May 2012

A Blantant Attempt for Review, Reflection, and Feedback

May 19, 2012 - 20:47

Notice that the most read articles today were two on Pharmacy Closings, one on the Mayor apparently saying he never intended to go to Rio, a burning boat and one or two others.

I am writing about the significant needs for serious change in New Rochelle as well as finally demonstrating some significant personal issues about how our nation and city work or should work.

Our nation, state, and city are held captive by rabid ideology or a continuation of political correction buffeted by liberal guilt.There is little in between but apathetic people and those who leave it to others to take the burdens of change.

These articles are The Courage to Be and Damn It Enough, sometimes emotion trumps intellect.

The readership is sparse and the comments non-existent on both postings.

Since the editorial staff at TOTS is completely fair; it has to be I need to be more tabloid oriented, apathy has invaded even TOT's readers or no one cares to put forth their views on these topics or stand up and be heard.

Cherry Lawn Pharmacy Closed Effective Immediately; Prescription Drug Business Transfered to Wykagyl CVS

May 18, 2012 - 18:36

CherryLawnCloses 245Cross another independent pharmacy in New Rochelle off the list.

Weeks after CVS acquired Almarc Drugs in New Rochelle and Larchmont, the company has acquired the prescription drug business of Cherry Lawn Pharmacy which was then transferred to the Wykagyl CVS next to the Starbucks. The transfer is effective immediately.

Customers who arrived this morning were stunned, sad and angry to find the doors locked and a message directing them to the Wykagyl CVS at 1296 North Avenue at the Wykagyl Shopping Center.

"I am mad and sad all at once." said Amelia Lopopolo of New Rochelle. "Look at me I am about to cry. I was just here the other day."

Damn It! Enough -- Sometimes Emotion Trumps Intellect

May 18, 2012 - 13:38

I am fed up, literally enraged at the garbage in the press, cable news, elsewhere. Can you really expect anyone in politics to survive intact in this world, our society, even our City.

Now we are being righteous about the crap in the New York Times about the Super Pac and the usual suspectd are lining up. MSBC has its African American apologists huffing and puffing about how unhjust this all is while their equally obnoxious, non-thinking conservative counterparts are putting out their message of being misunderstood and ....

We cannot all get along. The intellect message is simple.... we, the entire damn world needs a new paradigm of governance. Look up the words you don't understand. It comes down to people who, on the one side, continue to moan and groan about balanced budgets, national debt, "values" while the other side whinges about the poor downtrodden masses, inequality, social engineering.

Assault At New Roc

May 17, 2012 - 20:52

A person was assaulted in front of Modell's sporting goods located in New Roc City around 3:30 pm Thursday afternoon.
New Rochelle Police are looking for a lite skinned male black 5'9 in height and weigh's 160 pounds last seen wearing black pants and a black shirt. Police are searching downtown streets for the suspect.
Update= Police now have more info on the suspect he has changed his wear to a white shirt blue jeans and glasses police have also obtained the name of the suspect.

Iona College Announces New Appointments and Reorganization in Advancement & External Affairs

May 17, 2012 - 20:12

NEW ROCHELLE, NY (May 16, 2012) – Iona College announces two new appointments in the Advancement & External Affairs division. Kristen Mengold has been named vice president for Advancement & Alumni Relations effective May 17, and Gregory Teeter has been named associate vice president for Major & Planned Giving effective May 21.

Mengold previously served as the director of Development and Alumni Affairs at Quinnipiac University School of Law in Hamden, CT, where she managed a portfolio of over 200 major gift prospects and created a strategic giving and activities plan which led to an increase of 20 percent in philanthropic giving and seven percent in alumni participation. Mengold also managed the dean’s advisory committee and implemented annual events for cultivation and education of alumni and friends of the university.

