September 2011

The Political Punk on New Rochelle's WVOX

September 04, 2011 - 17:39

This week a Political Punk made a vile gesture and tried to discredit, disparage and deride the rookie Republican candidate Kevin Barrett running for City Council in District 4.

On the radio show “Lou’s Round Table” (Wednesdays at 5 P.M.) a spineless call-in using a barefaced alias declared he was an apolitical resident of New Ro.
The Political Punk totally fabricated Kevin Barrett’s frailties and flaws. He claimed he had no knowledge of Barrett’s political principles, objectives, and policies, but immediately committed to recite Barrett’s personal history, bio, and resume: verbatim. It was such a hack and staged blunder that the Political Punk completely disgraced himself with his sicko masquerade.

It was so blatantly evident that he was a Democratic-stooge, and besides degrading himself, he conspicuously turned the spotlight on Ivar Hyden - Barrett’s opponent in District 4 - and demonstrated what a possible threat he really is.

The malicious act was so fraudulent that hopefully the purulent residue will send a requisite shock wave of political reason throughout District 4.

Job Market Looks Good

September 04, 2011 - 14:42

As per the City of New Rochelle's website they have several job postings. The link below offers a decent salary and "excellent benefits".

The kicker though is that it requires the applicant to have an 8th Grade Education! Is this 2011 or 1911? I guess NRHS's graduation rate has pressed Civil Service.

The Beach Bar in New Rochelle is A Labor of Love

September 02, 2011 - 18:18

The Queen City of the Sound is shining in all its glory at the new Beach Bar in Hudson Park. Best of all, anyone can park in the city's parking lot free of charge after 6 p.m. and walk into the recently constructed Tiki bar area for food and drinks. Before 6 p.m. the City's Omnicard can be used to gain entry to the beach and bar.
On Thursday August 11, a band played, entertaining the crown that had gathered for the ribbon cutting by Mayor Noam Bramson and James Carello. Among the dignitaries attending were Council member Marianne Sussman, Councilman Lou Trangucci, Councilman Richard St. Paul, City Clerk Bennie Giles, City Manager, Chuck Strome, Parks and Recreation Commissioner, Bill Zimmerman, and newly appointed Fire Chief, Lou Dimeglio. Loud applause greeted the ribbon cutting by Bramson and Carello.

A House Divided Against Itself Cannot Stand

September 02, 2011 - 16:06

What has happened to the America I grew up in and thought I knew. We went to Church or Synagogue, pledged allegiance to our flag, were watched closely by the entire neighborhood for any signs of disrepair or disrespect, served our nation, and sacrificed and saved for the greater good. Yes, there were plenty of social and economic concerns to keep us occupied, but it appeared to me at least that elected officials cared, were wise and kept the greater good always foremost in their thoughts and actions.

No more! Politics has lost all of its root meanings from the ancient Greeks; it is now a composite of people who put self before service, ideology before the greater good, and the office holders seem more interested in re-election than reflection and collecting contributions over contributing.

Is this harsh? No, actually I think it is rather mild. Perhaps we have too many lawyers in office rather than people who literally left their businesses, secured their farms, and marched off to the State, City or Nation's capitals to do the people's business. Where is Mr. Deeds now that we need him?

Celebrando Nuestra Herencia Hispana

September 02, 2011 - 14:30

Del 15 de setiembre al 15 de octubre se celebra el Mes de Herencia Hispana en todos los Estados Unidos. Aqui en New Rochelle, es ocasion para celebrar con nuestros hijos y fortalezer su herencia de ser Hispano; de celebrar nuestra familia y nuestra cultura. Se le pide a todos los residentes de New Rochelle que visiten las escuelas y exigan que se hable de nuestros heroes que han sacrificaco para tener un mejor porvenir para todos nosotros en los EEUU.

Talk of the Sound Newsletter: Volume 1, Edition # 3, September 2, 2011

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TOTS newsletter

This past week has been all about Hurricane Irene but plenty of other major news broke this week including the Westchester County District Attorney investigating allegations that four New Rochelle Board of Education employees had have sex with students, the Provost of Iona College being suspended over "inaccurate data", and wild parrots roaming New Rochelle. Get the full run down of the top stories impacting your world from Talk of the Sound.