October 2011

New Rochelle City Council Candidates Spar at League of Women Voters Debate

October 18, 2011 - 14:53

LWVNRForum2011The League of Women Voters of New Rochelle sponsored a candidate forum last night at City Hall.

In District 1, incumbent Republican Lou Trangucci faced off against former District 4 Council Member, Democrat Roberto Lopez in a series of testy exchanges. This pairing was not even close. Trangucci gave a strong performance, with a clear command of the facts, and swatted away planted questions with ease. Lopez was undisciplined and struggled to make the charge that Trangucci had not served the people of District 1 during his term. Trangucci is well-known in his district for providing a high level of constituent services.

In District 3, incumbent Democrat Jared Rice and Republican John Earvin engaged in an earnest and, at times, amusing discussion with Earvin injecting his own special brand of humor into the discussion. While neither candidate was particularly impressive, Rice has the benefit of running in a district dominated by Democrats and was able to coast along without making any unforced errors.

City of New Rochelle Makes Criminal Referral to Westchester County District Attorney in Building Inspector Extortion Scheme

October 17, 2011 - 20:54

TinoD AbruzzoFormer New Rochelle Building Inspector Tino D'Abruzzo is the subject of an ongoing criminal investigation involving the New Rochelle Police Department and the Westchester County District Attorney, Talk of the Sound has learned.

City Manager Charles B. Strome tells Talk of the Sound that this past June a person came forward a complaint involving New Rochelle building inspector Tino D'Abruzzo. The person was directed to the Buildings department, Police department and the Office of the Corporation Counsel and the City began an investigation. The New Rochelle Police and Westchester County District Attorney's office were immediately involved. At the next City Council meeting, members were informed in executive session of the complaint against D'Abruzzo and the City's response to that complaint, said Strome.

Sign-Gate: How Will a Co-opted Councilman Vote?

October 17, 2011 - 20:02

We've already explored the conflicts of interest in having a popular Mayor share sign space with the Democratic candidates for City Coucil, but now I hear he's given them money as well. The Mayor's various political committees have made donations to the Democratic candidates for City Council as follows:

Roberto Lopez, District 1, $1000, 06/08/11

Jared Rice, District 3, $1000, 05/19/11

Ivar Hyden, District 4, $1000, 05/25/11

Barry Fertel, District 5, $1000, 05/27/11

Shari Rackman, District 6, $1000, 7/12/11

How are these people supposed to protect the interests of their districts when they will feel indebted to the Mayor for having gotten them elected in the first place?

What has happened to Democracy?


"Mr. Ward, what is it that the foulest bastards on earth denounce us for, among other things? Oh yes, for our motto of 'Business as usual.' Well—business as usual, Mr. Ward!"

New Rochelle Court House and Police Station Gets News Air Conditioning System

October 17, 2011 - 19:55

NRPD HQ AC 1On Saturday, a crew from A & J Cianciulli of Yonkers lifted a Carrier air conditioning system onto the roof the New Rochelle Police Department headquarters and New Rochelle City Court.

Since it was first built about 9 years ago, the building has required a regular series of repairs to replace defective equipment that was installed under a no-bid contract given to Valenti, a local developer.

Among the many problems that showed up in the first few years after the building was opened?

  • Heating & air conditioning defects plus fire suppression sprinkler defects (rotted pipes) - $92,000.
  • Rainwater infiltrating courtrooms - $35,000.
  • Steel tarp installed in the police pistol range to prevent bullet ricochet was replaced due to defective design - $50,000.

New Rochelle Fall Leaf Collection Begins Today

October 17, 2011 - 19:18

Announcement from City of New Rochelle:

This is a reminder from the City of New Rochelle regarding fall leaf collection. Fall leaf collection begins on October 17th and continues through December. Bagged leaves will be picked up city-wide on Saturdays, November 5th, 12th, and 19th and December 3rd 10th, and 17th. Yard waste collection is suspended until spring. Leaf blowers will be permitted until May 31st. Street sweeping is suspended during leaf collection but alternate side of the street parking rules remain in effect to facilitate leaf removal.

Remember to rake leaves into neat piles or wind rows near the curb line of your property, or place leaves in brown recycling bags for Saturday pickups.

For a full list of leaf collection do's and don'ts, or for further information call the Leaf Information Hot Line at 654-6510 or the Department of Public Works at 235-4029 between 7:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. Monday thru Friday or visit

Your patience and cooperation during the leaf pickup season is appreciated. Thank you.

Here is a Chance to Do Something Positive

October 17, 2011 - 13:53

I just returned from Retrofit and talked to Mario the manager. I have been a member of Retrofit since it opened and I am one of close to 4,000 members, many of them from New Rochelle. Retrofit is a local gym, with state of the art equipment, excellent leadership and attractive rates. It is also suffering from what appears to be a lack of love and support from the City and this is not the first time a New Rochelle business downtown, owned, operated or patronized by New Rochelle residents has suffered from excessive red tape, seemingly unequal treatment, lack of direct assistance, and hands-on support. I remember the Speckled Door on Main Street, owned by a couple of second, perhaps third generation New Rochellans that experienced almost daily visits from Administration members on signage, licensing, other matters which demonstrate a sheer lack of common sense and civic support. Of course, I only can go on the language from the owners and "street reports", but I have no reason to doubt it. I have seen other examples of excessive ticketing of coffee shops, pizza parlors etc. when clientele stopped in for minutes to get a take out product. Pretty soon, no business.