August 2010

How to Find Unclaimed Money

August 16, 2010 - 14:27

CashWad.pngAs the cost of living in New Rochelle continues to rise, everyone is looking for ways to save but how about looking for a way to get money you forgot about?

How to Find Unclaimed Money

It’s easier than ever to find forgotten property thanks to the increasing number of databases. In most cases, it makes sense to do the sleuthing yourself rather than pay a finder firm to do it for you...

Click here, scroll down and review the list of websites you can check.

Reader Homework Assignment: Calculate the Actual Per-Pupil Cost in New Rochelle Schools

August 16, 2010 - 14:09

NewRochelle-BudgetMath.jpgFor the 2009-10 school year, the New Rochelle Board of Education stated that the average per-pupil cost in New Rochelle was $20,923. Is that really true? Doubtful.

Here is a link to the City School District of NeW Rochelle 2010-11 Preliminary Budget

Here is a video explaining the types of items schools districts hide.

Any bean-counters out there who would like to calculate the ACTUAL per-pupil cost for New Rochelle using the tips provided in the above video?

Show your work!

The Sad Tale of Jesse Wasserman, New Rochelle's Central Park Bandit

August 16, 2010 - 13:53

Jesse Wasseman, 18, a student at New Rochelle High School was arrested by New York Police after allegedly committed the three robberies with an accomplice in a 30 minute period around midnight on August 4th and 5th. All of the robberies occurred between 11:50 PM and 12:20 AM between 81st and 84th Streets on the park's east side. Wasserman was charged with three counts of armed robbery. He was release on $150,000 bail and is facing up to 25 years in prison.

Police say the pair used a rubber gun to menace victims after pretending to ask for directions. Their haul included wallets, backpacks and a bike.

Wasserman, by all accounts, come from a respected Orthodox Jewish family that worships at Young Israel on North Avenue. His mother, Stacy Berrin-Wasserman, is an accomplished psychologist with a Ph.D. in neuropsychology. She is considered an expert in attention-deficit disorder.

Jesse Wasserman was sent to the Vermont Academy but reportedly kicked out last year. He was then enrolled in New Rochelle High School. According to news reports, Wasserman had previously been convicted on a charge of disorderly conduct and another unrelated charge of drug possession. At the time of his arrest in New York City there was an outstanding warrant in Westchester County for failing to pay the fines on the disorderly conduct conviction.

As New Rochelle Continues to Duck Questions on Supposed 96% College Acceptance Rate, New York City Takes Action

August 16, 2010 - 13:13

As New Rochelle school officials and PTA groups continue to make the, so far, unsubstantiated boast that 95% of New Rochelle High School graduates are accepted into college, New York City is taking a serious look at whether they are preparing their students for college.

NYT: Schools Are Given a Grade on How Graduates Do

In most school systems, what happens to students...after they obtain their diplomas is of little concern. But the New York City Department of Education acknowledges that despite rising graduation rates, many graduates lack basic skills, and it is trying to do something about it.

Read what they are going here.

Meanwhile, the New Rochelle Board of Education continues to duck questions as to the basis for claims (trotted out every May for school elections) that 95% or 96% of NRHS graduates go on to college. Considering that just 66% of students even graduate on time and that the SIX YEAR graduation rate is below 90% it is hard to imagine how such a high percentage of students who struggle to even leave high school then apply to college let alone get accepted, attend or stick around long enough to get a degree.

As Popularity of Sites Like Talk of the Sound Grows, Few Americans Trust Newspapers and TV News

August 16, 2010 - 12:56

Who you gonna believe? Newspapers or your lying eyes?

In U.S., Confidence in Newspapers, TV News Remains a Rarity

Americans continue to express near-record-low confidence in newspapers and television news -- with no more than 25% of Americans saying they have a "great deal" or "quite a lot" of confidence in either. These views have hardly budged since falling more than 10 percentage points from 2003-2007.

Demolition of Bell Tower - Photos

August 16, 2010 - 03:22

The Journal News reported that the city council voted on awarding a contract in the demolition of the bell tower of the former church next to the New Rochelle police station.

I had read the article last week, but was still stunned to see the building today as I drove north on North.

NorthAveChurch BellTower03

NorthAveChurch BellTower02

It is a lovely old stone building and is sad to see its decline. I remember discussions of making it a black history museum (not enough parking) and more recently opening up the building for public bidders to renovate and lease. I remember peeking into a window and seeing stored bicycles there.

Kettner Campaign Launches On-Line Website

August 15, 2010 - 20:19

SusanKettner.pngSusan I. Kettner, Esq., Democratic-Working Families candidate for New Rochelle City Court Judge, has launched her website for the 2010 campaign:

The website provides information on Ms. Kettner's legal experience and community involvements, her biography, and offers an e-mail link for individuals to contact her directly.

"It isn't always convenient for busy people to speak with candidates during normal hours; I want to be accessible to those who are interested at anytime most convenient to them. My website and links allow for that flexibility", Kettner stated.

Kettner was designated by the New Rochelle Democratic Committee after a four month screening process, including open meetings among the 100+ New Rochelle Democratic district leaders. During the spring petition drive, her campaign team submitted over 1,700 signatures - well above the 1,000 required minimum signatures. Kettner is currently chair of the New Rochelle Zoning Board of Appeals, and was elected the first woman President of the New Rochelle Bar Association.

Farmer's Market How Good

August 15, 2010 - 08:03

Talk of the sound puts up a story about the farmers market in new rochelle at library green, Great, Now let's think what this does for our city ?? They (the so called farmers pay no taxes to the city of new Ro ) They employe mo one in this city! they use city park land for a small fee, They compete against business's that pay rent taxes BID fees join the chamber health Dept. fees hire people within westchester for a job,but new rochelle and many other citys towns and villages bring them in to compete against tax paying business. What a joke!!!!!

Just How Drunk Was New Rochelle City Civil Service Employees Association President John Caldararo on July 24th?

August 15, 2010 - 01:57

JohnCaldararox150.pngWhen Talk of the Sound reported on Thursday that John Caldararo was arrested with a blood alcohol level of 0.4 of 1%, we only knew from the City web site that Caldararo was a Senior Building Inspector.

Thanks to a reader's comment, we now know that John Caldararo is not just a buildings inspector but the President of the New Rochelle City Civil Service Employees Association or CSEA. Had we known, we would have certainly led with that information as the CSEA, a unit of AFSCME, represents a very large number of New Rochelle's municipal employees.

This might explain a series of comments posted to the original story defending Caldararo or seeking to minimize the issue. These supporters are insisting that a DWI Arrest is a private matter (it isn't), calling him an "asset to our city" (he isn't) and minimizing the seriousness of the case (comparing a BAC of 0.4 of 1% to having a glass or two of wine).

That last one got us thinking. In New York State, like many states, a BAC of .08% of 1 is considered intoxicated. So, just how drunk was John Caldararo that he blew a ".4"?