September 2011

Coumbus School Nurse's Denial of Asthma Medication to 9year old

September 27, 2011 - 21:17

Update on the above report; Parent spoke to Health Administrator Dr. Weiss, who stated "I went to the school, to investigate and spoke to Principal Yigal Joseph and nurse Petrescu, and Yes, it was wrong that she did not check child's peek flow, nor distribute nebulizer, as well as she failed to notify parent with information of such incident(s)" Parent replied, "What's going to be done now?" Weiss replied, "We will do what ever we can so that this does not happen again." Parent supports classroom teacher in that, when child needed to see the nurse, teacher allowed child to get to the nurse for treatment. It was the nurses professional responsibility and experience in the medical field to assess and make the proper medical decision, nurse failed child and this is not the first time. Parent feels child is unsafe at school, as well as other children under the deliberate lack of accountability delegated by principal Yigal Joseph,and Petrescu, who has not apologized yet to parent for incident(s).

Are Our Schools Filthy and Unfit for Children?

September 26, 2011 - 22:45

I picked up my child from elementary school today. (S)he wanted to go to the bathroom before coming home and I went along. The floors had urine on them, the toilets had feces in them and bathroom smelled awful. My child told me the bathrooms are always like that because there are too many children in the school.

Do we really not have enough funds to keep the bathrooms clean? If I see conditions like that again I will call the health department.


“Consider the reasons which make us certain that we are right... but not the fact that we are certain. If you are not convinced, ignore our certainty. Don't be tempted to substitute our judgment for your own.” - Hugh Akston

New Rochelle City Council District 6 Candidate On Floods: "Watch Out; Make Way for The Lowly Sandbag!"

September 26, 2011 - 03:14

Responding to my neighbors' complaints after the recent hurricane, rains and flooding, last week I announced a new component of my campaign for the New Rochelle CIty Council, District SIx; the "District Six Direct Aid Initiative" to protect homes and public health by offering sandbags to residents of New Rochelle's north-end, which was hardest hit during the violent weather.

Everyone I have met was impressed with the response by our fire and police departments to the severe flooding on our northern perimeter, along the Hutchinson River and parkway. Unfortunately, storm effects were exacerbated by a dilapidated drainage and sewer system whose design is many years out-of-date and hundreds of DPW (Department of Public Works) man/hours away from correction.

Side streets needing re-grading and pothole repair, and major thoroughfares requiring re-engineering to meet surrounding elevations are the most common deficiencies.  The city council majority and mayor seem thoroughly overwhelmed by these challenges to our public infrastructure.

New Rochelle Remembers 9/11: Healing a Nation

September 25, 2011 - 03:32


2,977 American flags on the front lawn of New Rochelle City Hall greeted the people who came to the ten year remembrance of 9/11. Peter Parente, organizer of this event and President of the United Veterans Memorial and Patriotic Association and Commander of VFW Post 439, praised the Boy Scouts and all the others who had "planted the flags on the lawn." He reminded those assembled that ten years ago we were hit with one of the worst disasters of our time. Parente said, "America will never be the same." Thousands of our military have volunteered to serve so that we can be safe here. He poignantly mentioned his nephew is serving and added, "We pray for his safety."

Child denied Asthma medication again by school nurse, results in Emergency Room Visit

September 24, 2011 - 03:29

Child 9years old was denied asthmatic treatment by school nurse at Columbus School on Friday September 23rd 2011. Child has history of asthma, medications and orders are active and current with health office, however, child came to nurse's office for treatment, and was told by nurse Petrescu, "go drink some water." Parent called school nurse to find out why child was in respiratory distress upon dismissal, and nurse admitted denial of checking peek flow, and administering inhaler or nebulizer to child. Parent took child to emergency room which resulted in , child receiving albuterol treatment, and steroid by hospital officials. This is not the first incident of the denial of asthma medication by school nurse Petrescu. City Hall investigation request made.