August 2010

Please Don't Feed the Panhandlers

August 20, 2010 - 02:04

While staking out 5 Anderson this morning, a guy came up to me and asked me if I had a dollar. As you might expect from reading this site I told him to bugger off. I asked around and learned that he has been aggressively panhandling in the downtown area for the past few weeks, that he is aggressive and persistent and actually shouted at one person who said "no" to him, went into a store, made a purchase and was then verbally accosted with "you said you didn't have a dollar and you just bought something".

This guy moves very quickly but manages to hit up every single person in his path. By the time I got my camera out he was gone. Later I over by 5 Anderson and watched hit up about 30 people in 3 minutes. Amazing. You can just see that he finally finds some idiot to give him a dollar. Please people. Don't feed the panhandlers.

UPDATE: Hey! Maybe Cappelli can hire him. Louis can put a sign around his neck marketing Trump Plaza, a block away.

As Weeks Go By, Cappelli Has A Little More Work Done on 5 Anderson

August 20, 2010 - 01:48

It looked like they would finish today but I did not stick around to find out because the last time I covered the exterior improvement deadline nothing happened. I will stop by tomorrow and see if its official and maybe I can take down that annoying countdown clock. Don't worry, I am going to save it. We will need it in January as Cappelli is extended over and over on the Post Office sale.

Here is a slideshow from today.

A brief note, one of the guy's working there today said we dissed him by saying that last time he and the other guy's had gone on lunch break and came back later to finish. He wanted me to know there was no break, they went to work elsewhere and then came back. Duly noted.

New Rochelle Veterinarian Launches Innovative Door-to-Door Pet Care Service with Mobile Vet Squad

August 20, 2010 - 01:32

Even if you love your pet's vet now, you are going to want to bookmark Dr. Rich Goldstein's new Mobile Vet Squad web site. The Mobile Vet Squad is a 26-foot long mobile veterinary hospital, providing full service veterinary care for dogs and cats at your home.

Dr. Goldstein's innovative service is sure to a hit with time-starved pet owners and those with animals too sick or too old to comfortably endure a trip to the vet or deal with a crowded waiting room. He works six days a week from 9am to 6 pm, except Saturdays until 1 pm (by appointment only).

Mobile Vet Squad will also arrange a group visit for your senior center, senior community, apartment complex, neighborhood, work site, or special event.

It is no understatement to say that dogs love Dr. Goldstein. Quincy, pictured here with his master, literally walked over to the doctor, and sat down in front of him waiting for some attention.


Triumvirate of New Rochelle Council Members Call for Special September Meeting to Appoint Community Leader Pearl Quarles to Fill

August 19, 2010 - 18:19

GOP Press Release

NEW ROCHELLE, NY, AUGUST 26, 2010—Members of the New Rochelle City Council today called for a special meeting next month to appoint long-time community leader Pearl Quarles to fill the council seat that has been left vacant by the untimely death of Councilman Jim Stowe.

One of the Council members, Richard St. Paul, said that leaving the seat vacant through the end of the year would be a disservice to District 3 residents.

“Residents in this district, as in all districts throughout our city, deserve representation. It wasn’t that long ago, in 2003, when a redistricting lawsuit against the City of New Rochelle secured the voting rights of District 3 residents,” recalled Councilman St. Paul, who was one of the attorneys representing residents who brought the redistricting lawsuit.

“It was important seven years ago to secure the voting rights of the minority-majority district, and it is equally vital today that we make sure the residents of District 3 are properly represented in the City Council,” Councilman St. Paul added.

Councilmen Lou Trangucci and Albert Tarantino have joined Councilman St. Paul in calling for a special September meeting of the City Council to appoint Ms.

Westchester Magazine Calls New Rochelle Poster Child for Abandoned Hopes for Urban Revitalization

August 18, 2010 - 03:37

Westchester magazine has a story up today on Capelli's sale of the Residence Inn at New Roc City, first reported by Talk if the Sound, which paints a bleak picture of Louis Cappelli and his impact (negative) on New Rochelle.

...don’t hold your breath waiting to see if the money really goes to helping poor New Rochelle. If ever there was a downtown left in the lurch by money-hungry developers who marched in with big plans and turned around and ran with their tails between their legs when the economy slumped, New Rochelle is it. It’s the 2010 poster child for abandoned hopes for urban revitalization.

