September 2011

New Rochelle Public Library Foundation Publishes Newsletter

September 18, 2011 - 17:59

Nrplf footer logoIf you did not get it in the mail you can download a copy of the NRPL Foundation newsletter here.

New Rochelle Public Library Foundation supporters believe the Library is a centerpiece of our diverse community and plays a critical role in the future of our city and the overall quality of life. The Foundation’s work helps the Library fulfill its mission to “improve the life of every citizen in our city” and to encourage learning in all stages of life, protect intellectual freedom and provide fair and equal access to information.

Free to Register, Vote and Think

September 18, 2011 - 12:12

I went campaigning door-to-door the other day. It is always nice to meet voters face-to-face and hear what they have to say.
I ran into a young single mom who was not registered because she had just moved into New Rochelle. She agreed to register and I filled out the form for her. We got to the section where she had to decide her party affiliation.
I asked her which party she wants to join. She said “Democrat, that is what I guess I am suppose to be, I guess.” I told her I was a Republican and she could choose any party she wants. Just because you are African American does not mean you have to be a Democrat, I said. I gave her the choices on the form and she said Independence Party. So I filled it out for the Independence Party.
Here is the key point. So many people feel they have an expectation to uphold because of their parents, race, language, or national origin. It is good to feel free to decide on our own. I am proud to have given her that choice. When I see certain parties doing voter registrations, they force party affiliation.

Will Iona's New Dormitory Proposal Impact Negatively on the Neighborhood?

September 17, 2011 - 22:26

Iona College has a new plan which states its "Mission and Goals." But it also describes in great detail how a committee will be composed of Iona and New Rochelle officials, and neighborhood members. A time frame with a series of steps is suggested starting with September 22, 2011 for appointment of the committee, to May 15, 2012 for adoption of the report that will be formulated.

Talk of the Sound Radio Today at 11 AM - Ethics in Photojournalism - Studio Line: (805) 830-8302

September 16, 2011 - 13:46

While there was plenty going on in New Rochelle this week with the primary elections and what not but the biggest topic of discussion on Talk of the Sound was certainly the controversy over a photo of a man who died after his motorcycle collided with a car on Fifth Avenue near City Park in New Rochelle. While similar photos and videos in the past elicited no response, those opposed to the publication of a photo -- the man being treated by paramedics in which his identify was not disclosed -- have organized a Facebook page dedicated to shutting down Talk of the Sound and a boycott of the site.

We will be taking your calls and discussing the ethics involved in publishing photos of victims of violence. I am trying to get an expert to come on the show. In the meantime, we will be using a book by Paul Martin Lester as a jumping off point for the discussion, with a focus on the following chapter:

Photojournalism An Ethical Approach: Chapter Four, Victims of Violence by Paul Martin Lester

Lester concludes the chapter by noting "readers are more likely to object to a controversial picture if: