March 2012

House Fire 145 Sickles Avenue New Rochelle

March 01, 2012 - 03:52

The New Rochelle Fire Department responded to a house fire at 145 Sickles Avenue at 10:15pm Wednesday evening. The New Rochelle Police Department reported heavy smoke from the structure.Upon arrival the Fire department went to work on the fire in the basement in the laundry area.The fire was in a dryer located in the basement.Engine 21 22 23 24 and ladders 11 12 and car 2302 responded to the scene.
The fire department dosed the fire and vented the house of smoke.No injuries were reported and the fire was under control in a matter of minutes.
10:59 PM Fire declared under control and some units were returning to quarters.

Albanese Project Runs the Risk of Overcrowding New Rochelle Schools

March 01, 2012 - 02:21

Overcrowded school

At the February 14th New Rochelle City Council meeting there was a lengthy discussion about the Main Street Core project which proposes to add 500 residential units to our downtown while also dramatically upgrading the parking facilities in the area.

It’s a complicated deal due to the conflict between the City’s desires (better parking, affordable housing and tax revenue) and the developer's need to earn a reasonable return on investment. Our Commissioner of Development, Michael Freimuth, is working hard to structure a deal that works for all the parties involved. As part of his efforts, he sat down with the School Administration's finance team to find out how much tax revenue would be required to support a possible inflow of new students from this project.

Mr. Freimuth is to be commended for this, showing once again that he will try his best to get to the right answer on development issues, rather than the politically expedient answer.