October 2010

This Campaign is Not About Jared Rice, It's About You!

October 31, 2010 - 23:50

In a desperate effort this weekend to distract voters from the real issues in this campaign for city council and get the focus on himself, Jared Rice once again, attempted to besmirch Mr. Parente. What Mr. Rice has continued to miss, throughout this entire process, is that this race for city council in District 3 is not about him, but about you, the residents and taxpayers.

This campaign for city council in District 3 is about our hard working residents who desperately need relief from the over-taxing and careless-spending policies that have been the order of the day for the current majority. A majority that has raised taxes 33.5% just in the past five years alone, and have lost touch with you the taxpayers. Just like Jared Rice, they have been more focused on party politics than on the people they are there to serve.

Thirty years of the same majority in city hall has led to stagnation, over-burdening taxes, irresponsible development, a reduction in public safety services, a lack of true sales-tax producing retail and a lack of responsible common sense budget priorities. These policies have left taxpayers, including many of our senior homeowners, in an extremely difficult position.

Like the Rest of His Campaign, Jared Rice's Four Point Plan to Keep New Rochelle Property Taxes in Check is D.O.A.

October 29, 2010 - 23:46

With the advent of the silly season in the political campaign season, there are any number of allegations and recriminations floating around the various campaigns at the State, County and Local level. The real issue is sky-high property taxes. Peter Parente has been singularly focused on this issue -- keeping down taxes by ending giveaways to developers starting with Capelli Enterprises and Forest City/Ratner. Jared Rice has talked in generalities and appears to view it as his right to be elected to City Council.

Don't Forget to Vote November 2nd - (But Not for Jared Rice)

October 29, 2010 - 22:43

Your vote, one single vote, will in fact make all the difference in how District 3 and the city as a whole will be represented in the coming year. Your vote, will have to answer the question of "who will benefit" from my decision? Will it be the Louis Cappelli's , or will it be the people in district 3? Will it be big business or will it be the quality of life that seems to slip just a little each year.

Truth be told, most of us want the same things out of our government. A sound, stable environment so we can maintain safe homes for our families, affordable taxes, good education and programs for our kids and so on. Idealistic, yes, but not a bad goal. So why is it when you look around district 3 you might get the impression that the city could do better, should do better. Thank heavens for the many community activists and all those who are involved in community affairs for they are the glue holding things together, but they could use some help.

Could there be a relationship between the party of power and the conditions we find ourselves in? Are you better off than you were 3 years ago,5 years ago, have YOU benefitted from Democratic control? If we keep making the same choices at the voting booth, how will anything ever change?

Hometown Paper Rejects Bob Cohen: Scarsdale Inquirer Endorses Suzi Oppenheimer over Scarsdale Opponent

October 29, 2010 - 21:25

Scarsdale, NY – Westchester’s oldest and most prestigious weekly paper, The Scarsdale Inquirer, today endorsed Senator Suzi Oppenheimer (D-Mamaroneck) for re-election. As a result, her opponent, Republican Bob Cohen, was abandoned by the very newspaper editorial board that knows him best.

Noting “she was reinvigorated by her first crack at majority leadership in the Senate,” the newspaper praised Senator Oppenheimer’s role in the Senate, which “has accomplished things in the past term that we have long advocated: enacting no-fault divorce and ending the Rockefeller drug laws.”

Less than two years ago, Ms. Oppenheimer was appointed chair of the Education once the Senate assumed Democratic leadership after more than six decades of Republican rule. Immediately, she declared a moratorium on any unfunded educational mandates. Later, she sponsored the Mandate Relief Law to lower costs to schools and pass on the savings to property taxpayers. She also authored and passed the landmark 2010 Education Reform Law, which was instrumental in delivering $700 million in federal “Race to the Top” to New York State.

Its Official: BOE off by nearly 40% on tax increase!

