June 2010

New Rochelle Development Commissioner Takes Questions at South End Civic League

June 12, 2010 - 20:32

The South End Civic League will be meeting on Monday June 14th at 7:30 PM on the second floor of the YMCA


Michael Freimuth, Commissioner of Development

Representatives of Safavieh Furniture and Oriental Rugs 64 Nardozzi Pl. who is asking for the zoning change even though now it is operating a retail business in a light industrial zone. They do not have a C of O to operate a retail business and have been ticketed for this.

Lou Trangucci and Rocco the PACT officer.

Double Dipping Pension Incentives Changed to Single Dip

June 12, 2010 - 20:31

Tara Martin sent emails which stated Ken Jenkins, Majority Leader of the County Board of Legislators, said the budget staff had been analyzing the "potential fiscal impact for the 276 employees that opted to separate from County government."

This group modified the legislation so that employees could choose either the County's voluntary separation payment program or the New York State early retirement program, not both. The hearing for Monday at 9 a.m. is still scheduled and residents will be heard on the new bill.

Greg Varian Preps for League of Women Voters County Legislator Debate Sunday at Eastchester Town Hall

June 12, 2010 - 20:21

n1630954720_7777.jpgThere will be a debate tomorrow at 4 PM at Eastchester Town Hall sponsored by the League of Women Voters between Democrat Greg Varian and Republican Sheila Marcotte. The two are competing in a special election to fill the 10th District seat on the Westchester County Board of Legislators. The special election was called after Democrat Vito Pinto vacated the seat to accept a position in the Astorino administration running the Veterans Service Agency and the Office of Drug Prevention and Stop-DWI.

Varian sent a campaign email warning of Republican dirty tricks and asking supporters to show and coordinate their questions with the campaign.

LWV Debate: Sunday, 4pm, Eastchester Town Hall

The League of Women Voters is sponsoring a debate this Sunday at 4pm. I could use your support in the room, especially since audience questions will make up the bulk of the debate. I've been warned that the Eastchester Republicans take these things very seriously: they will have an army of citizens ready to beat me over the head with out-of-context quotes and made-up statistics. So, naturally, we have to be ready.

Working Family Party Backs Kettner for City Court Judge

June 12, 2010 - 18:24

Susan Kettner.jpgThe Kettner Campaign issues the following press release:

The Working Families Party has announced the designation of New Rochelle attorney Susan I. Kettner for City Court Judge in this year's election. Kettner was previously designated by the Democratic Party after a competition with 5 other candidates before the Democratic City Committee's District Leaders.

"Susan will make an excellent City Judge", said Patrick Welsh, County Chairman of the Working Families Party, and a South End New Rochelle resident. "Our party backs good candidates from both major parties - in past years we have endorsed Republicans such as Jim Maisano, Michael Boyle and Al Tarantino, along with Democrats like Jim Stowe, and Assemblywoman Amy Paulin. We think Susan fits the model we look for: hard working, accessible, with solid legal credentials and an appropriate judicial temperament."

Kettner supporters will be collecting petition signatures in both parties during the next few weeks. The five major parties (Democratic, Republican, Conservative, Independence and Working Families) will select their candidates through the petition process; independent ballot line petitioning will begin in July and August.

Entertainment Properties Trust Grossly Misrepresented New Roc Deal to Wall Street Analysts Says Capelli, Demands Retraction

June 11, 2010 - 15:42

Louis Capelli.jpgLouis Capelli today fired off a searing email to David Brain, CEO of Entertainment Properties Trust, accusing EPT of unfairly damaging his reputation by making false statements and using inflammatory language during a publicly broadcast conference call last month.

Capelli asks Brain to give "immediate attention" to his call for EPT to retract its previous statements regarding a $700,000 transfer of funds among two Capelli entities which Capelli has described as both proper and necessary to his efforts to sign lease deals with Kohl's and Target at New Roc City.

