September 2011

New Rochelle Library Parking Pay Stations Finally Fixed After Four Months

September 22, 2011 - 14:54

LibraryParkingMeterBrokenThe parking pay stations at the library lot have finally been fixed and enforcement resumed on Monday.

When asked during the first week of September about the parking pay stations, New Rochelle spokesperson Kathy Gilwit said, "Parts are on the way and machines will be prepared as soon as possible".

"On the way"? How were they being shipped, a slow boat from China? Has FedEx and UPS gone out of business?

In a world of Just-in-Time Delivery and overnight and even same day express shipping, it is impossible to understand how, four months after the parking pay stations in the New Rochelle Public Library parking lot were vandalized and rendered inoperable, the City had still not repaired the machines.

The City is going broke but giving away tens of thousands of dollars in parking revenue? Something is seriously wrong here.

Selective Enforcement in New Rochelle : Clear-Site Traffic Triangles and the Municipal Code

September 21, 2011 - 21:37

LineofSightTrianglesBy far the most pernicious form of corruption in New Rochelle is the policy of "selective enforcement". Mayor Noam Bramson and City Manager City Manager Charles B. Strome embrace, as a policy, the idea that various elements of the Municipal Code should be enforced selectively, at their discretion. Not only do they not view selective enforcement as corruption but advocate for it as an unalloyed good.

Many residents love Selective Enforcement. I cannot keep count of how many times I have been told about some issue -- zoning variances, potholes, parking tickets, etc. -- where Noam or Chuck or Jimmy made the problem go away after a phone call or email. For the majority, however, who are not part of the little cliques that run New Rochelle, Selective Enforcement is a way to discriminate in an insidious way; not by breaking the law but simply applying the law as written to a particular person while letting many other people off the hook for the exact same sort of violation.

Politics or Patriotism -- Pick One

September 21, 2011 - 16:01

It seems more and more likely that politics and patriotism have become separated at both body and soul. This is not unique to any one party or level of governance. Today, for example, the President is speaking at the United Nations and, politically, is undoing what appeared to be his operating moral imperative of working to bring the parties in the Israeli-Palestinian situation together by means of a negotiated solution, he has "discovered" that many of the GOP leaders have developed a crush on supporting Israel to the extent of denying foreign aid to the Palestinians.

This follows concerted action and actual military support of insurgents in Arab nations such as Egypt, Libya, and Syria to overthrown established governments in favor of who knows what. It even meant deserting a friendly leader, Mubarak of Egypt.

This discontinuity of moral fiber has undermined our national security, further corroded our financial picture, and put American military and civilians at considerable risk. Why? can you say politics? Let it roll off the tongue... politics.

New Rochelle Family Creates Pilot for Musical Show for Children

September 21, 2011 - 12:52

John Carlin grew up in New Rochelle, NY. He joined a rock band, signed a recording contract but later shifted gears into children's music where he has become a much in-demand performer for children's events and parties. John recently developed a pilot for a program The Kids Music Underground which includes his mother, Tony-Award winning actress France Sternhagen who still resides in New Rochelle. She plays Mrs. Mazzotti is the friendly shop owner of Mazzotti Music, a small music store in Brooklyn, NY where John works at, when he’s not teaching music classes to kids.

New York State Dormitory Authority: No Communication with Iona College

September 19, 2011 - 19:59

IonaCollegeLogoLast week Talk of the Sound requested copies of all public records of communications between the New York State Dormitory Authority and Iona College in New Rochelle, NY going back to January, 1, 2009. We received the following reply:

Re: Iona College, Dorms Communications between DASNY and Iona College and inspection reports regarding dorms from 01-01-09 to date.

On September 15. 2011 the Dormitory Authority received your September 15, 2011 letter requesting records concerning the above referenced project. pursuant to the New York State Freedom of Information Law. The Dormitory Authority searched its files for records that would satisfy your request and has determined that this is not a Dormitory Authority construction project. Iona is a private not-for-profit college and we would not have provided any construction services.