July 2011

The Daily Grind of a New Rochelle Producer

Submitted by Incoming Tide on Fri, 07/22/2011 - 13:56

So you ask, “what the heck is an entertainment producer?” Well, in short, a producer manages every aspect of a project, A to Z. Whether its an art exhibit, music concert, staged play or a touring comedy show, it all begins with somebody with a title of producer.

In the budding producers daily grind, its mainly conceiving shows and pitching them for development, and then financing the project for production. Most of the time its paying bills, answering email from performers and sweating ticket sales of upcoming projects.

That said, this Saturday 7/23 on Wildcliff’s open air stage, we present to you live and direct, an R&B and soul concert featuring AndJam. Gates open at 5:15PM. Blanket, lawn chairs and picnic baskets suggested!

City of New Rochelle Names Lou DiMeglio as New Fire Chief

July 22, 2011 - 13:53

LouDiMeglioCity Manager Charles B. Strome III announced today the promotion of Deputy Chief Louis M. DiMeglio to Chief of the New Rochelle Fire Department. Deputy Chief DiMeglio will assume the position on July 31. As Fire Chief, DiMeglio will succeed Raymond “Doc” Kiernan, who retires on July 30 after 45 years of distinguished service.

Deputy Chief DiMeglio is a 38-year veteran of the New Rochelle Fire Department, having risen through the ranks from his appointment as a probationary firefighter in 1973 to Fire Lieutenant in 1982 and Fire Captain in 1989. In 1996 he became Code Enforcement Officer, overseeing inspection and approvals of fire protection systems in new construction on project such as Costco, Home Depot, New Roc City, Avalon I and II and Trump Towers. In May 2007, DiMeglio was promoted to Deputy Chief and assigned to Support Services, in charge of purchases and maintenance of apparatus as well as supervising the department’s Training and Safety divisions. DiMeglio was transferred to Active Fire Duty in 2009 as Shift Commander for 37-member shift and served as Incident Commander at emergencies.

WVOX Talk of the Sound Radio Friday 11 AM: New Rochelle DPW Indictment, Child Rapist Walks Free, Mayoral Meltdown

July 22, 2011 - 13:42

WVOXLogo.jpgTalk of the Sound Radio will air Friday from 11am to 12pm with your host Talk of the Sound Managing Editor Bob Cox along with Talk of the Sound Editor Matthew Pryce.


This Friday, Talk of the Sound Radio will review of some of the top stories on Talk of the Sound from the previous week. We will be talking about the guilty plea by Jose Martinez, the City Council discussions of the Richard Fevang indictment and much more. As always, Matthew will run down the Talk of the Sound Community Calendar.

Stories we will be discussing today include:

New Rochelle Police Make Drug Bust at New Rochelle Train Station

July 22, 2011 - 13:34


One reader took this smartphone photo. A few hours later another reader sent the following email:

Last night about 6:30pm there was a drug bust under the Huguenot Street bridge. The police were waiting for the buy and then they approached in unmarked cars and guns were drawn by the police. Thank goodness the police did not have to use their guns. This is a very business time at the station. I am beginning to feel I am living in the wild west.

That's how its supposed to work here folks. Great teamwork!

2011.07.22 - Matthew's Community Calendar Round-Up!

July 22, 2011 - 12:26


As always, there are lots of cool events to combat this sizzling heat.

First up – some Friday mainstays

Already underway is the New Rochelle Farmer’s Market, running through November, fresh fruits, veggies, baked goods and sometimes even live performances going on by the library green.

Next, 5:30 tonight: Wildcliff presents Indie Friday Jam Session. Wildcliff is an open air venue, and is New Rochelle's #1 destination for outdoor entertainment. Interested in performing? Contact us at [email protected]

And tonight and every Friday this summer, BID presents Yoga on the Green – certified instructors will walk you through some yoga poses on the library green.

There’s a New Rochelle Rowing club fundraises on Saturday, 9 am, at Hudson Park. Enjoy a summer day with fellow canoeists and kayakers in a friendly competition and win great prizes.

Then it’s South of the Border Sunday at Davenport Park. Mamba, Merengue, rumba, and cha cha sounds from a steel drum band will provide the soundtrack from 4-7

During the week:

Cooling Center to Open for Seniors Seeking Relief

July 21, 2011 - 14:31

Hugh Doyle Senior Center at 94 Davis Avenue offers residents relief from heat

To offer relief from the oppressive heat predicted for the end of this week, the Hugh Doyle Senior Center on 94 Davis Avenue will be opened as a Cooling Center on Thursday and Friday July 21 and 22 from 8:30 am – 5:00 pm.

Residents are also reminded to limit outdoor activities, drink lots of water, dress in light color clothing, and eat light meals with fruits and vegetables. For further information, contact the Hugh Doyle Senior Center at 235-2363.

CVS North Avenue

Submitted by eye on new roc on Thu, 07/21/2011 - 10:08

The new CVS located at 220 North Avenue is a great idea and will help bring more people to a depressed area.
Many concerns were voiced at a planning board meeting before the CVS was being built.
1-when will they deliver product?
Answer- between 7am and 9am in front of building on North ave.(new loading zone for CVS.)
As of today thursday i have had 3 trucks unload between 2am-4am for the last four days. On the side of the building in the libary lot.(Zoneing Board-loading zone on North ave in front of 220 north between 7-9am only!
2-garbage pick-up- WHERE? Cvs behind building in libray lot.
Answer-Dumpster 30 yard in alley way between carpet place and Cvs.
Ny whole point of this story is when does the zoning board follow up on there so called promises.
I have to call the police every night to get CVS to go by the rules of the zoning board policy's.
New Rochelle wake up or these small developers are going to put us down.
UPDATE-- The CVS opened on sunday there is still no loading zone on North Avenue from 7-9am,
There are no camera's around the property only one at the rear door.There were to be placed all around the building.

Noam Meltdown 2: Hysterical New Rochelle Mayor Invokes Joseph McCarthy in Local City Council Discussion

July 21, 2011 - 03:28

It is important to note, as the video shows the Mayor vaingloriously proceeding to portray himself as Joseph "have you no sense of decency, sir" Welch, that a majority of the Council Members have already gone on record stating that they would not be surprised to learn that Richard Fevang, the former New Rochelle employee recently indicted on 66 counts of fraud by the Westchester County District Attorney, did not act alone; also, that the City Manager has publicly acknowledged that Mr. Fevang directed others to prepare the documents which are the basis for the fraud counts and that only open question is whether the other employees knew they were participating in a fraud. The Mayor has clearly been watching too much Keith Olbermann.

GUILTY!: Former New Rochelle School Principal, Now Convicted Child Rapist, Jose Martinez Released After Plea Deal

July 20, 2011 - 21:09

JoseMartinezJose Martinez made an unexpected court appearance today at the Westchester County Court in White Plains, NY to enter a guilty plea as to a course of sexual conduct against a child in the 2nd degree, a class D violent felony. Under the plea agreement, Martinez admitted he had anal and/or oral sexual contact with a then 14-year old male student at the Isaac E. Young Middle School.

Martinez was released on his own recognizance.

In exchange for admitting guilt and avoiding the necessity of the victim having to testify at a trial, Martinez received a "sentence promise" from Criminal Court Judge Susan Cacace that he will receive a six month sentence of "shock probation" which will amount to 119 days in jail or "time served", according to Tracey Everson, spokesperson for the Westchester County District Attorney. Martinez is otherwise facing 7 years in prison.