September 2010

Successful Kick Off Event - 50 Year Retrospective of Lincoln School Decision

September 29, 2010 - 03:43

On Monday, September 27th the school district of New Rochelle hosted "Reflections of Change: a 50-Year Retrospective of the Lincoln School Decision" in city hall. The event started at 6:00pm in the rotunda for an opening reception where over 100 people enjoyed refreshments. Lincoln Avenue community members mingled with school district employees, Board of Education members and elected officials. The gathering had the pleasant feel of a school reunion.

At 7:00 the group was directed to the large meeting room on the 2nd floor. Superintendent Organisciak welcomed everyone and introduced himself and Linda Tarrant-Reid, his co-project manager. He introduced people in the audience from the era, elected officials, members of the committee, and Lincoln School graduates. They next showed the CBS Special report from the early 70s called "After 10 Years, The Courts and the Schools". The black and white footage of New Rochelle landmarks and citizens, narrated by Mike Wallace, set the historic tone of the anniversary of the court decision.

Superintendent Organisciak and Linda Tarrant-Reid, project co-chairs
Photo credit: Bob Cox

New Rochelle Patch Doubles-Down, Denies Plagiarism of Talk of the Sound

September 28, 2010 - 22:27

Katie Ryan O’Connor, the Lower Hudson Valley Regional Editor for AOL Patch is standing by her woman, denying charges that New Rochelle Patch Editor Allison Esposito, lifted a composite image of the mug shots of three suspects in a recent murder in downtown New Rochelle.

New Rochelle Patch Responds to Charges of Plagiarism, Bias

O'Connor told Media Bistro's Ryan Derousseau that any similarity between the image file on Talk of the Sound and the image file on New Rochelle Patch was happenstance.

In an email from the Hudson Valley regional editor for Patch, Katie Ryan O’Connor said “Allison Esposito, did not plagiarize anything from Mr. Cox’s blog in any form.” She goes on to add that “The objects in question — police generated mug shots — are publicly available and any similarity to Mr. Cox’s presentation of those public images is purely coincidental. Linking mug shots together in Photoshop (in this case, apparently doing nothing more than placing three similar sized objects in a row) is standard operating procedure for news organizations everywhere.”

Talking about doubling down on a losing hand.

Derousseau has requested a reply to O'Connor's claims and this is it.

Tornado watch until 6:00pm for metro area

September 28, 2010 - 16:00

The national weather service has issued a tornado watch in effect until 6:oopm for westchester county.Be careful out there the service is saying its going to get bad after 2:00pm keep your eye to the sky and if you see something get to a safe place.After the storm is over send us your pictures of any damage or send us a e-mail of where the damage is and we’ll try to get photos but most of all be safe.

Maisano Endorsed by Former Governor Pataki for Supreme Court Seat

September 28, 2010 - 14:32

color balanced pataki


For Immediate Release

Dated: September 27, 2010

Contact: Jim Maisano (914) 469-5486

Former New York State Governor George Pataki has endorsed County Legislator Jim Maisano for New York State Supreme Court Justice, 9th Judicial District, citing Maisano’s legal and legislative experience, proven leadership ability and sensible judicial philosophy.

“I’m pleased to endorse Jim Maisano for the Supreme Court. As a Marine, attorney, and legislator, Jim has served our country and our state with thoughtful and effective leadership.” Governor Pataki continued, “Jim is exactly the kind of justice we need – qualified, independent and experienced in dealing with complex issues. He will be led by a judicial philosophy that understands the proper role of the courts and the principles set forth in the law and our Constitution. I encourage everyone to vote for Jim Maisano on Election Day.”

Journal News Catches Up on Talk of the Sound Story on DA Investigation of New Rochelle DPW

September 28, 2010 - 12:39

Well better late than never. Our old friend, comedian Aman Ali, has a story today in the Journal News which is basically a summary of Talk of the Sound's article in which we broke the story of the District Attorney investigation of the City of New Rochelle.

New Rochelle DPW faces fraud allegations

Romensko Blog Picks up New Rochelle Patch Plagiarism Story; Media Bistro Piles On

September 27, 2010 - 21:34

jimromenesko.pngJim Romenesko's blog/column on the web site has long been a "must read" among journalists around the country so that he is linking our story about New Rochelle Patch means reporters at every paper in the United States now know what Patch did in stealing our work and passing it off as their own. Still no reply to my request that they remove the image so it looks like I need to take "next steps" to force them to take it down or pay up for using my work on their site.

More to read: New Rochelle Patch accused of lifting rival's content

UPDATE: MediaBistro, another side widely read by journalists, has their own version, Hearst Sees a Future in the Tablet While Patch Struggles in New Rochelle, Plus Other News of the Day. The article states, incorrectly, that the photo has been taken down.

New Rochelle's Broad Daylight Murder Case Adjourned to October; Kevin Williams Funeral Service Tonight

September 27, 2010 - 19:14

MurderSuspectsKevinWilliamsCase.pngThe case against accused murderer Laurell Smith, 20, and two alleged accomplices, Rico Johnson, 19, and Krista Leggieri, 17, was adjourned today by Judge Preston Scher presiding in New Rochelle City Court. A new hearing date has been set for October 1st, leading to speculation that some sort of plea deal was in the works.

Laurell Smith was charged last week with one count of murder in the second degree after killing Kevin Williams, 23, by intentionally stabbing him in the abdomen with a large kitchen knife a week ago Saturday. The murder took place in front of 270 North Avenue and has received widespread attention. It was the first murder in New Rochelle in well over a year. Rico Johnson and Krista Leggieri have been charged for hindering prosecution in the first degree and tampering with physical evidence for helping Smith hide the murder weapon. All three defendants list their address as 311 North Avenue although Smith and Johnson have been incarcerated at the Westchester County Jail in Valhalla. There whereabouts of Leggieri have not been made public.