June 2012

A Few Thoughts on the Marisa Anton Pirate Hat Photo and Sexual Dysfunction

June 01, 2012 - 14:47

MarisaAntonThe photo accompanying Talk of the Sound's exclusive report on the arrest of Marisa Anton was taken from her Twitter Profile page. It is safe to say that psychologists could have a field day with Anton's decision to associate this particular image with her Twitter account.

I don't think you need a degree to observe some of the more obvious points.

In the photo we see Anton, an attractive blonde woman in her early thirties, smiling mischievously for the camera. She is wearing a skimpy purple t-shirt which reveals her shoulder and bare arms. On her head is a black hat with a colorful circle in the center. There is a strap extending from behind her neck, down the front of her body, between her breasts. She is holding up her right hand. Between her thumb and forefinger she is squeezing, not holding, a thin black object. She is posing before a partially covered sign where the letters "Mem" and "On" are visible.