In a story first reported by Talk of the Sound, EPT's CEO David Brain, COO Gregory Silver and and CFO Mark Peterson repeatedly bashed Capelli to Wall Street analysts and investors during a May 3rd conference call which was webcast live over the Internet, claiming a $700,000 transfer of funds was an "unauthorized loan", that Capelli management of New Roc had been "terminated" and bank accounts "seized" as a result.

Iona College – Are they good neighbors? Tonight On The Bruce Negrin Radio Show

June 10, 2010 - 18:24

Will a balance ever be struck between Iona College and the community? This issue and others will be discussed tonight on the Bruce Negrin Radio Show New Rochelle News and Views at 8 PM on WVOX or

The Studio Call-in Line is 914-636-0110.

Other topics on mind this week:

#NRHS produces a State Champion Tennis player
#Green NR – so far more questions than answers.
#The City Council – Do they listen to each other when speaking?
#James O’Toole is right.
#And Please Synchronize the Traffic Lights!!!

Westchester County Public Hearing on Double Dipping County Employees this Monday in Whilte Plains

June 10, 2010 - 18:17

3F53E03F-9893-4116-BD5A-33B82171E160.jpgThe Westchester County Board of Legislators will hold a public hearing on a bill to allow county employees to join in the New York State Early Retirement Incentive Program on Monday June 14th otherwise known as the "Double Dipping" Program.

The intent of this bill to allow retiring county employees to double dip (i.e., to get the benefits of both the county voluntary separation plan and the New York State early retirement plan). With the State of New York teetering on the brink of insolvency, it sounds like the County Board of Legislators has come up with a great way to push New York over the edge and into the abyss.

Taxpayer groups and good government advocates will want to be on hand to watch as the pigs line up at the trough.

148 Martine Avenue (Court Street entrance)
8th Floor
White Plains

8:30 AM (Monday June 14) to sign up to speak at this public hearing.

A Tale of American Tyranny

June 10, 2010 - 10:54

We are writing the tale of American tyranny each day that we remain silent!
The simple laws of economics show us that when our economy shrinks, people do not spend money at the same rate as when economic growth occurs.As a result of this lack of spending cities and states take in less revenue from sales taxes. In an attempt to offset this, local governments pass the bill on to the local taxpayers. So, ultimately the Taxslaves are the ones who are forced to make up the gap in the revenue deficit.
Government does not have a revenue problem, it has a spending problem. We never hear government elected or appointed officials say “let’s cut the budget and spend less money.” Why? Is it really that difficult to balance a budget? If taxpayers suggest that they cut services we are told “No, services are needed to preserve our communities”. Really? Are their high salaries, benefits and pensions necessary as well? Ask the public service unions if their “mandated” raises are necessary in times of economic hardship as well.
Taxpayers, you are the ones forced to foot the bill for the political parasites who have found a way to milk the system. Taxes are constantly increasing, tax hikes are common, and tax cuts are uncommon. We must end this sooner than later due to the fact that our soft tyranny is hardening every day.

Investor Terminates Capelli Management of New Roc, Seizes Accounts After Discovering $700,000 Unauthorized "Loan to Itself"

June 09, 2010 - 14:51

Louis Capelli.jpgAn entity controlled by Louis Capelli made an unauthorized $700,000 loan to itself, according to Capelli's partner in the New Roc Entertainment Retail Center. As a result of the unauthorized loan, the investor, Entertainment Properties Trust (EPT), terminated the management agreement with the Capelli entity and seized all bank accounts related to the project. EPT subsequently installed CB Richard Ellis as the day to day manager of the property.

UPDATE: Louis Capelli has responded to our story here, Entertainment Properties Trust Grossly Misrepresented New Roc Deal to Wall Street Analysts Says Capelli, Demands Retraction

Capelli is a partner with Entertainment Properties Trust in New Roc City and, through an affiliate, was also the property manager. EPT began legal action against various Capelli legal entities in 1Q10, including New Roc City in New Rochelle, City Center in White Plains and the Concord Resort in upstate New York.