and windows of nearby homes as the Mayor explained the importance of acquiring expensive hybrid garbage trucks to reduce carbon emissions to council members.

As City Council Votes to Approve 14th MOU for LeCount, Bramson Challenges Capelli to "Put Up or Shut Up"

June 16, 2010 - 00:52

UPDATED: In what can only be called a Pyrrhic victory, the New Rochelle City Council came out of its second executive session in as many weeks to vote on the 14th extension of Capelli's LeCount Square MOU and approved the extension 4-3. This time, however, there were strings attached (see original post below).

VOTING on 14th MOU Extension for LeCount Square: Trangucci - NO; Stowe - YES; St. Paul - NO; Tarantino - NO; Fertel - YES; Sussman - YES; Bramson - YES

The air was definitely out of the Democrats balloon as Fertel, Sussamn and Bramson spoke of Capelli and LeCount in the past tense. Bramson looked like his dog just died.


ORIGINAL: City Council Unveils the Tables Terms of Capelli 14th MOU Extension on LeCount Square with Conditions....Developing...

The City Council tonight discussed proposed terms for a proposed 14th MOU Extension for the LeCount Square project but set the matter aside over concerns over whether the agreement provided the City sufficient protection in the event of litigation by Capelli against the City of New Rochelle.

Long Steady Decline of New Rochelle Schools Continues as Newsweek Drops High School from Annual Survey

June 15, 2010 - 23:35


Newsweek New Rochelle Rank 2005-2009.jpg

The long slow slide of the reputation of the New Rochelle school system under the management of Schools Superintendent Richard Organisciak continued yesterday when Newsweek announced its latest annual high school rankings. For the first time since the survey began in 1998, New Rochelle did not make the Newsweek survey.

Organisciak inherited a district ranked #466 in 2005 but those rankings have been slipping each year on his watch and now dropped out of the rankings altogether. Organisciak now has the third lowest on-time graduation rate in Westchester County according to the New York State Department of Education and the most unhealthy cafeterias according to the Westchester County Health Department. This week, Organisciak will preside over an uncertified graduation ceremony where 100 or more students who have not earned a degree will "walk" with the class of 2010; many of those students will never earn a degree.

Is This the Sign of the Times for the Cappelli Organization or is it Just a Going out of Business Sale?

June 15, 2010 - 06:01


Kelly Liyakasa from the Westchester County Business Journal has a story about the short sale of the luxury Altelier Suites in White Plains. The new buyer, S3 Global Multi-Strategy RTZ L.L.C., reports an excellent relationship with the struggling developer. Completely understandable whenever you can buy a product for half it's original price.

This news is timely when you consider the New Rochelle City Council will vote on whether or not to grant yet another extension to a developer, who many believe, is just not positioned to perform as promised with the Lecount Project. Council will meet Tuesday, June 15th at 7:00 PM.


June 15, 2010 - 00:11

google-news-logo.jpgTalk of the Sound has been selected for inclusion in Google News, one of the world’s most popular news portals. Google News is a computer-generated news site that aggregates headlines from news sources worldwide, groups similar stories together and displays them according to each reader's personalized interests.

We are VERY proud to be part of Google News. Ecstatic would be an understatement. This is a very big deal.

While Google does not disclose details, there are an estimated 4,500 English-Language news sites included in Google News -- out of many millions. Really, all we can say is..."Wow! Wow! Wow!" and "Awesome!!!" Yep that will be Talk of the Sound right alongside The New York Times, Washington Post, CNN, Reuters, AP and the rest of the big boys (and the Journal News).

Thanks Google Team!!!!

Here is the email we received from Google.


Capelli Executes Letter of Intent to Settle All Claims with EPT; Definitive Agreements Still in Negotiations

June 14, 2010 - 22:26

Louis Capelli.jpgEntertainment Properties Trust has asked Judge Ortrie D. Smith for a 14 day extension in their case against LC New Roc LP, LLC, a Capelli entity, according to court documents filed in the U.S. District in Western Missouri last week.

On June 11th, J. Emmett Logan, an attorney at Stinson, Morrison, Heckler LLP representing EPT filed the request:

The extension is requested because the parties have executed a Letter of Intent to settle all claims in this and other actions and, while they have worked diligently to complete the Definitive Agreements that will implement the Letter of Intent, they have not yet completed
those Agreements.

The filing goes on to say that both sides have agreed to what would be the second 14-day extension.

Louis Capelli told Talk of the Sound on Friday that he expects to sign the Letter of Intent imminently.

Sources tell Talk of the Sound that as part of the deal, EPT will turn over the City Center at White Plains which has been "upside down" since losing two major tenants, Circuit City and Filene's Basement. The Capelli entity that had been managing New Roc City has already been replaced by CB Ellis.