October 2010

Iona College Campus Ministries to Run Make A Difference Week, Oct 23-31

October 28, 2010 - 17:58

IonaCollegeLogo.jpgStarting Saturday Oct 23 and continuing through Sunday Oct 31, Iona College Center for Campus Ministries will run Make A Difference Week to support a wide range of local charitable organizations. Among the projects will be canned food drive for Hope Community Services, a cleanup of Glen Island, a Midnight Run collection for the homeless, and visits to the elderly at United Hebrew Geriatric Center and St. Joseph’s Residence. For more information please Make A Difference Week Schedule.pdfsee the attached.

Suicide of Gay Students, Bullying and Harassment to be Focus of "Westchester Colleges LGBTQ Summit"

October 28, 2010 - 16:27

IonaCollegeLogo.jpgThe recent suicides of gay college students and incidents of bullying and harassment and the need for creating safe environments on college campuses will be the focus of the “Westchester Colleges LGBTQ Summit,” hosted by Iona. Representatives from several areas colleges will discuss common concerns, share resources and explore how they can work together to provide safe and hospitable environments for the LGBTQ community. Hosted by Iona College, Several Area Colleges to Explore Working Together for Safe Environments.

Conveners are Dr. Ingrid Grieger, Director of Iona College’s Counseling Center; Aaron Megibow, President of Iona’s Gay/Straight Alliance and Dr.

WVOX Metal Mayhem Gets "Reckless" For Its Annual Halloween Bash

October 28, 2010 - 15:29

Reckless WVOX.jpgJoin Matt O'Shaughnessy as he hosts WVOX'S frighteningly ghoulish Halloween bash with special Westchester guests - hard rockers "Reckless" (Retrospect Records)

Matt will be playing unique and heavy Halloween metal music and talking with former Atlantic Recording Artists "Reckless" about their long career in the hard rock world and their much heralded CD "No Frills".

It's a hard and heavy Halloween blowout on WVOX's "Metal Mayhem" this friday night from 6-9pm at 1460 am and worldwide at! Trick or treat boys and girls!!!

More Truth About This Years Candidates!

October 28, 2010 - 15:23

There are a few who continue to carelessly throw around false accusations at Peter Parente. Now that you Liars have drawn first blood it's time for more truth.

Truth, Mr. Parente is one of the most respected people in our community. He has proven his love for this country by his 8-years of service as a US Marine. He has proven his character and love for this community with his years of volunteer service to make our community a better place. He was sought after by his party and accepted their nomination as an assignment to continue his service to this communty with humility and grace. He has worked hard to bring this communty together and has reached out to everyone regardless of race or political affiliation and his election will further that goal.

More Truth, During all of this Mr.Parente's opponent was playing basketball in College, furthering his own interests. For the past year he has been moving from one place in the city to another seeking an opportunity to run for office. First in District 4 and recently in District 3.

He was not sought after by his party, but instead secretly collected the proxies he needed and forced his own nomination as the Democratic Candidate for City Council. His actions served to divide the Democratic Party and further divide the community.

US Senator Chuck Schumer Endorses Suzi Oppenheimer: Senator Praises Her Leadership in Education and Ability to Forge Consensus

October 28, 2010 - 15:12

Mamaroneck, NY – U.S. Senator Chuck Schumer has endorsed Suzi Oppenheimer for State Senate, citing her ability to break through the Albany gridlock and her leadership on education reforms that will better prepare New York students for the challenges of the 21st century.

As the Chair of the Senate Education Committee, Oppenheimer led the fight this year to pass landmark education reforms that were instrumental in delivering $700 million in federal Race to the Top funds to schools in New York State. She has also fought for a permanent state-level solution to Westchester’s property tax crisis and has worked to balance environmental issues with opportunities for economic development and job creation.

“Suzi Oppenheimer has been a knowledgeable and determined advocate for New York, especially on issues of importance to Westchester such as education, flood control, and lowering burdensome property taxes,” said Senator Schumer. “We have worked together to protect the citizens of Westchester County. Suzi’s leadership was critical to New York winning the federal Race to the Top competition. There is no question that Westchester needs her skilled service.”

The Oppenheimer Legacy: NY Most Taxing State in the Nation

October 28, 2010 - 11:57

WHITE PLAINS – State Senate candidate Bob Cohen (R,I,C – 37th District) today cited a new study by the nonpartisan Tax Foundation that singled out New York as having the worst tax climate in the nation as further support for the need of widespread change in Albany.

