May 2011

TONIGHT 7 PM: PTA Council School Board Candidate Forum at New Rochelle High School

May 11, 2011 - 16:07

The PTA Council School Board Candidate Forum is tonight at the New Rochelle High School Library.

Apparently the PTA has limited resources to promote this public event outside of the PTA membership so we are going to lend a hand and mention it here and ask folks to email this article around to their friend so that the entire community is aware of this public event. I am sure they want as much voter participation possible. Come support your favorite candidate.

The forum will also be televised and available on the NRED website.

The only people asking questions at the forum will be representatives of SEPTA and each of the PTA units.

The format is as follows:

2 minutes for welcome
1 minute for each school board candidate to make an opening statement
11 questions from PTA units with each candidate having the opportunity to make a 1 minute response
2 minutes for each school board candidate to make a closing statement.

See you there!

Memorial Day Parade Proudly Sponsored By Monroe College Press Release

May 11, 2011 - 15:36

Monroe College joined in with local contributers in support of one of New Rochelle's greatest celebrations, the 2011 Memorial Day Parade. Monroe College made a generous contribution to the City of New Rochelle's community celebration fund in order to support our parade, which happens to be one of the largest parades in Westchester County.

A Financial Analyst’s View of the New Rochelle School System - Part 4

May 11, 2011 - 11:00

NRBudgetedvActual2006 09 455The Importance of Accurate Budgeting

The creation of an accurate budget is crucial when it comes to figuring out how much money we have to spend and where to spend it. If the Board of Education accepts budgets that are inaccurate, they could end up spending money they don’t have, or lay off staff they might otherwise keep. In my mind, the annual budget is the key tool available to the Board for managing the finances of the school system.

WVOX'S Metal Mayhem Features Legendary Drummer Carl Canedy of "The Rods"

May 10, 2011 - 16:55

Pioneering legendary Heavy Metal Gods - The Rods - to guest on WVOX's "Metal Mayhem" show in New York this Friday, May 13th!

Drummer Carl Canedy will be Matt O'Shaughnessy's special VIP live in-studio guest...discussing The Rods latest masterpiece "Vengeance" and talking about their long and innovative career in Heavy Metal .

Canedy is also known for his production skills whose credits include Anthrax, Exciter and Overkill.

The Rods are definitley back with a vengeance and live on WVOX's "Metal Mayhem" on Friday, May 13th at 9:10pm exclusively on 1460 am and worldwide!

The Rods are one of America's truly authentic and great Metal group's and it's with great honor WVOX welcomes Carl to "Metal Mayhem", says Matt O'Shaughnessy. Fans can call into the show at 914-636-0110.

A Financial Analyst’s View of the New Rochelle School System - Part 3

May 09, 2011 - 18:31

NewRochelleFinancialProjectionsBefore I start going into the numbers, I want make a brief mention of those expensive budgets I purchased. Nine of the ten were left-over bounded copies from prior years. Only one was a photocopy. So the Administration, with the full knowledge of the School Board, charged me for budgets which I had already paid for with my property taxes.

Now that you have the background story, it’s time to dig into the numbers. I believe the New Rochelle school system is facing a $35 million cumulative deficit over the next five years as shown in the chart above. If this comes to be, then we will have to make massive cuts in staffing and elective programs. For those who may think I’m crying wolf, consider that we are already cutting teachers, nurses, busing and other services despite a rising revenue base.

How did this happen?

Journal News 2011 Board of Education Q&A: Robert Cox's candidate management system
Name: Robert Cox
District where seeking a trustee seat: New Rochelle

Civic and school board experience:
I have attended over 100 school board meetings. Since 2008, I have often been the only person at the school board meetings not on the board or employed by the district.

I have relentlessly pushed for greater transparency of board meetings: airing meetings on TV, publishing agendas and orders of business on the web, as well as school budgets, audited financials, powerpoint presentations and video on the web. I researched and recommended digital recording technology to record meetings and make podcasts of meetings which was later purchased and adopted by the school board.

I not only attend the meetings but publish reports about them on the web. I also publish articles and opinion pieces by other members of the community.

Robert Cox for New Rochelle Board of Education -- Campaign Update

May 06, 2011 - 23:36


Our lawn signs came in and the kids went to work straight away assembling the signs. with the wickets. If you would like a lawn sign for your yard please contact Greg at [email protected], give him your name and street address.

My wife, Maria and Jen Parente have been busy preparing for the fundraiser tomorrow. Peter Parente has been getting the American Legion hall squared away. Carlos Sanchez is serving as our entertainment director, coordinating the live performers and serving as DJ.

A Financial Analyst’s View of the New Rochelle School System - Part 2

May 06, 2011 - 14:49

NRbudgethistory455In Part I, I explained how I came to be involved with the New Rochelle school budget. In Part II, I explain why the school budget provided to the public makes a performance evaluation difficult.

The preliminary budget presented to the School Board and the community in early March of this year was more remarkable for what it did not contain than for what it did contain. The first section of the budget book shows 11 years of enrollment trends, 11 years of state aid, and 22 years of history showing the decline in New Rochelle property tax assessables. But there was no history for school spending beyond a single year, and without that it is impossible for the Board to gauge the long term effectiveness of the administration in spending its funds wisely. So I set off to create that history.