September 2010

Maisano Endorsed by Republican and Conservative Judicial Nominating Conventions

September 26, 2010 - 05:47

Maisano Head

County Legislator Jim Maisano, a candidate for Supreme Court Justice in the 9th Judicial District (Westchester, Rockland, Putnam, Dutchess & Orange), has been endorsed by the Republican and Conservative Judicial Nominating Conventions.  The Republican Convention was held in White Plains on September 23 and the Conservative Convention was held in Fishkill on September 25.

Maisano stated, “I am thrilled with these endorsements.  I wish to thank all the delegates and party leaders for this strong show of support.  With these two important endorsements, we have an excellent chance at victory in November.  As I pledged to the delegates at the conventions, I will continue being the hardest working candidate in this race and look forward to an exciting victory on Election Day.”

Maisano will be attending the Independence Party Judicial Nominating Convention on Monday, September 27 and hopes to receive that party’s endorsement as well.

"Sick of Noam? Vote Parente" T-Shirts for Sale

September 26, 2010 - 03:55

Talk of the Sound T-Shirt Shop

Sick of Noam - Vote Parente.png

The front reads "Sick of Noam?"


This T-shirt is not affiliated with the Peter Parente Campaign in any way. All proceeds go to me, Robert Cox. This is just a shameless attempt to exploit the race of the District 3 seat to make money to support Talk of the Sound.

AOL Patch Debuts New Rochelle Operation by Plagiarizing From Talk of the Sound

September 25, 2010 - 17:40

When word came that AOL Patch was preparing to launch a New Rochelle edition, Talk of the Sound welcomed them in the hope that they would bring new resources to covering New Rochelle and with some fear that the North End clique that runs New Rochelle would seek to turn it into a propaganda outlet.

Given the nature of New Rochelle, I expect that the clique that runs New Rochelle will try to turn it into another "cheerleading" propaganda platform. Hopefully, the editors at will not allow that to happen. In either case, more media coverage of New Rochelle is always good so I, for one welcome them.

The debut has hardly been auspicious. The first problem is that the woman hired to run the local version of AOL Patch, Allison Esposito is a democratic political operative with close ties to Amy Paulin and Democrats in the Democratic-Controlled New York State Assembly where she worked as a Communications Director. She left there to work on Amy Paulin's re-election campaign and later become Amy's PR person where she worked until a few weeks ago before joining AOL Patch.

The result? Surprise! The site is basically a public relations platform for Noam Bramson and the Board of Education. In the first week we have a "column" from Mayor Bramson, a "Q&A" with Bramson, a few puff pieces on New Rochelle schools, quotes from Board of Education President Sara Richmond, and more from Noam Bramson. Even a story on political conventions in White Plains features a campaign photo from Amy Paulin's friend Jim Maisano. In other words, AOL Patch is a platform to advance a "City Hall" agenda. There is one "negative" article but the article contains more Bramson spin -- his only public statements on the murder of Kevin Williams.

More disturbing is the decision of AOL Patch to openly plagiarize from Talk of the Sound in their first week of operation.

Plagirism by AOL Patch-455.jpg

As readers know, we like to publish a photo across the full column of most stories. In this case, I obtained the three mug shots from NRPD and then used Adobe Photoshop to make a single image containing all three mug shots, cropped, along with a caption indicating the names of each suspect. As is plain from looking at the image file on AOL Patch, Ms. Esposito lifted that image from Talk of the Sound, chopped off the caption with the names and presented it as her own work. Mug shots are public records and cannot be copyrighted but creating a new image out those same public records does create a unique image that is covered under copyright. So, whether you call it a copyright violation or plagiarism, it is appropriating someone else's work and passing it off as your own. A look at some of the other stories on the site suggests that Ms. Esposito strongly suggests that she is not doing much original reporting but sitting at a computer, sending out emails to get quotes and using material from other online sources (Talk of the Sound, Journal News, etc.) to write quasi-summaries.

Talk of the Sound has no problem co-operating with other media outlets. We have offered our articles, photos and videos to the Journal News, Channel 12 News, Westchester Herald, Sound and Town, WNBC-TV 4, WCBS-TV 2, and others. All we ask is that they ask for permission and give attribution to Talk of the Sound. Ms. Esposito did not ask nor did she give attribution -- not a great way to introduce yourself to the media community in New Rochelle.

Below is my email to AOL Patch asking them to remove the image and ask permission next time.

Ms. Esposito,

Having been welcoming to you and AOL Patch coming into New Rochelle, I was more than a bit irritated to find you lifting material from site without attribution. As far as I am concerned, you have managed to make an unwelcome interloper in New Rochelle within less than a week.

AOL Patch Debuts New Rochelle Operation by Plagiarizing From Talk of the Sound

Looking at the first week of operation I see a site that, as I feared, is little more than a platform for City Hall and the Board of Education to publish their propaganda unfiltered but under the patina of a supposedly neutral third party. If you want to turn New Rochelle Patch into the New Rochelle Pep Squad that is entirely up to you but I would appreciate your not cribbing from my site to make use of material gathered through my own effort in reporting out stories using sources I have cultivated over many years.

