October 2011

What is Happening at Trinity School?

October 22, 2011 - 21:53

UPDATED (see below): Pacheco resigns as Assistant Principal at Trinity School, effective October 14th. Pacheco appointed interim teacher at Trinity Elementary School at Step 18 ($114,165) until end of 2011-12 school year.

UPDATED (see below): Journal News, New Rochelle school administrator reassigned to teaching post

Dear Concerned New Rochelle Citizens,

I am a parent in the district with many inside sources in the school system. From my sources, I have just learned that Mrs. Nadine Pacheco, Assistant Principal at Trinity School lost her certification in administration due to unfulfilled license requirement. Unknown to the school community, school district officials have asked her to resign, but she will remain in her office fulfilling the position of Assistant Principal. According to my source, the position will not be posted to allow her to finish her license requirements.

Bramson's New Rochelle: An Orwellian Nightmare

October 22, 2011 - 14:01

Too many times have we heard stories of people afraid to blow the whistle on this administration out of fear of retributive action.

Couple that with selective enforcement of city laws, questionable ethics and downright illegality regarding donations and the out & out financing of city council campaigns by the current administration and we have ourselves a dystopian fascistic hegemonic stranglehold on power.

Pay no attention to the rampant crime, everything is just as it should be.


Votes for Sale in New Rochelle ? Can't Be True - Can it ?

October 22, 2011 - 06:22

How do you win friends and influence people in New Rochelle these days ? For the "in crowd" the power influence comes in the form of campaign money transfers. Looking at the numbers , it's impressive to watch the political process being swayed right in front of the voters . Does anyone care ? So far the Bramson machine has handed our monet to his potential lackeys faster than a developer coming before the IDA . Roberto (I did nothing for you last time so please vote for me again)Lopez - $2000.00 , Hyden - $2000.00 , Sheri ( a few more dollars and I can buy a clue)Rackman , Jared (I do it all except fullfill campaign promises) Rice - $1000.00 , and our old pal Barry ( if it's a lie , I've told it )Fertel . With impunity a judge violates ethics and shovels money to Barry . Bramson taking thousands from developers . I don't know about you , I don't have the money to keep up with these antics . I do have something much stronger and that's the power I have at the voting booth . You have it too . Go out and vote for change , and bring a friend . No one will know who you voted for so it's safe . Just do it .

NO PARKING Policy; It is called “generating revenue”

October 21, 2011 - 04:45

During Monday night’s debate sponsored by the League of Women Voters, I stated that I was against the increase in parking fees from 50 cents to a dollar and extending metered parking until midnight in the downtown business district.

Today, I went around to ask more merchants what they felt about the pending changes. As I said during the debate, many merchants are scratching their heads trying to understand this bizarre decision. Some, whose business close at 6PM, are indifferent.
Restaurateurs, especially on Division Street, seemed to support the changes.

Residents are exceedingly angry about extending the metered parking until midnight.

This is a policy disaster for residents and visitors of the downtown area. To have to endure six more hours in which one can receive a ticket while parking downtown is oppressive.

Special Edition: Talk of the Sound Radio 7 PM

October 20, 2011 - 22:27

Talk of the Sound Radio airs live on Thursday from 7pm to 9pm with your host Talk of the Sound Managing Editor Bob Cox along with Talk of the Sound Events Editor Matthew Pryce.

NOTE: Today's episode will be a very special edition of Talk of the Sound Radio - Bob is en route to see his beloved Notre Dame Fighting Irish take on USC in South Bend Indiana.

As a result, he will be unable to host the program - but Matthew Pryce has stepped up to host the show and take your phone calls as usual.

There have been a ton of interesting things happening in and around New Rochelle so your phone calls can make or break this program tonight. If you want to sound off, please call the hotline and you'll be patched on the air.

Listen to the show by visiting the
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Campaign Contributions: What You Need to Know. Bruce Negrin Radio Tonight at 8pm on WVOX.COM

October 20, 2011 - 20:39


The direct studio number is 914 636-0110.

Some One Did his Homework! - Tonight's Lineup:

Briarcliff, NY campaign contributions. The grease for the NR Democratic Machine

If the Mayor gave you a Thousand Dollars how would you vote? (And I thought it was just campaign signs. So Naïve!)

Question - Should City Administration Employees Make Campaign Donations especially out of their home district?

The Great Debate – Our thoughts on what was said

Synchronize the Traffic Lights

New Rochelle Police Shut Down North End Crack Den Next Door to Iona Prep

October 20, 2011 - 19:02

New Rochelle police have arrested Robert Amdur as part of an ongoing effort to shut down what a knowledgeable source referred to as a "crack den" operating out of 24 Northwood Circle. The backyard of the property is adjacent to the Iona Preparatory School on Wilmot Road near the Hutchison River Parkway.