November 2010

Jim Maisano's Final Campaign Speech in New Rochelle

November 01, 2010 - 15:12

Jim Maisano hopes to be elected to the New York State Supreme Court -- a 14 year term -- which would mean his recent appearance at the East End Civic Association meeting at Holy Name Church in New Rochelle will be his last public appearance before his long-time constituents in the Westchester County Board of Legislators. Jim waxes nostalgic before an enthusiastic crowd and calls on supporters to rally to him one more time.

Iona College President James Liguori, Mired in Embezzlement Scandal, Wades into New Rochelle District 3 City Council Race

November 01, 2010 - 14:22

Brother Ligouri.jpgIona College President Brother James Liguori has sent a thinly-veiled threat letter to City Council District 3 candidate Peter Parente promising to use "use all means at our disposal" to "make our case" (i.e., defeat Parente if he opposes a proposed dormitory) before the "next general election in 2011". Liguori described Iona students as "a force to be reckoned with", a force whose voices "deserves to be heard".

If elected tomorrow, Parente will fill the unexpired one-year remaining on Jim Stowe's term. Stowe died unexpectedly in August setting up a special election.

The nakedly partisan political letter sent to a Republican candidate for City Council and cc'd to Noam Bramson, the de facto leader of the Democratic party, shows a picture of Liguori at odds with his public image. He comes off as a bullying cleric engaged in hardball politics more concerned with the bottom line at the college than the quality of life for residents who have endured loud parties, drunken students, open drug use and vomit-stained sidewalks for years courtesy of the Catholic college.

Liguori took issue with a quote attributed to Parente in the The New Rochelle Sound Report:

Mystery Man Revealed: City Council Member Lou Trangucci Steps Forward as Catalyst for DA Investigation of New Rochelle DPW

November 01, 2010 - 12:52

LouTrancucci.jpgCity Council Member Lou Trangucci stepped forward Friday as the person who brought forward the complaint which led to the investigation of the New Rochelle Department of Public Works by the Westchester County District Attorney. The complaint has kicked off the biggest corruption investigation in recent New Rochelle history, a months long investigation of the New Rochelle Department of Public Works by the Westchester District Attorney's Office of Public Integrity. Talk of the Sound broke the story in September.

Westchester DA Investigating New Rochelle Department of Public Works over Falsified Billing Records

Talk of the Sound Radio Podcast

Cheap Tricks and Poor Judgment - Oh Wait, it's the Local Democratic Party at Work

November 01, 2010 - 12:04

By now we've seen our share of flyers and mailings from the politicians. Some have been informative or creative in some way or another. The latest one I've seen has got to be the most hilarious, childish one so far. I guess the Dems have gotten so desperate about their state of affairs, that rather than face up to the long list of their failed economic policies, inability to generate revenue for the city (other than raise taxes), or even halt the decline of the quality of life issues, they've taken to trying to make obscure connections between local and state candidates. This is typical of Democrats to redirect the focus rather than answer questions.

The latest joke is how the District 3 candidates are somehow supposed to have some connection with the Cuomo/Palladino race. Is there anyone, I mean ANYONE who has ever met Mr. Parente, that could even remotely draw any similarity to Carl Palladino? I rest my case. Mr. Rice and Mr. Cuomo? Even funnier. Look back into Mr. Cuomo's part in the financial meltdown stemming from his days at FannieMae and his work in the HFA? So, is Mr Rice responsible for a financial meltdown, or is he a long standing politician resting on the laurels of his father?

Amidst Falling Support, Mayor Sends Out Self Serving E-mail

November 01, 2010 - 11:57

Watching the possible collapse of Democratic control of the city unfold before his eyes, Mayor Bramson recently sent out an e-mail blast with a misguided message followed by a plea to help himself rather than his fellow candidate.

In the message itself he goes on saying, "a bright and energetic attorney with extensive roots in New Rochelle and a real passion for public service.". If that is the criteria, then all you have to do is change "attorney" to "businessman" and you would really be talking about someone who lives up to these qualities - Peter Parente. Mr. Rice has no roots in District 3 (well, maybe a few weeks worth). The Mayor also claims "Jared grasps the challenges confronting the diverse neighborhoods of the Third District...". That is in stark contrast to the long time residents of District 3 who have come out to say "how is he supposed to represent district 3...(he)doesn't have any idea of what the issues are..." and in challenging the wisdom of his nomination state "it's a disgrace"... "we need someone in the community that has hands on... that knows about District 3". Who are you going to believe, long time residents of a district to long underserved or the self preservation tactics of the party responsible for the conditions in District 3?

Kettner Deceives: Vote for Lobo

November 01, 2010 - 10:48

In the race for New Rochelle City Court Judge Susan Kettner’s campaign is registered to a Larchmont address. Kettner paid $1,500 to a New York City palm card designer and paid over $1,900 to a Long Island City printer. Cynthia Lobo’s campaign has a New Rochelle address and her palm cards were formulated by a New Rochelle resident. Lobo is President of the New Rochelle Chamber of Commerce and serves on the New Rochelle Police Foundation, New Rochelle Senior Personnel Placement Bureau, and New Rochelle Echo Bay Redevelopment Citizens Committee. Cynthia Lobo has severed on the New Rochelle Lions Club, New Rochelle Salvation Army and Cynthia Lobo received the 2009 Community Leader Award from the New Rochelle Women of Excellence. New Rochelle City Court Judge is a hyper-local position that requires the candidate to be familiar with and invest in the community. I cannot support a candidate who registers her campaign outside New Rochelle, refuses to patronize New Rochelle businesses and relies on outside political entities to usurp New Rochelle’s City Court Judgeship. Although her carpet bagging gurus tout Kettner as “New Rochelle’s own”; a judgeship is not a birthright, it’s attained through hard work, civic contribution, experience and community investment. The only candidate who is an active part of the community she intends to serve is Cynthia Lobo.

A Bi-Partisan Letter in Support of Peter Parente

November 01, 2010 - 05:56

(Republican Mayor, Len Paduano and Democratic State Assemblyman Ron Tocci Stand Alongside Peter Parente)

Dear Friend and Neighbor,

This Tuesday could be the most important city council election in over ten years. For too long, tax give-a-ways, limited downtown retail, and ill-conceived development has plagued our city, stressed our schools and city services.

We believe it’s time for change. Peter Parente has the passion, commitment and vision that offer this opportunity. His election will bring a new majority to the City Council and a new direction for our city.

Please join with us and support Peter Parente for City Council on Election Day, this coming Tuesday, November 2nd. .

Leonard Paduano, Former Mayor of New Rochelle

Ronald Tocci, Former New York State Assemblyman

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