Please remove the mug shot image file you took from my site without permission immediately.

In the future, if you wish to make use of my content please show me the courtesy of asking permission.

Robert Cox
Managing Editor
New Rochelle's Talk of the Sound

cc. Katie Ryan O'Connor

Bluebird Taxi Driver Robbed at Knifepoint After Picking Up Fare at New Rochelle Train Station

September 25, 2010 - 14:19

Screen shot 2010-09-25 at 10.06.54 AM.pngA New Rochelle Bluebird Taxi cab driver was robbed at knife point around 10:30 PM Friday night. The driver picked up his fare behind the Avalon building, Station Plaza South and drove the suspect to Coligni Avenue where the suspect pulled out a kitchen knife and put it to the drivers throat and demanded money. A struggle developed and the driver was able to bite the suspects arm twice. The suspect took the drivers cell phone but got no money. The knife and part of the cell phone were recovered by police and the K-9 unit was brought in to try to track down the suspect but the dog lost the scent at webster ave. The suspect was describe as a male black medium build wearing a red cap running east on Coligni Avenue. The cab driver refused medical attention and police are still looking for the suspect

New Rochelle Drive-by Shooting "Victims" Not So Innocent; Arrest Made in Robbery of Bronx Drug Dealer

September 25, 2010 - 13:56

Drive-By Shooting1The two men targeted in a drive-by shooting in the West End of New Rochelle knew the shooters. Police have determined that the incident was a retaliation for a previous incident. Jason Picarelli (tattoo on arm, left) and Brian Dee (facing camera, right) robbed a group of drug dealers in the Bronx, source say. The drug dealers were able to track the pair down to a house at Union and 8th and fire five shots into the house.

Dee has now been arrested by NRPD for his involved in the drug dealer robbery and is said to be cooperating. Picarelli remains free but likely not for long, sources say.

There is "For Rent" sign in the window of the house they were renting on Union Avenue.

Cohen Endorsed by New Yorkers for Growth

September 25, 2010 - 11:42

NY's Leading Fiscally Conservative PAC Pledges Money and Support in Targeted State Senate Races

New York-September 24...New Yorkers for Growth, the political action committee dedicated to bringing responsible fiscal policies back to New York State government, today announced its endorsement of Bob Cohen against incumbent Senator Suzi Oppenheimer in the 37th District.

Mr. Cohen, a proven business leader, currently owns and operates a small real estate and construction company in Manhattan. For over 25 years, he has dedicated himself to transforming underdeveloped residential properties into attractive, affordable spaces for families, students, and entrepreneurs. An active member of the community, Mr. Cohen served as a member of the Scarsdale Volunteer Fire Department for over 17 years.

Postcard from the Sea Breeze Restaurant at Wright Island Marina

September 25, 2010 - 02:57

It is easy to enjoy boating, even yachting, without the expense. Have dinner at the Sea Breeze Restaurant on Drake Avenue off of Pelham Road.

The Sea Breeze Restaurant is right on the water, recently redecorated and has wonderful food and views. We enjoyed the stuffed sole special and chicken scarpariello. Nicely done, no muss, no fuss. Friendly staff, great desserts. Nautical inspiration at the bar with grilled pizza on the bar menu. People were enjoying martinis, too.

Who needs City Island with the Sea Breeze Restaurant right here in New Rochelle?

New Rochelle Police Department Raid "Marijuana Farm" in Nature Study Woods

September 24, 2010 - 23:29

marijuana farm.pngDeborah Ann Orlando, 37, was arrested last Friday by New Rochelle Police Department on charges of criminal possession of marijuana in the 1st degree and criminal possession of a controlled substance. Orlando, an unemployed divorcee originally from the Bronx, resides at 46 Robins Road, a single-family home owned by Rita Orlando.

Sources have told Talk of the Sound that police found a "marijuana farm" growing in the area of the Nature Study Woods off Pershing, around the corner Orlando's residence on the corner of Robins Road and Westwood Avenue.

A message left for Deborah Ann Orlando was not returned.

Soccer Game of the Week!

September 24, 2010 - 18:19

Next Thursday, September 30th at 7PM one of the most anticipated soccer games will be played at Scarsdale High School between the boys varsity teams representing New Rochelle and Scarsdale. Both teams (as of today Sept 24th) are undefeated. They have always been fierced rivals and this game will certainly provide exciting play and players. The game is special because Scarsdale has rented special lighting for this night game. See you there!

El proximo jueves, 30 de septiembre se jugara un partido muy anticipado en la escuela superior de Scarsdale donde los jovenes representando las escuelas de New Rochelle y Scarsdale jugaran. Los dos equipos estan invictos (desde hoy por lo menos). Siempre han sido rivales y este juego nos presentara la oportunidad de ver un buen partido y buenos jugadores. El partido es especial porque sera bajo las luzes que han sido alquiladas por la escuela de Scarsdale para este evento. Nos vemos ahi.