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What is going on here in New Rochelle?

November 09, 2012 - 14:09

The elections are over and people are slowly getting their lives back in some type of order after Hurricane Sandy and a Nor’easter. So much must still be done. While there has been some good work out there we have also seen some under performers here in The City of New Rochelle. Over the past several months many public servants have been in the news and The City Council of New Rochelle is about to start discussing and voting on several important decisions that will set the path for the future of The City of New Rochelle and its tax payers. My purpose is not to point fingers or accuse, but to review some of the last few months and some of what I have said to The City Council.

"The City of New Rochelle Selling yet another poorly maintained building?

July 20, 2012 - 15:57


Are we selling off yet another City Owned Property that has been poorly managed and cared for, for how much and why?

I didn’t even realize it was owned by the city. There is some great work going on in that area and I sure hope this is part of the plan and we see the true value for that property.

I saw this today when I received an e-mail from the city because I have subscribed to Current Bids & RFPs on which sends out updates and new items. If you go to the city web site you can sign up to get information sent to you on several different items. Just go to the city site and click on the "Notify Me" heading on the lower left hand side of the page and you can sign on to receive e-mails on many different important things going on in the city.I see these things because I subscribe. What about the citizens that don't. We need to develope a better way to let the community know what is being done with our tax dollars.

New Rochelle City Council Approves Extension for Iona Dormitories

July 18, 2012 - 17:44


Last night in a 7-0 Vote the New Rochelle City Council vote to extend the “Waiver” for the 150 students in the North Avenue Dorms. To City Council it sounded like the committee process was moving along and should be given a chance to work. There were several members that didn’t seem to want to go for the full five years. The neighbors would agree. They would have rather seen the extension only for another year so they could see the final plan. Once a plan is shown, then a discussion could be had about a further “Waiver extension” going forward.

Please, it is not about the 150 students! The neighbors realize this is not a process that can be completed over night. But it should be more forth coming with time lines and holding Iona College and The City Council accountable. Right now they write the rules and change them as needed, as is their right under their personal CR1 Zoning. The neighbors are unhappy about the situations that continue to resurface time and again with Iona College asking for changes and extensions with little to no push back from The City Council or Planning Board. Iona College has not just started this process; they have some goal or objective in sight. They just aren’t saying.

Iona College and City of New Rochelle on the Road Again!

July 01, 2012 - 17:40

Welcome back my friends to the show that never ends,

New Rochelle City Council prepares to vote on yet another site specific zoning amendment for Iona College with no Master Plan in place. There has got to be some kind of plan. They just don’t acknowledge it like the City Council does not acknowledge the City Charter. That way there is more flexibility especially if no one challenges their decisions.

Let me start by saying that this is not an Anti-Iona campaign. We want to see Iona College succeed. Iona College is part of this city and can be a part of the fix for the North Avenue corridor with proper planning and management. The concerns are the continual problem of poor planning; procedures, policies and past bad planning decisions on the part of Iona College, The City Council, City Management and City Staff of New Rochelle. They all have a bad habit of letting history repeat itself when it comes to planning and development. We need to get it right this time.

New Rochelle, It’s our city and we want it Now!

June 11, 2012 - 13:27

It’s not just about the Armory and Forest City,

New Rochelle residents need to step up and take an active role in what happens in New Rochelle. Be informed with regard to our City Government and School Board decision making and leadership. A lot of very poor decisions have been and are being made. These are the people we entrust without tax dollars, our families and our children. So many people walk up to me and say what can I do. Well people, you can speak up at Citizens To Be Heard on the second Tuesday of the month, go to School Board meeting write to a Council Member. If that doesn’t work go up the chain of command until you get a response. Politicians get stronger when they see the people have given up trying. As a matter of fact, they feed on it like sharks in a fish tank. So speak, vote attend a meeting, it could be the best investment of sixty minutes you ever made.


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