November 2010

Truck Blocks New Rochelle Handicap Access to Public Sidewalk for a Week; No Citations Issued

November 16, 2010 - 02:10

Truck on Sidewalk.jpgFor those who have been complaining about the ticket blitz and increased permit fees you have your answer -- parking in the lots is for suckers. Just start parking on the sidewalks instead!

An alert reader sent along this photo of a truck that has been parked on a public sidewalk for almost a week without a citation. As can be seen the truck is not only blocking the sidewalk but the handicap access as well. The truck is sticking out of the Hyundai dealership U.S. 1 Auto Sales on Route 1 across from the Baskin-Robbins/Dunkin' Donuts.

UPDATE: Ted Tanney, owner of U.S. 1 Auto Sales tells Talk of the Sound he did not receive any complaints about the truck from residents or NRPD but would have it moved off the sidewalk by the close of business today (Tuesday). Tanney said he wanted residents living near his business to be happy and that in the future he hoped people in the area would call him with any concerns. He pointed out that Judge Preston Scher was one of his customers. Moments later Scher drove onto the lot and came into the office.

Whether you have a concern or want to buy a car, Tanney can be reached at 914-636-4439.

Barnard Parents in Uproar over Intruder Incident as District Lies Mount

November 16, 2010 - 01:05

barnardschool.jpgTalk of the Sound was first to report that on Thursday October 28th an unidentified person described only as "male black man dressed in a grey top and possible grey bottom" entered Barnard School without permission and wandered around the building unchallenged for over and hour and perhaps up to three hours before school officials notified police.

Based on interviews with sources, police records and a brief discussion with Barnard School Principal Patricia Lambert, Talk of the Sound has confirmed that Lambert failed to follow the school district lock down/lock out procedure thereby putting students and school staff in danger. She then made false reports to parents, informing them that the "intruder" was only observed outside the building. She told Talk of the Sound that "no one had seen the intruder", a statement contradicted by the report she filed with the New Rochelle Police in which she tells the responding officer that three people observed the man in the building.

Lambert did not come to school the day after the Talk of the Sound story first ran.

Jared Rice and the Remington Boys & Girls Club Partner on Thanksgiving Food Drive Starting Today

November 15, 2010 - 22:57

Remington Boys & Girls Club TKSGVG.jpgCouncil Member Elect Jared Rice and the Remington Boys & Girls Club have partnered on a Thanksgiving Food Drive. They are asking for your help.

As the Thanksgiving season comes along, we have much to be thankful for. Please help us spread along good fortune to those who can use some extra assistance. Between November 15th and November 19th, during the hours of 3 p.m. to 7 p.m., I ask that you join us in this food drive by donating non perishable items and canned goods to the Remington Boys and Girls Club. A box will be located near the front desk as a drop off point. If you have any questions, please contact Nakia Hiland at (914) 414-9917 or the club director Tina at (914) 235- 2969.

Thank you in advance for your much appreciated generosity.


Jared Rice

The Remington Boys and Girls Club is located at 116 Guion Place over near Sound Shore Medical Center near where the driving tests are given. The proceeds from the effort will be distributed on November 23, 2010 from 2 pm to 7 pm.

New Rochelle Sister City Committee Unveils Heritage Plaque at Flandreau Cemetery

November 15, 2010 - 22:32

Old Flandreau Cemetery.jpg Fr. Gahler of Trinity-St Paul’s Church officiated at a Heritage Plaque unveiling at Flandreau Cemetery in New Rochelle. Also on hand were Flandreau Descendants, members of the Sister City Committee, and City officials.

The Old Flandreau Cemetery dates back to 1800. The first headstone was placed in honor of the memory of Benjamin Flandreau who died February 19, 1800. The cemetery was officially created by deed on February 16, 1814. At one time, there were more than 30 documented headstones. Today the number of visible headstones is much smaller. The Friends of Flandreau hope to locate additional stones during the restoration process. This year, the cemetery was honored by the City of New Rochelle as a Heritage Award 2010 recipient.

The Flandreau Cemetery is located at Chester Place, off Emerson.

New Rochelle Fire Department Response to Carbon Monoxide Call Finds Illegal Apartments, Faulty Detectors, Very High Levels of CO

November 15, 2010 - 21:45

867 Weaver Markup-455.jpg(NEW ROCHELLE, NY) -- Firefighters responding to a report of carbon monoxide at a home located at 867 Weaver Street in New Rochelle on Friday encountered dangerously high levels of the poison gas throughout the inside of a house. An effort to locate the source of the carbon monoxide led to the discovery several illegal apartments inside the single-family home along with an illegal boiler, a blocked flue system and various illegal appliances hooked up throughout the house.

