September 2011

Boycott Talk of the Sound

September 16, 2011 - 01:36

Many of us who read this site have had mixed emotions about its content. Many of us appreciate the corruption that is exposed and the real stories that are not being covered by the Journal News and New Rochelle Patch. What we do not appreciate is the sensationalism that this site often promotes. Bob Cox and his followers have been known to unnecessarily vilify innocent people on this site and most recently have done so by publishing photos of the dead or dying body of Paul Fillippelli, and ignoring the pleas of friends and family members to remove these photos from the site. This is not the first time that Bob Cox has vilified innocent people in an attempt to gain journalistic validation, but it absolutely must be the last. Please do whatever you can to get rid of this site. Contact the advertisers and tell them you will not use their services as long as they advertise on this site, and mean what you say. Do not use the services of any business that advertises on this site. Do not visit this site. Bob Cox has proven he is an enemy of the citizens of New Rochelle and is only here to serve his own agenda.

From the Archives: WVOX's Matt O'Shaughnessy rules the Airwaves!

September 13, 2011 - 18:26

The Friday nights of trillions of metalheads would not be complete without a healthy serving of the head-banging'est raw rock and roll and malicious metal dutifully supplied by Metal Mayhem mainstay and WVOX personality: Matt O'Shaughnessy!

Taken from the annals of early press photos, the picture below is one of the earliest known photos of the legendary metal host and hard-rocker!


Catch Metal Mayhem every Friday night at 6:30 PM on New Rochelle's #1 station for metal: WVOX 1460 AM or on the web at

Follow up to City/Iona College planning process proposal

September 13, 2011 - 16:35

The following is information and the tone of the feedback we have received regarding the City/Iona College planning process proposal. A copy of the proposal was posted here on Talk of the Sound on September 6, 2011. “City of New Rochelle and Iona College Develop Planning Framework for Student Housing”. Please feel free to give further constructive comment and feedback.

Ilyse Spertus Will Lead a New Rochelle Revival

September 13, 2011 - 15:46

I am the Treasurer for the campaign to elect Ilyse Spertus to City Council representing District 5. Ilyse asked me to join her team after examining some of the analytical work I did for Bob Cox when he was running for School Board. So, in addition to managing the campaign’s cash flow, Ilyse has asked me to look into the state of affairs for our city.

Where the school had a spending problem, the city has a revenue problem. Unfortunately, that means the city’s deficiencies will take more time and effort to correct. A lack of engagement by the community (myself included) has led to the creation of a local government that is lacking in some needed skills and, worse, has a mindset that we need to beg for business. But New Rochelle has some fantastic assets: an ethnically diverse population with a wide range of skills (from real estate to finance to contract negotiation to marketing and more), fantastic topography like our crown jewel waterfront properties, and a fair amount of affluence. These assets are just begging to be tapped, and one reason I support Ilyse is because she wants to lean on the community to help our city realize its potential.

My cool, weird, odd, stupid, business cards for Talk of the Sound

September 13, 2011 - 00:00

Proof213565I saw an article on a minimalist business cardat Boing Boing and another at Jason Kottke. The back of Jason's card got me thinking about adding a QR code to link to Talk of the Sound. Then I thought "that's silly" since the URL for the site is already in the card. Then I had a cool idea to make the QR code link back to a "bio" page for which I can update anytime I like so that the business card is more like a piece of software, changing and updating over time. At the same time I liked the background looking out on Echo Bay from the Sutton Manor boathouse and wanted to use that. And I thought that I really wanted to feature the rowing club more because it looks cool and the top is the cupola from the old City Hall. I blurred the image a bit so it is a little more like a painting. Then I had the idea of writing my phone number on the seawall near the NRPD harbor unit shack.

New Rochelle City Council Embraces Republican Ideas on Voluntarily PILOTs for Non-Profits

September 12, 2011 - 23:33


The New Rochelle City Council will discuss requesting a voluntary Payment In Lieu of Taxes (PILOT) from non-profit institutions at the next council meeting. These include; Sound Shore Medical Center, Iona (Preparatory, Grammar & College), College of New Rochelle and the Ursuline, Salesian & Thornton Donovan schools. While a voluntary public service fee for non-profits has been recommended for over a decade the 800-pound Gorilla in the room remains unscathed…. AVALON. Last year, 115 students were registered from Avalon 1 (255 Huguenot)  & Avalon East (40Memorial Highway). These students cost New Rochelle Taxpayers $2.3 million to educate last year. This year, the Avalons have once again exceeded the 58 students calculated in the Final Environmental Impact Study (FEIS) by 86% enrolling 108 students costing taxpayers $2.16 million. When combined with what the Avalons would pay in school taxes at 100% taxation ($7,728,762.14) the burden to New Rochelle taxpayers is almost $10 million.