April 2018

New Rochelle Police Makes Arrests in Million Dollar Jewelry Store Burglary

April 06, 2018 - 15:09

NEW ROCHELLE, NY -- During the early morning hours of April 5, 2018, members of the New Rochelle Police Department, the Westchester County District Attorney’s Investigators Office, the Bergen County, N.J. Prosecutor’s Office and the Port Chester Police Department executed search warrants at various locations in Brooklyn and Manhattan, related to the February 2, 2018, burglary of the New Rochelle Coin, Stamp and Jewelers located at 20 ½ Division Street.

Schools will be Closed on April 6

April 06, 2018 - 14:46

NEW ROCHELLE, NY -- Schools will be closed all week for Spring Recess, including on Friday, April 6, as originally planned.

Last week, when a snow storm caused the District to close schools on March 21 - making it the fifth inclement weather day of the year - April 6 was at first designated as a make-up day.

Now that has changed. The District has instead scheduled a staff-only Superintendent's Conference Day on Monday, June 25 - a measure permitted by the New York State Education Department because of the spate of bad weather.

Schools will be Closed on April 6

Z’inah Brown Pleads Not Guilty to Murder of New Rochelle High School Student Valaree Schwab

April 03, 2018 - 16:50

NEW ROCHELLE, NY -- Z’Inah Brown, 17, has been arraigned for the January stabbing death of another New Rochelle High School student, 16-year-old Valeree Schwab. Brown’s remand continues and she is due back in court on April 17, 2018

City’s Planned Move to Downtown Offers New Rochelle School District Historic Opportunity

April 02, 2018 - 12:25

NEW ROCHELLE, NY -- The planned move of New Rochelle city government offices from 515 North Avenue offers a historic opportunity for the City School District of New Rochelle to gain space for operations and classes.

The School District has shared the 121,000-square-foot building for decades, with city government on the ground floor and first floor and the District on the second and third stories. With the move, expected sometime in 2021, the School District will gain an additional 86,000 square feet of space for instructional space, offices and other uses.

City’s Planned Move to Downtown Offers New Rochelle School District Historic Opportunity