March 2012

Iona College Honors Iraq War Hero and Purple Heart Recipient Lt. Andrew Kinard, USMC (Ret.)

March 29, 2012 - 15:38

Story by Jim Murphy and Jennifer Parente


Iona College and the Students for Uniting Veterans listened closely  to USMC combat veteran 1st Lt. Andrew Kinard’s  harrowing and sobering account of his situation in Iraq when a road side bomb (IED) exploded directly under his feet with his team of marines by his side.

One Car Rollover on Hutch South In New Rochelle

March 29, 2012 - 11:39

HutchCarFlip Ursuline 135

A woman was trapped in their car and had to be extricated by New Rochelle firefighters after the vehicle flipped over after going off the road on the Hutchison River Parkway near the Southbound Mill Road exit in New Rochelle across from the Ursuline School.

Westchester County Police responded to a call around 640 a.m. Thursday morning and requested assistance from the New Rochelle Fire Department.

The first responders on scene were New Rochelle firefighters from Engine 23 and Ladder 13. They assessed the situation, stabilized the car’s only passenger in the vehicle which had flipped upside down and then removed her from the car.

The Hutch Southbound was closed backing up traffic for miles while the firefighters worked to free the person. The driver of the vehicle was taken to a nearby hospital with unspecified injuries.

Gotta Go

March 29, 2012 - 10:53

The menu of March 29, the absence of comments on the findings of the school budget situation with its sensible recommendations along with my recommendations on what is needed to turn the City around suggests only...

It is time to go!

Maria and I love this City and Lord knows we have fought for it. But, few people care enough for it to make a difference.

WE read about citizens protesting an arrest, high school cafeterias under assault, and, among other things in the school budget report, that something as elemental, as baic as comparing projected budget to prior yaar actual is not routine. I placed the report findings aside after this and thank the committee, Ms Petrone and especially Bob Cox for bringing this up.

I seem to be a minority of one citing the importance of understanding and adhering to the City Charter/Code.

Hopefully, there are readers who respect my efforts enough to examine my last blog on the issue arond enablers and will place the onus for change on the council and will literally cry out to them to return to some degree of normalcy concerning efforts like echo bay, armory, dpw yards. The list ins endless.

Yard Waste Collection in New Rochelle begins April 3

March 28, 2012 - 18:23

BagsofLeavesGrassThe Department of Public Works, Bureau of Streets and Highways, will begin Yard Waste Collection on Tuesday, April 3, 2012. Residents are reminded that in order to be collected, yard waste must be placed at the curb by 7:00 a.m. on the scheduled collection day (6AM during summer months) in accordance with the following guidelines:

Brush and branches: No longer than 4 feet in length with a diameter of no more than 3 inches, tied in bundles. DO NOT tie with fishing line, tape or metal wire.

Grass, twigs, leaves and other loose yard waste: Place in open containers or biodegradable bags weighing no more than 75 lbs.

Logs, stumps, stones, dirt, fruit, seaweed, clumps of grass, treated wood chips, root balls, acorns and other large debris WILL NOT BE COLLECTED and must be disposed of by the homeowner.

Collection days and areas are as follows.

Tuesday: From the north side of the Metro North Railroad/New Haven Line to Eastchester Road, Beechmont Drive, and Barnard Road.

Unable to Contain Student Vandalism, New Rochelle Closes High School Library

March 28, 2012 - 17:07

NRHSLibrary 131The New Rochelle school district has shuttered the library at New Rochelle High School until further notice due to repeated and unchecked incidents of vandalism during the school day, sources say.

One source familiar with the situation tells Talk of the Sound that the library has repeatedly been "trashed" by students leading to the decision today to close the library until further notice. Unable to contain the problem, the matter was referred by Security Director Bruce Daniele to Assistant Superintendent John Quinn who made the decision to close the library.

Citizens -- Do the Right Things and Do Them for the Right Reasons

March 28, 2012 - 16:56

"I have found the enemy and he is us." Pogo is right; but to be fair, there are degrees of fault as their are degrees of sin. My purpose today is not to indict, but to state that things do not remotely work in New Rochelle because we act or do not act in ways that encourage and support these outcomes.

I don't see any real value, except to ventilate anger and frustration, to do little but excoriate office holders for acting the same as most office holders have learned to do over the past half century or so. Noam Bramson is mayor of New Rochelle, yet by the authority explicit in the New Rochelle Charter/Code, he as assumed power and responsibility that is not explicit in the Charter and has taken the lead set by his predecessor and to a degree, those who came before the predecessor. There is no value in labeling him as sinner, or for that matter, even saint. He is acting well outside of role; he has assumed power not granted to him, and you must conclude that the City Council has tacitly permitted this to occur and his community support base, has done this as well through apathy, ignorance, or tacit support.

"We're Watching You" Onlookers Shout as New Rochelle Police Make Arrest on Lincoln Avenue

March 28, 2012 - 16:53

NRPDArrest Lincoln 127New Rochelle police responded in force to an incident on Lincoln Avenue near the intersection with Memorial Highway. Officers from throughout the city responded at high speed. Two arrests were made.

As the police questioned two men, before handcuffing them and taking them in patrol cars, a crowd watching from a nearby apartment building at 33 Lincoln Avenue shouted down at the officers.

"We are watching you", several onlookers shouted.

Carrington Arms Community House at 33 Lincoln Avenue, is a family low income housing apartment subsidized by the federal government's Department of Housing and Urban Development,

Some people shouted various derogatory remarks at the officers, others shouted words of support and encouragement for the two men taken away by police. Police officers ignored the remarks.

New Rochelle Board of Education Citizen Budget Committee Recommends Millions in Cost Savings Measures and Presentation Improvements

March 28, 2012 - 15:44

CAC NRBOE 2012 0327 126A special committee created by the New Rochelle Board of Education on a pilot basis made its report last night on a series of recommendations to reduce costs, reallocate money in the budget and improve transparency in the budget document.

The Citizen Advisory Committee delivered a detailed 24-page report and summarized their findings in a Powerpoint presentation to the board which was recorded for later broadcast on local cable access channels and the district web site.

Citizens Budget Committee Final Report

The report included a rather startling finding that the school district is paying hourly workers such as lunchroom monitors and general school aides well above the prevailing wage in Westchester County. Hourly security workers, for example, are paid $20.48 in New Rochelle. Their counterparts in Mount Vernon are paid $10.00 per hour. Monitors are paid $19.45 in New Rochelle. Monitors in Mamaroneck are paid $16.48.

Compounding this is the massive amount of hours accrued by these hourly workers -- over 300,000 hours, according to the committee which had access to data from the school district. Using simple math, the committee found that bringing the New Rochelle pay scale inline with surrounding districts would save millions of dollars a year.