The New Rochelle Fire Department called the city building inspector and Con Edison to the scene. The illegal boilers and stoves were "red-tagged" and capped. A warning “RED” Tagis is displayed on any gas pipe, appliance or meter on which is indicated the reason for discontinuance of gas service by Con Edison

A Massive Tsunami in New Rochelle

November 15, 2010 - 19:44


     On Election Day, November 2, 2010, our federal government experienced a shift in power especially in the House of Representatives.  But why didn't this shift occur locally?    As a seasoned observer I will begin with my experiences with the new voting procedures.  After signing in to vote, one of the trained Election Inspectors started to explain how I should mark my ballot.  She began by saying she tells people to "select a party" pointing to the first column.  I retorted, she was not supposed to tell me to vote for a party.  She then looked at the rest of the ballot and told me to look for a candidate in the columns for each office, e.g. Governor, and then color above the name of my choice.  She said when I finished marking the ballot she gave me, to let her know. 

New Public Works Commissioner Named by City of New Rochelle

November 15, 2010 - 15:23

Alexander Tergis.jpgNew Rochelle, NY— City Manager Charles B. Strome III has appointed Alexander Tergis as the new Commissioner of Public Works. Mr. Tergis assumed the position on Monday, November 15.

Mr. Tergis brings extensive municipal experience to the position, having managed multiple divisions for the City of Stamford, CT for the past four years including Solid Waste and Recycling, Road Maintenance, Fleet Management, Citizen Service Center and Cashiering and Permitting divisions. During his tenure, he improved operational functionality and efficiency by implementing a variety of new programs and projects, generating over $1 million in operational savings annually. Prior to that, he was the Superintendent of Highways for the City of Norwalk, CT.

“I am pleased to welcome Mr. Tergis to my administration and our community,” said City Manager Strome. “His experience is well suited to New Rochelle and the continued efficiency of our Public Works Department.”

Mr. Tergis received his undergraduate and graduate degree in Civil Engineering at Manhattan College, where he also subsequently served as instructor. He succeeds Jeffrey Coleman, who vacated the position in August.

New Rochelle Inventor Creates Product to Carry Plastic Grocery Bags, Portion of Sales to Wings of Hope-The Justin Samela Miceli

November 15, 2010 - 13:14

shopperstotelogo.jpgA few weeks ago I got a call from a reader who is responsible for marketing a locally developed product called The Shopper's Tote. She had heard about Talk of the Sound from a friend and wanted to know if I would write about the product. It is not the sort of thing we typically do but there was a New Rochelle angle to it so I agreed to take a look. She dropped off a couple of the items which are plastic handles with a hook at the end.

The concept is simple enough, when you have too many plastic grocery bags to carry you can slip them onto the Shopper's Tote hook, grab the handle and carry several bags at once without the plastic cutting in your hands. I put them in my car with the intention of trying them at the next opportunity but forgot one thing -- I don't usually do the grocery shopping in my household. So, it was not until this weekend when my wife and I went shopping together that I found myself in the car with about two dozen grocery bags.

I was slipping the plastic loops around my fingers when I remembered I had the Shopper's Tote in the glove compartment. I took them out, slipped the bags and the hook and much to my delight, the Shopper's Tote worked.

Decapitated Goat Head, Mutilated Chicken Heads Found at Glenwood Lake Park in New Rochelle; Second Incident in a Week

November 15, 2010 - 02:55

DSC_4771.jpgA person out for a walk with children on Friday at Glenwood Lake Park in New Rochelle came across a grisly find at the north end of the park. The group came upon a decapitated goat head place on an aluminum tray and several mutilated chicken heads. This is the second such incident in a New Rochelle park over the past week. Last Sunday, a man walking his dog came across two decapitated sheep at Ward Acres Park.

New Rochelle police responded to the scene at Glenwood Lake Park. They again called in the SPCA. NRPD later removed the carcasses.

On Friday night police roped off an area in the woods between Bergholz Drive and Glenwood Lake Park. Officers on the scene declined to provide information on what they found but removed what appeared to be a dead animal from a spot about 25 feet into the woods. Calls to the desk sergeant at NRPD were not returned.