December 2010

Buy your own tires! Get a new career!

December 18, 2010 - 15:41

This morning we woke up to this sight on southern North Avenue.

The thieves took the two tires on the sidewalk facing side and left the two tires on the street side.

This is something we DO NOT NEED in our neighborhood. I remember that they were going to install cameras at the intersection of North & Pelham Road. Could the cameras have caught a clue on this crime?

We don't want those annoying car alarms from the early 90s back either. What I am thinking is this, exploding ink cartridges on the tires so that the thieves get blasted. They would need some kind of code so the owners could change their tires, too. Are the Miceli's available for a business invention arrangement?

Blogging the journeys of a budding producer

December 18, 2010 - 04:50

If I’m Dreaming, Don’t Wake Me
Posted on December 11, 2010 by Incoming Tide

…its 2:30am, I’m wide awake or maybe dreaming, solving the worlds problems, one after another…until about 5:00am. This abnormal process of late, isn’t a mid-life crisis or I’d run to the restroom every hour, its my journey as a Producer. Usually the worlds problems are just my ‘to do list’ for the next day, week or month – I’m not selfish, I tried lowering the unemployment rate.

So its been awhile since my last post, a bit unprofessional so says the social media experts. My answer to them is that I was under intense pressure, managing a restaurant, consulting with other restaurants and analyzing Murphy’s Law. Yes, Murphy’s Law should be top of mind when producing a project, especially as an independent producer, the list multiplies.

THE END IS NEAR: New Rochelle DPW Maintenance Building on Lockdown by DA

December 18, 2010 - 00:42

DWP_DASearch.jpgThe Maintenance Building at the New Rochelle DPW City Yard at 224 Main Street has been put on lockdown/lockout by agents of the Westchester County District Attorney. As of 1 PM, no one is allowed in or out without being questioned.

The action is part of the ongoing investigation by the DA into allegations made against DPW Fleet Manager Richard Fevang whose office is in the building -- a story first reported here on Talk of the Sound.

Twenty-Seven New Officers Graduate from Westchester Police Academy; Five from New Rochele

December 17, 2010 - 22:09

Twenty-seven police recruits graduated today from the Westchester County Police Academy and are headed off to work at 11 law enforcement agencies in Westchester and beyond.

The new officers, who completed 20 weeks of training at the police academy in Valhalla, received their diplomas during a ceremony at the State University of New York at Purchase. Family members and friends packed the Performing Arts Center and cheered the graduates who were called forward individually to receive their diplomas.

Westchester County Executive Robert P. Astorino, Department of Public Safety Commissioner George N. Longworth and District Attorney Janet DiFiore addressed the graduates and wished them well in their careers.

“Stay true to your ideals and rely on the outstanding training and example you have received these past 20 weeks,” Astorino said. “The challenges ahead will be many. Greater still will be the rewards that come from doing this important work with humanity and professionalism.”

Longworth told the new officers that police work today was more demanding than ever.

WVOX Talk of the Sound Radio Friday 11 AM: Ron Williams of the New Rochelle NAACP, Topics to include Civil Service Scams, DPW Investigation, Cappelli

December 17, 2010 - 15:52

WVOXLogo.jpgTalk of the Sound Radio will air Friday from 11am to 12pm with your host Talk of the Sound Managing Editor Bob Cox along with Talk of the Sound Editor Matthew Pryce.

This Friday, Talk of the Sound Radio will review of some of the top stories on Talk of the Sound from the previous week. Will have our newsmaker interview. This week we have on Ron Williams and LaTasha Hamlett of the New Rochelle NAACP discussing their embrace of social media. As always, Matthew will run down the Talk of the Sound Community Calendar.


Stories we will be discussing today include:

La Junta Escolar y discusion con la Comunidad sobre el presupuesto

December 17, 2010 - 15:50

Debe la Junta Escolar de New Rochelle invitar a los residentes de New Rochelle para participar en el proceso de planificación el presupuesto para el año escolar 2011-12? Le animamos a que insistan en que estas conversaciones ocurran a medida que las proyecciones de la escuela y el impacto financiero de programas y las decisiones que nos enfrentamos nos afecta a todos. Comparte tus opiniones con la Junta sobre las necesidades de los estudiantes y los padres, las posibles iniciativas de programas, y cuál es la mejor manera de equilibrar el mantenimiento de nuestras escuelas con presiones presupuestarias y el desafío de controlar el crecimiento de impuestos. Además, durante las negociaciones sindicales del próximo 2011 entre la escuela y el sindicato de maestros, la transparencia y a la honestidad debe ser visto, escuchado y discutido. Es necesario para que el distrito escolar invite a los padres y los que pagan impuestos en las fases de la discusión de este proceso. No hay nada legal o de otra que evite que esto suceda. Venga a hacer esta petición el 21 de diciembre a las 7PM en el auditorio de Linda Kelly en New Rochelle High School.


Martin Sanchez

New Rochelle Public School Administrators Refuse to Deal in Reality

December 17, 2010 - 14:06

At the New Rochelle Board of Education meeting last week, Dr. Jeffrey Korostoff presented his "Goals and Objectives" for 2010-11. Korostoff gave a full-throated defense of the New Rochelle school system that was largely predicated in dismissing the testing data from last Spring and presenting his own set of data that he felt was more "fair". As has become a trend now, he specifically went after the movie "Waiting for Superman", referencing data that he said showed New Rochelle schools were doing better than a charter school in Harlem that was a focus of the film documentary. The exact same argument was made by Yigal Joseph, Principal at Columbus Elementary School, at the previous BoE meeting.

New Rochelle Mentoring Program Brings Churches, School and Community Together at Remington Boys & Girls Club

December 17, 2010 - 13:34


The Remington Boys & Girls Club on Guion Place in New Rochelle hosted last month an unusual gathering of public school administrators and staff, church leaders and community leaders. Over 100 people came together to learn more about the New Rochelle High School Mentoring Program. The presentation inspired about 40 people to sign up as mentors.

After some brief remarks by Tina Mitchell, the Remington Club Activities Director, Quay Watkins the Executive Director of the New Rochelle Boys & Girls Club and an Invocation by Pastor Mott of the Family Christian Center, staff and administrators from New Rochelle High School addressed the group about a program developed 8 years ago to reach out to students who were falling through the cracks and support them with one-on-one intervention.