June 2014

Kitchen Fire 67 Warren street

June 04, 2014 - 07:00

The New Rochelle Fire Department does great work again.--
 Ladder 12 arrived quickly from Fire Station 2 a few blocks away. Through heavy smoke and heat, they broke down the apartment door, then quickly found heavy fire in the kitchen, which was rolling overhead, dangerously close to igniting the entire room. While Engine 22 and the later arriving engine crews stretched two hose lines and extinguished the fire before it spread, Ladder 12 found and rescued a dog in the fire apartment, which was reunited with its grateful owner.

Homeless Person Speaks About New Rochelle Shelter

June 03, 2014 - 21:47

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People deserve to be treated with dignity regardless of their status in society or life. If you have heard about the homeless in New Rochelle it is probably in the context of how many of us there are or how we sit in the downtown area and cause noise. It is true that we do sit outside reading, or talking quietly, although more often we can be found looking for housing on the library computer, eating at the soup kitchens, or trying to get our lives together. Furthermore a lot of the individuals I have heard accused of causing disruption and noises are not homeless. People tend to lump groups together, and I have often almost laughed to hear things blamed on my community that we had nothing to do with. I have a friend who was an accountant for many years, others who work as landscapers, people with college degrees and home health aides. Others have disabilities; some are over sixty five, some under 21. I am not saying we are a perfect community, obviously many of us are at a point of turning in our lives or we wouldn’t be out here, but no one I know is there because we are lazy or want a free ride. So of course the question becomes, why are there so many of us here and what can New Rochelle do to help us?