CLARIFICATION: New Rochelle Mayor Says Never Planned to Attend United Nations Conference in Brazil

May 17, 2012 - 18:42

Talk of the Sound has previously reported that Mayor Noam Bramson was planning on attending the United Nations Rio + 20 Conference in June. Our reporting was based on an initial source and then confirmed by multiple sources. The information has been published at least four times on Talk of the Sound since March. Given this, we were surprised to learn that in response to an article in another publication for which Talk of the Sound was a source, City Spokesperson Kathy Gilwit requested a correction of that publication. As we were the source for a story in the Westchester Guardian we will certainly take the hit if our reporting was wrong. If there is a correction it should come from Talk of the Sound.

Our original source still stands by the original information so our reporting remains correct, sources did tell Talk of the Sound the Mayor was going to Brazil in June for the Rio + 20 conference. The Mayor has emphatically denied that report. Readers will have to draw their own conclusions.

My Remarks on ICLEI and the UN to the New Rochelle City Council on May 15, 2012

May 17, 2012 - 18:31

At a recent City Council meeting, the Mayor stated words to the effect that New Rochelle is not associated with the United Nations.

In announcing their submission to the Rio+20 zero draft last October, ICLEI said their submission was sent in response to an invitation from the UN Commission on Sustainable Development which was made to UN Member States, Major Groups and UN system organizations.

On the Rio + 20 section of the ICLEI web site, is a statement that "ICLEI is participating in the official UN preparatory meetings ahead of Rio+20" and that they are doing so as the "Local Authority Major Group Co-Organizing Partner" and that "At the Rio+20 conference, ICLEI will facilitate the presence and active participation of local governments."

Also on the ICLEI web site is a statement which reads:

...the year 2012 marks the 20th anniversary of the Earth Summit, the birthplace of the Local Agenda 21 movement. Initiated by ICLEI, it has inspired thousands of local governments and communities worldwide to put in place local strategies and actions for sustainable development. [emphasis added]

The Courage to Be -- Reaching Out on May 15th

May 16, 2012 - 19:52

I went to the citizens to be heard portion of the May 15th Council Meeting to say a few words about City governance as well as to reach out to Noam and the Council to make a few points that were of personal importance to me. I was in good company; Bob McCaffrey intended to sign up and speak on issues of concern to him.

I prepared two documents; "The Courage to Be" and an unnamed document based on the simple management taxonomy of Planning, Organizing, Directing and Controlling. I indicated I would post both on TOTS as I presented copies of each to the Council, City Manager, and City Attorney. As it turned out, there were very few people in attendance in the audience and frankly, I am glad that turned out to be the case for personal reasons.

I am not very articulate in speech at this point and my thoughts come faster than my ability to speak them. So I fumbled, mumbled and it is painful to me to hear my presentation on Channel 75. Yet, I had to say what I felt on a personal basis knowing that my hand-outs would cover the content on my discomfort with the state of City governance.

RIP James Frank Williams Sr aka "Homie"

May 16, 2012 - 17:52

Many paths define a man’s life:
construction-worker on the entire original New York State Highway system, retiree from the
Operational Engineers’ Union, Husband, Father, Ball-er Extraordinaire,
Gambler, Club Owner, competent chief and his moonshine… was mighty-Fine too!
Homie, was a people-person, he loved being well dressed and he never met a stranger.
Homie enjoyed his toys too his new, Black Lincoln Continentals, he
owned Harley Davidsons Only if they were Full-dressed; Owned
Boats well outfitted and, Courted woman in his day
that could Make you say my. My, my.
Friendship… was essential to him and so was respect… and boundaries… concerning “his” family. Homie, you see was old school, A gentleman, But you didn‘t cross his lines
Cause he offered no excuses for his beliefs or his actions.
Homie had a long retirement life and enjoyed club ownerships,
gambling, many, many friends, world famous Birthday Parties, fishing, and baseball.
Homie took out time for people and was a father to many young people well into their adulthood. You could call him anytime -- night or day
and get advice or just to laugh.