Read the entire article here

Bramson Spills on New Rochelle Dems' District 3 Machinations: Prefers Blocking Representation for "Black Opportunity District"

August 17, 2010 - 22:57

Mayor.gifMayor Bramson, speaking today on his WVOX radio show, disclosed he would not ask the City Council to consider an interim appointment to the District 3 seat vacated after the unexpected death of James Stowe. On WVOX last week, City Manager Chuck Strome announced their would be a Special Election in District 3 to serve out the remainder of Stowe's unexpired term. By State law, the winner of the special election would not be seated until January. As a result, District 3 will be without representation for 5 months.

Under the City Charter, the City Council has the authority to appoint an interim member of the City Council until January.

With Stowe, the Democrats controlled the City Council 4-3. With Stowe's passing, the Council is now deadlocked 3-3.

New Rochelle Mayor Bramson Announces New "Deadline" for Cappelli's LeCount Square MOU; Indemnification of City Squandered

August 17, 2010 - 15:06

5 Anderson Permit Wide Shot-150.pngOn his radio show today on WVOX, Mayor Noam Bramson confirmed that the City of New Rochelle has given Cappelli Enterprises a new deadline of August 20, 2010 to come into compliance with the MOU Extension approved by the New Rochelle City Council in June, 2010. The actual deadline was July 31, 2010.


At the time the resolution was passed in June, the Mayor, along with Council Members Barry Fertel and Marianne Sussman, repeatedly stressed (see video below) that a major reason for their supporting an extension of the MOU was the protections afforded the City under a "hold harmless" provision under which Cappelli agreed not to sue the City for anything that happened before the MOU was approved on June 15th. That key provision has now been invalidated and the door is once again open for more threats of litigation by the trigger-happy Cappelli.

Latimer Makes Headway on Proposed Home Rule Bill Intended to Put New Rochelle IDA Under Control of City Council

August 16, 2010 - 21:25

George Latimer.pngAssemblyman George Latimer has informed Republican members of the New Rochelle City Council that the Assembly's Legislative Bill Drafting Committee (LBDC) has completed work on a draft of the proposed IDA bill that Latimer referred to the LBDC two weeks ago.

The LBDC draft proposes to amend Section 908-b of the general municipal law, as added by chapter 785 of the laws of 1976, adding language that requires action by the New Rochelle Council.

Remembrance of New Rochelle City Councilman James Stowe

August 16, 2010 - 17:56

  by Peggy Godfrey  (in the August 16 issue of the Westchester Herald)

The ceremony honoring the late New Rochelle City Councilman James Stowe began with introductory remarks by New Rochelle Mayor Noam Bramson.  He called the program a "family celebration of the life and works" of this Councilman who passed away suddenly on August 7, 2010.  Many dignitaries attended the ceremony which was planned to allow the people of the community, whose lives were touched by Councilman Stowe, to have an opportunity to talk about their experiences. 

The first person to be called upon was Steve Horton, Executive Director of the  New Rochelle Municipal Housing Authority.  He recounted that Stowe would fight to do the right thing.  As Chairperson of the New Rochelle Housing Authority Stowe addressed issues at Hartley House, including the need for change in the area.  He called Stowe  "the voice of Black Power in New Rochelle",  further commenting that Stowe "accepted his role as a Black leader."  He said the area was ready for revitalization with a new project which included new housing, a new park, and a five story building.  Horton, who is also a Mount Vernon City Councilman, stated, "Stowe's memory will be memorialized".

Postal Service Prepared to Negotiate Sale of New Rochelle Facility but Has Not Heard from Embattled Developer in Months

August 16, 2010 - 16:47

Downtown New Rochelle Post Office

The United States Post Office has confirmed to Talk of the Sound that there are no current discussions with Capelli Enterprises related to the sale of the downtown New Rochelle facility to Cappelli, a cornerstone of Cappelli's LeCount Square Project.

"The facility services people have not heard from Capelli in some time," said Postal Service spokesman Tom Gaynor. "They are waiting to hear has been months since they last heard from Cappelli."

Talk of the Sound inquired after reports that U.S. Postal Service Westchester District Manager Joseph Lubrano had commented the matter at a recent employee event at the U.S. Post Office in downtown New Rochelle. Employees have been concerned they will be relocated if a deal comes to pass and had asked about plans by Capelli Enterprises to develop on the site of the New Rochelle post office

In response to questions, Lubrano reassured employees, telling them there were no current plans to move them.