December 2011


December 02, 2011 - 02:12

The Westchester County Department of Health is issuing a rabies alert to residents who may have had contact with a rabid cat in New Rochelle, in the vicinity of Kress Avenue near the intersection of Webster and Lincoln Avenue on or before Wednesday, Nov. 30. The health department used robo-calls to notify residents who live within a half-mile of the area where the cat was found.
The cat was a red tabby that had been acting aggressively towards other animals and people. The health department has been informed that a colony of stray cats in this area may have come into contact with this rabid tabby cat. The health department is investigating and warns residents to avoid having contact with these cats, as well as with any other unknown or wild animals. Residents are also reminded not to feed wild or stray animals to avoid bringing rabies to their doorstep.

New York State Education Department Assistant Commissioner David Abrams Finally Fired

December 01, 2011 - 20:16

DavidAbramsDing, dong, the fool is gone! the fool is gone!

Happy days here at Talk of the Sound! It is great pleasure we announce that David Abrams, the incompetent, corrupt clown who has been posing for years as a testing and assessment specialist despite no particular qualifications, has has finally been fired by New York State Education Commissioner John B. King, Jr.

Hooray for King! Long live the King!

Abrams held the title of Assistant Commissioner of the Office for Standards, Assessment and Reporting in the New York State Education Department.