October 29, 2010 - 16:01

That's right! We voted on a school budget that was supposed to increase our taxes by 3.8% and I've compared my tax bill from last to this year and guess what, the school tax actually went up 5.218%.

That's 37.32% higher than the 3.8% increase we voted for and a good reason NOT to beleive the numbers that come from the BOE next year. This is nothing new for the BOE and has been going on for years just nobody's held the BOE accountable.

Most homeowners/taxpayers have no idea what their paying in taxes becasue the city doesn't/won't mail the invoices to you, they send the bills to your lender who is most likely escrowing for your taxes. If your not escrowing or have paid off your mortgage, your probably paying the property taxes yourself and therefore receive the bill and know the harsh reality yourself. Seems to me that the city has an interest in keeping the citizens in the dark so excesses like this are harder to expose. Why else wouldn't they send copies of tax bills to the citizenry?

I'm sure the school district is going to blame someone or something for this, but we keep electing the board members with the same mind set again and again and again so we deserve what we get.

Remember who's been running the show in New Rochelle as you vote on Tuesday! We need change!

Change Must Come to New Rochelle on Tuesday

October 29, 2010 - 12:33

Change must come to New Rochelle this year. The change I refer to is the complete change in direction our city so desperately needs. A change in the way development is planned and implemented. A change in the way OUR city spends OUR money. A change that will bring our city together to begin solving EVERYONES problems, rather than dividing us further.

Why is change so important this year? We need it now because 30 years of the same majority has taxed and spent us to the point that people cannot take it anymore. During the past five years taxes have risen 33.5%. Spending priorities like $60,000 to clean statues and $140,000 to cut the tops off lily pads in Paine Lake have been the order of the day. If common sense were the standard in City Hall, during these difficult times, the money would have been better utilized to save three firemen from being laid off or to put more police on the street to keep our residents safe. So it's high time we give a new majority a chance to bring common sense, fresh ideas and more responsible financial policies to City Hall.

New York Times Endorses Cohen for State Senate

October 29, 2010 - 12:06

Times Editorial Comes on the Heels of Endorsement from Mayor Bloomberg

WHITE PLAINS – State Senate candidate Bob Cohen (R,I,C – 37th District) was today endorsed by the New York Times. In their endorsement, the Times wrote:

"The Republican candidate, Bob Cohen, dares to name United States Senator Jacob Javits — a voice of thoughtful moderation — as his hero. He is challenging Senator Suzi Oppenheimer, a Democrat, who has held the seat for 26 years.

A real estate executive and political newcomer, Mr. Cohen has promised to focus on straightening out the mess of a state budget. He wants to cap state spending with adjustments for inflation, set long-term targets for Medicaid and schools, and eliminate “all V.I.P. tax credits to politically connected insiders.” Mr. Cohen says he wants to work with both sides of the aisle, a revolutionary idea, especially in this polarized year. Senator Oppenheimer is a person of integrity, but she has too little to show for her years in Albany. "

We support Bob Cohen, the Republican, in District 37.

View the Times endorsement here:

GET OUT THE VOTE! Message from Maisano Campaign.

October 29, 2010 - 08:50

Maisano Head

This weekend is our Get Out The Vote Blitz (GOTV) for the Supreme Court campaign.  We need lots of help!  Can you please volunteer a few hours this weekend for the following:

1) Door to Door - speak with voters and convince them to give us a vote on Tuesday.  Teams are going out on:
-- Saturday from 10am to 2pm
-- Saturday from 2pm  to 6pm
-- Sunday from 11am to 3pm

2) Phone Banks - will be going all weekend from our HQ.

3) Lawn Signs - help get up our remaining lawn signs.  Grab a bunch and go put them up!

This is it - our last chance to convince voters to support the campaign.  Please volunteer this weekend.  Just stop by HQ - 175 East Main Street, New Rochelle, NY. 

We have a great chance to win this race.  Help us get across the finish line, and then celebrate with us on Tuesday night.