“People are voting with their feet and we are witnessing the depopulation of New York State because of the reckless string of fiscally irresponsible budgets that Senator Oppenheimer has supported over 26 years in the Senate,” said Cohen. “The policies of Senator Oppenheimer and her allies in the spending lobby are destroying the state’s economy, and if this continues, more young people, more retirees, and more employers will look for opportunity elsewhere.”

According to the study New York fell to 50th in the nation in this year’s Tax Foundation rankings, down from 49th last year. New York now has a worse tax climate than California and New Jersey. View the full report here:
Kail Padgitt, a staff economist at the foundation who wrote the study, told the New York Post: “New York has a lot of things that tend to be indicative of bad tax policy.”

Debate-Free "Candidates Nights" Debut In New Rochelle

October 28, 2010 - 06:26

Just returned from East End Civic Association "Meet the Candidate Night." This was my fourth or fifth such extravaganza of this busy electoral season. Credit the good people of the association for trying to educate their loyal membership and members of the general public regarding the policies and personalities at stake on election day, November 2.

However, tonight I believe I have discerned a curious new custom permeating the political landscape, in events as diverse as those of the League of Women Voters of Mamaroneck and of New Rochelle, several neighborhood and civic groups and Temple Beth El and Temple Israel of New Rochelle. Have you noticed that every one of the recent "candidates night" events for local, state and federal office (without a single exception to the best of my knowledge) has stated as its procedural policy (explicitly or in effect) that the occasion is for the presentation of views only and not an opportunity for "debate?"

JOURNAL NEWS: Former Iona Basketball Coach Jeff Ruland Says Nun Gambled Away School Funds in Atlantic City

October 27, 2010 - 22:02

Jeff Ruland.jpgThe Journal News has significantly advanced the "Sister Susie" story and even credited Talk of the Sound and the Chronicle of Higher Education for first reporting the story.

Having been critical of the Journal News last week -- online and over the WVOX airwaves -- Talk of the Sound wants to credit the Journal News and their reporters -- Jonathon Bandler, Aman Ali and Noreen O'Donnell -- for what has become a full court press. The story now has the makings of becoming a national news story. The off-handed comment by former Iona College Coach Jeff Ruland that "Sister Susie" had "absconded with some funds or something down to Atlantic City" may prove irresistible to the national media. A question that may be asked was whether Sister Susie was betting on sports and in particular Iona College men's basketball.

Here are some of they key points developed by the Journal News over the past week:


October 27, 2010 - 21:49

Thanks to those Talk of the Sound supporters who contributed funds to make it possible, we are ready to make the big move to our new web site along with a brand new server. As part of the move we are going to be upgrading our system to the most current, stable version of Drupal, the content management system we use to run Talk of the Sound. All the posts and comments on the site are contained in that database. We estimate it will take about 10-12 hours to set everything up on the new site. If we did not disable comments and posts during that time and then migrated the database to the new site any changes made in the interim would be lost. To prevent that we will lock down the database on Friday night and work over night to get everything done. The current site will be exactly the same -- you can read it you just cannot comment or add new posts until the new site.

One last note, these sorts of things never go as planned. We are starting Friday night so that when, inevitability, things get bolloxed up we will have a full 48 hours to fix them before opening for business again on Monday. So, if we get lucky the site will be online and open for your posts and comments on Saturday; realistically it may be late Saturday or Sunday but hopefully, definitely Monday.

Between now and Friday night the site will function normally.

Brother Liguori Issues Statement on "Sister Susie" Embezzlement Case

October 27, 2010 - 21:32

Brother Ligouri.jpgNEW ROCHELLE, NY (October 27, 2010) On May 26, 2009, it had been brought to my attention that a senior school official was involved in misappropriation of funds. That senior official was immediately terminated. The College continued to act swiftly. On June 5th, forensic accountants were brought in to investigate allegations of waste, fraud and abuse.

An exhaustive investigation was conducted over 6 months by experts in criminal investigations, forensic accounting and computer forensics. The investigation included interviews of Iona personnel and outside vendors. In addition, forensic analysis was conducted in a manner that identified the theft, how it occurred and whether other individuals were involved. Based on the firm’s findings, the College implemented additional procedures in order to safeguard against another situation. The College complied with regulatory reporting requirements.

Please rest assured that the College recovered a major amount of its loss.
Appropriate personnel actions were taken in accordance with our human resources practices. As per college policy, we do not discuss specific details of personnel matters.